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About Vape Kits

UK ECIG STORE is here to help you make the switch from tobacco to vaping. With support from Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, there has never been a better time to make the switch to vaping. We have many types of hardware for you to choose from, if you are new to vaping we have a vape FAQ section that will answer all your vape related questions.

For starters kits we recommend the One Kit - this vape kit has helped countless smokers transition to vaping. If you are already a vaper why not upgrade to a Smok Species Kit. We offer free delivery on orders over £20 and DHL next day is available as well.

After you have chosen your vape kit make sure to check out our e-liquid section and choose from over 500 vape juices.

Guides and Information

New to Vaping

To us, vaping means turning your back on smoking tobacco and all the harm it causes. Leaving those 4000 chemicals behind. Leaving behind the smell on your clothes too.

What is Vaping?

Vape kits, which come in all shapes and sizes, are the device used to turn e-liquid in to vapour. On the whole, vape kits fall in to one of two camps: Mouth to Lung or Sub-Ohm.

Type of E-Cigarettes

If you're just starting to vape or you're a seasoned veteran, this guide should help you get a better understanding of the different types of e-cigarettes available.

How to choose your First Kit

There are so many different vaping devices on the market that it can be difficult to know which one to choose when you’re starting your journey in vaping.

Blog Articles

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At Vapo, they only manufacture the highest quality products to ensure that the users of their products will have an unparalleled vape experience.

Hello and welcome everyone to brand new comparison blog. With the arrival of the brand new Nunchaku 2 Vape Kit from Uwell landing on our metaphorical online shelves, I thought...

"E-Cigarettes are almost twice as effective as nicotine replacement treatments such as patches and gums, at helping smokers to quit”. according to The Queen Mary University of London.

Hey everyone! I am back with another in depth look into a new pod kit which has been released by Chinese manufacturer Movkin. Movkin has been pretty quiet in recent...

Hi everyone and welcome to an exciting new blog about a new Pod Kit manufactured by IVG. The IVG Pod Starter System Kit has now been available for a couple...

The Usonicig Zip Pod kit has been finally released and what a device it is! There are devices which revolutionise the vaping industry but they are extremely rare but not...

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