10 Motives

10 motives are experts in providing accurate tobacco-free products that act as a perfect substitute for tobacco cigarettes. They have a range of impressive flavours and products to assist smokers to quit for good.

These starter kits are easy to use and mess and hassle-free. 10 motives vape kits allow you to have a premium vaping experience at affordable prices. Explore our collection here.

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10 Motives Vape

Ten Motives products provide a realistic alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Ten Motives products consist of several different battery-powered devices which provide doses of nicotine via inhalation from a vaporised Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine and nicotine solution.


If you're looking to cut down on smoking, electronic cigarettes are one of the best alternatives that allow for satisfying your nicotine cravings without inhaling any smoke. The 10 Motives Disposable Menthol Electronic Cigarette provides up to 40 traditional cigarette substitutes with a menthol kick.

Reduce the amount you smoke with 10 motives electronic cigarettes

Motives Electronic cigarettes are the perfect way to get your nicotine fix without all of the unhealthy tobacco and tar. Menthol vapor inhaled from an e-cig makes it easier for you to make that difficult transition away from smoking, while providing a refreshing experience unlike anything else!

Just like a cigarette its small and lightweight

This e-cigarette has a small, light feel to it that makes carrying and using it easy. It's also perfect for those who are just starting out on the path of quitting cigarettes with help from an electronic product like this one!

What are the flavour profiles 10 Motives Electronic Cigarette range?

10 Motives have three main flavours, Tobacco, USA Tobacco and Menthol, The 10 Motives Electronic Cigarette delivers a refreshing menthol flavour that is perfect for those craving the traditional cigarette taste.

Can you save money with 10 Motives electronic cigarettes?

You can save money on your vaping habit by buying from Ukecisgtore. The Ten Motives Disposable E-Cigarettes are available at a discounted price for those who want to go green!

Does the 10 Motives offer value for money?

A single Disposable Menthol Electronic Cigarette contains the nicotine equivalent of 40 traditional cigarettes, which is more than what you would get from smoking two packs. They're also much cheaper! While your health should be a primary concern when it comes time to quit smoking for good and save money at the same time, there's no denying that giving up this habit would make both financial sense as well provide some other benefits too. The 10 Motive eCig provides an excellent compromise between getting those needed doses while doing something good with yourself just sitting down actually enjoying life rather than feeling compelled every moment forward because its hard breathing

Is e-liquid harmful?

Vaping is still a relatively new activity and so we can’t really say what the long-term effects are on the body. Not enough time has passed to allow studies to come to any real conclusions. But let’s be clear - if you’ve never smoked, then we don’t advise you to start vaping. As with anything going in to your body, there is always a risk. But what we can categorically state is that when it comes to vaping vs smoking, vaping is far less harmful. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-liquid doesn’t contain cancer causing chemicals like tar and benzene, or the scary sounding carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.