Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches are a 100% tobacco free way for steady nicotine delivery to your body.

Nordic Spirit have dedicated themselves to create an alternative solution for those who dislike products that create smoke or vapour. Their products can easily be enjoyed indoors, outdoors, in public spaces and even when travelling without the necessity for any maintenance or prep set up before use.

No matter how busy life gets, you won't need to stop or delay any of your plans. You can now enjoy your nicotine experience whenever & wherever you want. Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches come with 20 pouches per can, and are available in 6mg & 9mg nicotine strengths. You can also check out our guide to Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches.
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Do Nordic Spirit Pouches contain tobacco?

Unlike the traditional snus that we are accustomed to, all Nordic Spirit Pouches are completely 100% tobacco free.

What is Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Spirit are a 100% smoking & vaping free form of intaking nicotine. It is advantageous because it is a very descret form of smoking cessation, which does not have any influence on your free time and doers not require any prep work before being used.

How many pouches do you get with the purchases of one can?

You will get 20 pouches for each can you buy.

Can it be chewed?

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are absorbed through your gums, therefore there's no need to either suck or chew on the pouches.

Can it be swallowed?

They are not designed to be swallowed as they work though gum absorption. If you have swallowed a pouch and feel unwell, seek medical advice with the can or label at hand.

How can i use Nordic Spirit?

Simply pop one of the soft, white nicotine pouches under your top or bottom lip. You can also position the pouch to the side of your lip, which could also be a more comfortable fit. You will feel a tingling sensation going through your mouth, which could last up to 15 minutes, but don't be afraid as this is normal. The effect of the nicotine pouch is designed to last up to 1 hour and when you’re done with your nicotine pouch, dispose of it in the general waste or store in the top of the can until you can do so.