Essential Vape Co E-Liquid

Essential Vape Co Eliquids offers an abundance of high quality nicotine salt e-liquids. Essential vape flavours are available in a variety of flavour families, inclusive of rich creamy notes, fresh menthol tones, or even nostalgic flavours. Essential vape e-liquid flavours is definitely a brand you want as part of your collection. Browse flavours and types below.

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Who is Essential Vape Co?

Other than trying to be an essential player within the vaping industry, Essential Vape Co are very innovative forward-thinking vaping company. The brand opts to use Nicotine Salicylate on their liquids. Nicotine Salicylate is considered to be one of the most natural of the acid salts, as it is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and teas.

Nicotine Salicylate is very smooth and little to no flavour changes when added to a flavoured e-liquid, and while nicotine delivery can be fairly strong at high dosage, there is no harshness in the throat it whatsoever, making this the smoothest kind of nicotine in the market today.

The Essential Vape Co range is also available in promotional bundles, like Best of Menthol Nic Salts and Best of Fruit Nic Salts. To view all the bundles available click here.

How much e-liquid is equivalent to smoking a cigarette?

This is a tough question to answer - it comes down to the strength of the cigarettes you used to smoke, how cigarettes a day you smoked, your smoking style and even your body mass and lung capacity. All of this contributes to what concentration of nicotine you have in your e-liquid and what your vaping style is. To give you some idea your average cigarette has 12mgs of nicotine (however, it can range from 8mg right up to 20mg), but your body will only absorb a small amount of this, the rest is released back out when you exhale the smoke. Vaping doesn’t deliver nicotine into your system quite as quickly as smoking does either. It’s similar to coffee and alcohol - what might be normal for one person might be too much or too little for someone else.

Are E-Liquids harmful?

Although vaping is still new when compared to smoking cigarettes we can’t really say what the long-term effects are on the body. There's not been enough time has passed to allow studies to come to any real conclusions. But what we can categorically state is that when it comes to vaping v smoking, vaping is far less harmful. If you need more information click here for our collaboration with Queen Mary University to help them undergo a clinical trial to compare nicotine replacement therapies with E-Cigarettes and the results.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-liquid doesn’t contain cancer-causing chemicals like tar and benzene, or the scary-sounding carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.

What do PG and VG stand for?

Both PG and VG are going to become a common part of your vaping vocabulary if you’re just starting out your vaping journey. PG stands for propylene glycol, a thin, odourless and flavourless liquid. While VG on the other hand is the acronym for vegetable glycerin. VG is slightly thicker in consistency and has a mildly sweet flavour to it. These are the two main ingredients in vaping liquids and when combined perform the job of creating vapour, carrying the flavour and dictate how strong (or mild) your throat hit is. The PG: VG ratio will be written on your e-liquid bottle and different ratios will give slightly different effects and work with different kinds of vape kits