Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are a more advanced form of vaping for advanced vapers who want to step their vaping game up. Mech mod kits were designed with insightful vapers in mind. Authentic mechanical mods offer you a tailor-made completely customisable experience. If you're a fan of sub-ohm vaping, it is certainly worth giving mech mods a try. Explore our collection of mech mods UK below.

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Mechanical Mods FAQ

What is a mechanical mod?

A mechanical mod is the name given to a device that has no circuitry inside. Usually, a mechanical mod is styled in the shape of a tube, with a 510 thread at the top of the mod and firing button at the base. The mechanical mod will house a battery which will depend on the size of the mod. The batteries could be either 18650, 20700 or 21700 and would need to be charged in an external charger as mechanical mods do not come with charging ports. Mechanical mods are manufactured by companies from around the world and can be made from materials including stainless steel, copper and brass.

How does a mechanical mod work?

A mechanical mod functions by drawing the direct power from within the battery and sending it to the coils within the atomizer situated on top of the mod. To get the device to work, you would need to ensure that the resistance of the coils installed within is safe for the device, the battery is charged and inserted into the device the correct way and the firing button is reinstalled correctly. Once the mod is ready, you have added cotton into your coils and ensured the cotton is saturated with your e-liquid you are ready to use the device.

How do you fire a mechanical mod?

The style of the mechanical mod will determine how you will fire the mechanical mod. Some mechanical mods have a firing button situated at the bottom of the device and others may have a smaller side firing button.

What are mechanical mods made from?

Mechanical Mods are usually made from stainless steel but some companies opt for other metals such as brass or copper as they are more conductive and will have less voltage drop when used. This will affect how well your device performs and can make a huge difference in the power performance of the battery.

Are mechanical mods safe to use for new vapers?

It is always advised to ensure that you have done your research before using a mechanical mod as if used incorrectly, can be extremely dangerous. It is important to also ensure that you fully understand Ohm’s Law and how it works to avoid personal injury. That said, if you know exactly how they work and are able to rebuild your own coils there is nothing stopping a new vaper using a mechanical mod. Remember, as long as you know everything about the devices and leave yourself with no surprises, then you should be just fine.

Are Mech Mods dangerous

Mech Mods are intended to be used by advance vapers and should be used cautiously as there are no regulated chipsets inside.

Are Mech mods worth it

Mech Mods are great devices to own and use. They allow you to unlock another level of flavour and cloud product from your favourite e liquid juice.

What is the best mech mod

Some of the best mech mods are designed by Vandy Vape and Wotofo. Some higher end Mech mods from RNV Designs are much sought after for the design and style.

Do Mech Mods hit harder

Yes, Mech Mod e cigs produce some of the best vopour and flavour

Why are mech mods so expensive

Mech Mods can be expensive due to the material and design of each of them. Most of them are hand crafted which can be sought after by collectors

Can you use a sub ohm tank on a mech mod

Yes you can use a sub ohm vape tank on a mech mod, though it is best suited to a rebuildable tank

Can you put a tank on a mech mod

Yes, depending on the diameter of the mech mod, most vape tanks fit ant 510 thread ecig mod

Can you use RTA on Mech Mod

Yes, as long as the diameter of the RTA is roughly the same as the mech mod it will be the perfect match.

What ohms are safe for Mech ModsWhat ohms are safe for Mech Mods

The general rule of thumb would be 1 ohm, but it is advised to know a bit about battery safety and how much power it can produce

What wattage do Mech Mods vape at

This depends on the number of wraps you can used in your rebuildable tank or the wattage the sub ohm coils are rated it. Roughly it would be between 30-60w What is the best starter mech mod for vaping - The Vaping Outlaws Remi Mech Mod is the best stater mech mod for vaping, it features a dual battery and can fit tanks up to 22mm.