Blu Pod Kits and Replacement Pods

Discover Blu vapes. Blu has taken the pod kit vaping world by storm and has created a handful of products that are specially designed for new vapers. The original Blu Starter Kit is one of the most popular pod kits available and provides great flavour and vapour production. Myblu pods are pre-filled and offer a hassle-free way to vape and work with the original Blu vape kits.

The Blu 2.0 Device and pods are the newest refillable vape kits from Blu. Blu 2.0 pods are larger than the original MyBlu pods and the Blu 2.0 vape offers increased battery life giving you a great solution for a pod kit that will last all day.

New to the Blu range is the Blu Bar, which gives you all of the best Blu flavours in a convenient disposable vape device.

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Explore the World of BLU

The BLU product line is renowned for its popular offerings such as the myblu pod mod kit and the newer Blu 2.0 pod kit. The myblu, with its cutting-edge pod technology in a compact and ergonomic design, is perfect for on-the-go vaping and stands as a formidable cigarette alternative.

BLU also boasts a streamlined selection of high-performance vape pen kits, with the BLU Pro exemplifying BLU's commitment to excellence. This user-friendly starter kit is a favourite among both newcomers and seasoned vapers for its quality and versatility.

BLU's e-liquid flavours have undergone rigorous testing and have gained significant popularity in the vaping community. The American vape titan, BLU, entered the e-juice market in 2014 and subsequently launched a UK-specific range in 2016. BLU consistently dedicates time to crafting their flavours from scratch, continuously refining their existing selection for enhanced quality.

What do blu reviews say?

BLU is lauded for its customer-centric approach in product design and sales. BLU values customer feedback and often translates it into action. Numerous new flavours have been added to the blu e-liquids and myblu pods line as a direct response to customer input. Furthermore, they've refined some of their classic offerings to stay competitive in the ever-evolving e-liquid market.

BLU at UK Ecig Store:

As an official BLU Vape stockist, UK Ecig Store vape shop takes pride in offering BLU's range at the most competitive prices in the UK, guaranteeing unbeatable value for money. All BLU e-liquids are included in our 3 for £10 deal. Looking to purchase BLU in the USA? Click here. We stock all major UK & US brands, including the likes of Vuse & 10 Motives.

Can I Use Any E-liquid in My Blu Vape?

You can use any e-liquid with your Blu Pro, provided it's compatible with your device's coil type. The Blu Pro works best with 50/50 e-liquids. However, cartridge kits like the Blu 2.0 and myblu can only use their corresponding pre-filled pods.

Can I Use Blu Vape Juice in Other Vapes?

Generally, Blu e-liquids are compatible with any device except sub-ohm capable devices, which require high VG e-liquids.

Where Can I Buy Blu E-cigs?

While Blu products are available at supermarkets or vape shops, online purchases often provide the best value. UK ECIG STORE as an official stockist offer numerous multi-buy promotions and exclusive deals for the best prices.

Are Blu Vapes Good?

As a leading innovator in the vaping industry, Blu's reputation is evident in our sales at UK ECIG STORE- they're among our most popular and top-selling brands.

How much is a Blu Vape?

The cheapest Blu vape is the blu bar. This fantastic blu disposable device works out to only £4.49 when you take advantage of our great blu multi-buy offers.