Innokin Sceptre: The dual MTL & RDL Pod Kit!

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Innokin Sceptre: The Dual MTL & RDL Pod Kit!

Welcome everyone to another kit review! Today we are going to review the latest release by Innokin, the Sceptre Pod Kit. We are going to break it down and explain what’s so special about this device!

Innokin UK is a world leading vape manufacturer that has been releasing technological innovations since 2011, bringing to the market technological advancements and high standards of quality with each of their products. 

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With each kit released, they aim to provide you with true vaping ease, flexibility and style. Innokin products provide simplicity, hassle-free vaping and power, with their collection of pod kits and mouth to lung pen style devices

But that is not all, as Innokin has also a wide and diverse range of sub-ohm devices, capable of delivering a true depth to flavour along with vaping customisation.

It is fair to say that Innokin is a brand to be trusted and relied upon, as it puts it’s focus on both new and existing customers, by improving their technology release after release, and staying one step ahead of the competition by always meeting customer satisfaction.

Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit - Features

The Innokin Sceptre’s first evident feature is definitely it’s mode adaptability, since it is both an MTL and RDL device. What does that mean? It means that not only is it very effective at replicating the effect of combustion smoking found in cigarettes with mouth to lung vaping, better suited for 10ml low vg e liquids or nic salts, but it is also a restricted direct to lung option, meaning that it is capable of supporting the use of High VG liquids at a low wattage output. 

Talking about wattage output, it is capable of setting two different profiles of vaping, the standard output for a more moderate vapour production, and the boost mode, which provides a higher of wattage output to the pod, ultimately resulting in a wider vapour production, along with higher density.

Depending on which coil is used, the normal and boost mode will output differently: 

  • When using the1.2 ohm MTL coil, the standard mode will output 9W, whereas the boost mode will stretch to 10W.
  • While using the 0.5 ohm RDL coil, the standard mode starts at 18W, and when the boost mode is activated, the output wattage will be 20W.

The pod also works very well to support its MTL & RDL duality, as it houses a dual air flow. Each airflow is specifically designed for each vaping mode, and is respectively customisable in order to allow for more personalisation with this simple and effective device.

The daily use of the device is also very flexible! While you can use it by normally pressing the firing button and inhale, it also features automatic draw activation, so if you prefer to vape by directly drawing from the device without any button pressing, this is an option as well!

Normally the battery power in a pod system does not exceed the 1000 mAh, and fairly so, since low output power and compact design of the average pod kit does not require it to be more than this. But Innokin has overdone themselves, as the Sceptre Kit houses a whipping 1400 mAh battery which will guarantee a full day’s use and long lasting great performance from the device.

Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit - Design

The first thing to mention about the Innokin Sceptre design, is that it’s such a great looking compact model! It comes in five different colours, 

  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Grey
  • Pink

Definitely all optimal and great colour choices, which will appeal to most of you out there. 
Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit - Pods Feature-Design

The pod is designed to be easily accessible and transparent while being enlightened from the bottom by the battery. That way, you can determine when it is best to refill it, without removing it. The refilling port is situated on the side of the pod, allowing for easy refill and lower leaking occurrences.

Just above the firing button located on the side of the device, you will see the LED light. Despite being adequately small, it is capable of displaying different information based on the colour emitted, such as selected power profile and battery level indication.

Main Features Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit:

  • Compact Size
  • Battery Type: internal 1400 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Type: Micro USB Port
  • Power Output: 9-10W (With 1.2 MTL Coil) / 18-20W (With 0.5 RDL Coil)
  • Resistance Range: 0.5 - 3.5 ohm
  • Pod Capacity: 2 ml
  • Dual Airflow Option
  • Fire Button Activation
  • Automatic Draw Activation
  • Side Filling Pod
  • Display Type: LED Indication & Under-pod light
  • Overheat Protection
  • Charging Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection

With the Innokin Sceptre they have done a great job, by creating a relatively simple and straightforward device, while allowing for a great deal of customisation and appealing functions for new and advanced vapers alike. 

Innokin has always been an innovative brand in the market, manufacturing a range of high quality devices that only continue to get better, and we believe they have definitely earned their  place amongst the top brands, and helped many customers to find satisfaction in their devices whilst continuing their vape journey with the use of Innokin

The Innokin Sceptre is now available along with replacement coils and spare pods! Find out more Innokin products in their collection page.

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