Riot Squad E-Liquid

If you are familiar with vaping you would have heard of Riot Squad E-liquids, they are one of the most popular brands of e-liquids, and produce a range of high-quality premium riot juice, and are known for their diverse range of short fill e-liquids. Discover Riot Squad Liquids here.

Riot Squad QBAR Disposable Kit
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Riot Squad is a UK based E-liquid brand that specialises in high-quality premium e-liquids. They are known for their urban branding, and collection of popular and creative shortfill collection. Although they are manufactured in the UK, Riot Squad supply over 60 countries worldwide showing their international appeal. This Milton Keynes based brand have proved themselves recently by taking home 6 rewards in late 2019, which proves their commitment to producing fantastic products.


Riot Squad Nic Salts come in 10ml bottles and ranges from medium 10mg to high  20mg nicotine strength. Nic Salts allow for you get gain the highest level of nicotine without having a horrib,e burning sensation, it offers a smooth satisfying throat hit while still maintaining excellent flavour. All Riot Squad nicotine salts come in creative fruity flavours that give you an intense burst of flavor from every drag.


Riot Squad Shortfills are perfect for advanced vapers that have sub-ohm high powered kits. They come with 50ml of e-liquid, however all bottles have a 60ml capacity, allowing you to add your favourite nic shot for a low level of nicotine. Riot Sqad Shortfills come in fun names, enticing flavours and cool urban artwork.


UK ECIG STORE is proud to stock one the best collections of riot squad e-liquid in the UK. It is crucial for us to support our local communities and as Milton Keynes is a neighbouring town to London, we are determined to keep up to hate with all of Riot Squads new endeavours. We love this brand for its creativity and high quality products and will continue to support it.

Who is Riot Squad E-Liquids?

Riot Squad E-Liquids is a vaping e juice manufacturer based in UK, that has created some of the most popular fruit flavours in both short filled and 10ml bottles, which are very well known around the globe.

What is the most popular Riot Squad e-liquid flavour profile?

Currently Blue Burst Salts is the best selling e liquid in the range, it gives off a freshly picked raspberry scent blended into an icy menthol solution, that proves to be outstanding when used as an all day vape.