RDL Vaping: Is it the future?

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2023
RDL Vaping: Is it the future?

Commonly asked questions from most frequent vapers lips are: what is the future of vaping, what's next?

Well, the vaping industry is constantly evolving and new products are released every week. This is amazing for vaping enthusiasts, as we can get the best new products and keep our vaping selection up to date. As new products get released though, we see a rise in a particular type of product, at the moment this has been RDL vapes. So, when it comes to RDL vaping, is this the future?

Here, we will explore the truths about RDL Vaping, starting with the basics:

  • What is RDL Vaping?
  • Is MTL or DTL Better?
  • How Long Do Coils Last?
  • What's the best RDL Vape?
  • What is RDL Vaping?

    RTL stands for restricted direct lung vaping. Restricted Direct lung is a relatively new term and blurs the line between Mouth to Lung(MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL).

    With Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) vaping, you are able to inhale in the same way as direct to lung, however, you don't require so much airflow over the coil.

    RDL essentially gives you the best of both worlds, offering a flavour experience similar to DTL while offering a similar MTL throat sensation.

    RDL vape kits, give you the ability to use higher PG vape juice in addition to 70% VG vape juices and offer a range of styles of vaping. RDL coils provide boosted flavour as well as vapour production without using super powerful coils. This means the system uses less battery wattage, less e liquid is burned, producing a stronger tasting flavour.

    Is MTL or DTL Better?

    Like most things, there isn't exactly a simple answer to this question. Which vaping technique is better totally depends on the person who is vaping.

    RDL Vaping: Is it the future?Mouth To Lung Vaping

    When making a Mouth To Lung (MTL) inhale, you inhale the vapour into your mouth, hold it in your mouth, then inhale the vapour into your lungs. This method replicates the throat sensation you would do while smoking a cigarette. Its draw is much more restricted and tight.

    Because of its similarity to smoking, MTL is usually used by new vapers, just starting with vaping, who want a restricted drag.

    Direct To Lung Vaping

    A DTL inhale is for more advanced vapers. The method is achieved by inhaling the vapors directly into your lungs, there is no initial holding in your mouth. The windpipe is open from the get-go, which is similar to taking a deep breath of air.

    With this method of vaping, greater airflow is necessary to cool the vape down, DTL vapes are designed to draw more air over the coil.

    The direct to lung method allows you to maintain great flavors, to tingle your taste buds, and often large clouds.

    How Long Does Your Vape Coil Last?

    Again, this is not necessarily a direct answer, it depends!

    The average vape coil lifespan should last around 1-2 weeks, but this is dependent on a number of factors. MTL Coils tend to last longer than sub-ohm DTL coils, in addition the coil lifespan is dependant on:

    • Type of tank you have
    • Quality/ brand of coils
    • Voltage or wattage you vape at
    • Rate at which you are vaping your e liquid
    • Type of vape juice you are vaping
    • Strength of battery power used

    3 reasons why your coils are not lasting as long as they should:

    • You are smoking dry hits - your coil will be burning its wick instead of your vape juice
    • You are using particularly thick and sugary flavor concentrates, which will produce a higher build upon the wick and coils.
    • You are vaping excessively, the more you vape the more you wear down your coils, so if you are a consistent vaper, look into different vape juices that are easier on the coils, or change your coils more regularly.

    The Best Restricted Direct Lung Vape?

    RDL vapes are great for people who have been vaping for a while and want an upgrade from starter kits and the MTL vaping experience.

    There are loads of great RDL vapes available on the market right now. However, if you are new to RDL vaping it might be overwhelming to choose the best RDL kit.

    One of our favourite RDL vape kits is the Innokin Sceptre, which features a number of fantastic qualities.

    Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit

    RDL Vaping: Is it the future?

    Innokin is a massive name in the vaping industry, they are one of the leading brands, and it is clear to see why. Innokin often produce high quality innovative products that people and vapers of all levels absolutely love, and the Innokin Sceptre is no exception.

    What's amazing about the Innokin sceptre is it is customisable, you'll likely hold on to this device for a while, due to the fact it works both as an MTL kit and an RDL kit, perfect for beginners and those that have been vaping for a while.

     This is made possible due to the airflow customization, you can choose which airflow and coil options match your style. Choose either a looser airflow - ideal for RDL (Sceptre 0.5 ohm coils recommended) , or a tighter airflow - used for MTL (Sceptre Coils 1.2 ohm recommended).

    You can adjust your power levels, and see this by the LED light indicators display, which also shows your remaining battery life .

    The Innokin sceptre pod mod atomizer comes with a refillable plastic pod, giving you the ability to choose your e liquids and easily refill. The pod is plastic rather than glass, making the pod much less prone to breakage, while ensuring you are still able to clearly see your e liquid. It is also easily topped up from the side of the pod, which is leak proof thanks to its rubber stopper. The pod is held magnetically to the battery.

    Restricted Direct Lung vapes encompass something for every vaper, and give you the ability to get the best of both worlds, which is an upgrade from only MTL and DTL systems, which is a potential indication that RDL vapes may be the future of vaping.

    There are many great vapes on our website, but the sleek style and usability of the Innokin Sceptre makes this device our favourite RDL vape kit on the market right now.

    Have you tried any RDL vapes? Would you like to see more of these in the future? Share your thoughts with us and comment below.

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