Disposable Flavour E-Liquids

Since the rise in Disposable Vape Kit popularity, manufacturers such as VYKO, Bar Juice, ELFLIQ and more, have started releasing Nic Salts that have the same exact flavours and properties as the ones found within disposables. These e-liquids allow you to experience the same taste and intensity but in your own pod kit. This creates a lot less waste and makes it more affordable for the everyday user.

What are Disposable E-Liquids?

In simple terms, disposable e-liquids mimic the flavour and intensity of the e-liquid found in the most popular disposable vape kits. You can now save some money and help reduce waste by using these within your own Pod/Starter Kits. Most of them are available in 20mg nicotine strength and come in 10ml bottles. Nicotine salt is smoother than freebase nicotine, provides faster nicotine satisfaction and allows the flavour to be more concentrated.

What is the difference between Disposable E-Liquids and Disposable Vapes?

Both of the above products are completely different in the sense that when you buy a Disposable Vape, you get a whole kit that is ready to be used for a limited time until it runs out. Disposable E-Liquids on the other hand, are 10ml Nic Salt E-liquids which taste exactly the same as the vape juices within disposables. You use them to fill up your vape kit, just like any other e-liquid.

How to Disposable E-Liquids compare to Regular E-Liquid?

The main concept stays the same when comparing the two. They are both e-liquids which can be used in vape kits. However, Disposable E-Liquids are designed to taste like disposable vapes. They are more intense when it comes to flavour, menthol and overall nicotine hit. E-liquids in general are divided into 3 main categories: Shortfills, Freebase 10mls and 10ml Nic Salts. Disposable E-Liquids fall into the latter category. The nicotine used to make them is Salt Nicotine which provides a heightened flavour and nicotine efficiency compared to the other 2 types of e-liquid.