Box Mods

Box mods kits usually come jam-packed with unique features that are completely customisable for the user. Box Mods are perfect for getting the intense flavour, and large vapour clouds, you are after, which is easily adjustable through the customisable setting on the kit. We have a range of the best box mods from some of the industry's most popular brands. Box mods are also compatible with RDA's so is a perfect starting point for those seeking to build their own coils. Explore our E-cig Box Mod Range below.

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Variable Wattage - Box Mods that have variable wattage allow the user to manually adjust the power output that the device produces. Typically variable wattage mods will have the lowest wattage of around 5W and can go up to between 100W - 200W and above depending on the box mod. Wattage is adjustable via buttons or there are some of the newer devices that use a gyroscope styled feature to increase or decrease the wattage.

Variable Voltage -Variable Voltage Box Mods are slightly different from Variable wattage devices. Variable Voltage Box Mods have an adjustable voltage feature which will either increase or decrease the direct power that the battery directs to the coil within the tank. When using variable voltage you will need to take into account the resistance of your coils to ensure that you are not using too much power, resulting in burning out your coils very quickly.

Temperature Control - There are a large selection of box mods that now have Temperature Control (TC). TC Box Mods will allow the user to adjust the temperature that their coils will reach. The display on these box mods will show the temperature in both Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and the chipset within the device will adjust the power to ensure that the coils do not exceed the temperature selected. Temperature Control works best with coils that are made from Stainless Steel (SS316L) wire and the optimum temperature is roughly 230 Degrees Celsius or 540 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Bypass / Mechanical Mod Mode - There are a select few box mods that have this feature and it is designed to be used with a rebuildable atomizer. The device will go into a mode similar to variable voltage however the power will not be adjustable. The device will draw the power remaining in the battery and sends it directly to the coils of the atomizer. For example, if your battery is fully charged then the device will draw the full 4.2 Volts of power but as your battery life drains, the power produced will decrease.

Internal & External Batteries -Box Mods will fall into one of two categories regarding batteries. They will either have an internal battery that cannot be removed and will require charging via a USB cable. The other option that a box mod will have is using external batteries. External batteries can be removed from the device and have the option of being charged externally or the box mod may have a USB port to allow internal charging if preferred for ease of use.

Regulated Box Mods - Regulated Box Mods will have a chipset inside that has features which will improve the safety of the device including Short Circuit Protection, Low Battery Protection and Reverse Polarity Protection to name a few. Regulated Box Mods are a lot safer to use, especially for newer vapers.

Proton Mini Box Mod - The Proton Mini Mod from Innokin is a Box Mod that has an impressive 120W maximum power output and features an internal 3400mAh battery. The battery has a longer lifespan than many other internal battery devices and it can be charged quickly using a 2A charger. The Proton Mini Express Mod which includes temperature control, custom Wattage Curve, Bypass Mode, custom TCR, 3 Coil Memory Slots to save your favourite settings and more.

What is the best box mod?

The best box mod is the Geekvape Aegis MaxBox Mod which features a single battery and fits any vape tank

Are Box mods safe?

Box Mods are some of the safest vaping devices and often come with advance chipsets inside

What is the cheapest box mod?

The cheapest box mod currently is the Vaporesso GTX One Box Mod

Do box mods explode?

No, Box Mods feature advance regulated chipsets unlike Mech Mods which don’t.

Are Box Mods better than vape pens?

Yes, Box Mods feature adjustable settings to tailor your vaping style

How much does a box mod vape cost?

Box Mods Roughly cost between £29.99 to £159.99 on the higher end

What's the difference between a vaping box mod, a vape pen, a dab pen and a Juul?

The main difference between a vape box mod and the Juul is that the box mod can use any vape tank atomizer whist the Juul can only be used with pre-filled e liquid pods and therefore limiting you to a smaller e liquid flavour range.

Why are box mods better than pen style vape devices?

From better performance to larger battery capacity, box mods are far superior to regular vape devices that only offer a small amount of power

What is the best high power vape box mod?

The best high power vape box mod is the Lost Vape - Centaurus DNA250C Box Mod

Are box vapes better than stick vapes?

Yes, box mod vapes are far better than stick vapes due to its bigger battery life, wide range of settings and the amount of flavour and clouds it can produce.

What are some good box mods for blowing clouds?

The best box mods for blowing clouds are those that can achieve up to 100 watts of power such as the Innokin Kroma, Smok dual battery box mods and the Geekvape Aegis Line