Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid

Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid were voted best e-liquid of 2020. This Canadian based manufacturer take pride in producing high quality high VG E-liquids. Each E-Liquid has a unique flavour to suit everyone’s palate.

Why not kick back and explore the full flavour experience with a delicious range of premium fruity e-liquids along with 12 Monkey's latest Ice Age range with firm classic flavours with a cool kick!

Their latest release was the highly fan-requested “Iced” line. Kanzi, Hakuna and Matata are back with a fresh cool finish (no menthol). Refreshing and vibrant, these flavours are designed to beat the summer heat without being overpowering. In addition, three brand new flavours Mangabeys Iced, Tropika Iced and Puris Iced have joined the tribe! 

The latest edition by this premium Canadian ejuice brand includes Nicotine Salt based flavours from their classic range, available in a 10ml bottle with 20mg/ml Salt Nicotine E-Liquid.

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Twelve Monkeys Vapor are an international multi-award winning Canadian e-liquid brand that brings high quality and creativity to all of their e-liquid flavours. Their production undergo a thorough and strict production process to ensure all of their products are collaborative and created with the finest ingredients, which is evident from the delightful taste and vaping experiences of their juices. If you want to know more check out our exclusive interview with 12 Monkeys or take a look at pur FAQs below.



10ml E-liquids appeal to the average vaper who likes to get a decent amount of nicotine, a satisfying throat hit and a pronounced flavour from their vaping experience. Twelve Monkeys Vapor do an amazing job of combing all of the above to create an outstanding experience for the vaper.


Nicotine Salts E-liquids are generally higher in nicotine strengths and offer a faster nicotine hit. They use more natural ingredients from the tobacco plant to create a high nicotine content but with the same smooth and satisfying feeling. Twelve Monkeys have a range of nic salts that offer this amazing nicotine hit whilst offering their classic delicious flavours.


Shortfills are super popular in the vaping industry and can be used alone - with high power sub-ohm vaping kits, or you can add your favourite nic shot and create a low mg liquid. Twelve Monkeys have an incredible range of Shorfill liquids. They specialise in fruity sweet flavours and have pulled out all of the stops to provide the perfect flavours which vapers love.


UK ECIG STORE are honoured to stock a fantastic range of Twelve Monkeys Vapor e-liquids. We love their products as they are produced with excellent quality and are varied in flavour and style. They truly have something for everyone.

Twelve Monkeys Vapor FAQ

Where are Twelve Monkeys E-Liquids manufactured?

Twelve Monkeys is one of a few E-Liquid manufacturers that originates in Canada. They create extraordinary vape juices and some of the names such as Mangabeys and Tropika will be known by huge host of vapers around the world.

Which is the most popular Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid?

In a simple one word answer, Kanzi. Kanzi is an 80% VG e-liquid that boasts the sweet refreshing taste of fresh watermelon, ripe strawberries and kiwi. Kanzi is possibly one of the most well known flavours within the vaping circle and there are a lot of people that use Kanzi and they will not find a nicer vape no matter how hard they look and how many new flavours they try.

Which types of E-Liquids do Twelve Monkeys make?

Twelve Monkeys have created a selection of e-liquid ranges which cover almost every flavour profile. They have tobacco flavours such as Patas Pipe from their Origins range, Saimiri is a sweet strawberry vape juice also from the origins range and Puris Iced which from the Ice Age Series.

Is Kanzi by Twelve Monkeys the best vape juice ever?

Kanzi is a huge success from Twelve Monkeys and many would say yes to this question. The composition of the e-liquid and the flavours within create a perfect vape for many.

Do Twelve Monkeys E-Liquids work in all vape tanks?

Twelve Monkeys E-Liquids have a high VG content so these would be more suited to a sub ohm vape tank or rebuildable atomizer. Twelve Monkeys have created some really impressive flavours and if you haven’t tried them all yet you really are missing out.


Twelve Monkeys Origins - Origins is a range of E-Liquids that has some seriously good E-Liquids. Flavours such a Saimiri and Puris have been a huge success with an authentic taste and great vapour producing capabilities. The whole Origins range is available in 50ml short fill bottles and has a high VG content making them perfect for sub-ohm vaping.

Twelve Monkey Iced range - Twelve Monkeys have added a cool edge to their Iced Range of E-Liquids. Consisting of popular past and incredible new flavours, the Iced range includes some favourites like Matata Iced and Kanzi Iced.

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi - Kanzi is a fabulous vape juice from Twelve Monkeys that has the refreshing fusion of fresh watermelon, ripe strawberries and juicy kiwi. Kanzi is the most popular E-Liquid that we sell from Twelve Monkeys, with it being a favourite all day vape for many.

Twelve Monkeys 3 x 10ml E-Liquids - A popular choice for starter vapers, the 3 x 10ml range by Twelve Monkeys is full of delicious E-Liquid flavours such as Mangabeys, Bonogurt and Tropika. They are available in various levels of nicotine with the highest being 18mg/ml which is perfect for making the switch to vaping while experiencing some of the nicest flavours while you do.