VYKO Disposable Vape Kit Launch

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Vyko Disposable Vape Kit Launch

VYKO disposable vapes are available now! Discover the best disposable vape kits on the market right now.

Over the last year or so we have seen a massive increase in disposable vape pen products, due to their mess free and hassle-free nature, which is super popular with people looking to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes were proven to be the best nicotine replacement therapy to support your choice to quit smoking, this is because you get a very similar experience to smoking, a satisfying throat hit, and the ability to withstand high nicotine contents, to combat those cravings. Disposable vape kits give you all of that, in a handy single use stick.

Who Are VYKO?

Vyko Disposable Vape Kit Launch

Although VYKO is a new brand, they have over a decade of industry experience, working closely and personally with customers and vaping enthusiasts.

VYKO was created by vapers, for vapers, and tested by their knowledgeable team which makes them one of the best, if not the best disposable kits available.

With VYKO you'll be getting a fully developed and intricately created product that you can trust, plus VYKO disposables have one of the highest puff counts available, a great battery life and includes some of the highest quality e-liquid in the vaping world.


    Choose from 7 mouth watering flavours that are fruity and sweet in flavour. You’re bound to find a flavour you love, so here are your options.

    Pink Lemonade 

    Vyko Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Transport back to summer with this sweet and slightly tart flavour of mixed berries blended with homemade lemonade.

    Strawberry Watermelon 

    Vyko Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Refreshing hydration with every inhale, your favourite red fruits blended together for a juicy burst of brilliance. 

    Peach Ice 

    VYKO Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Distinctive and sweet this juicy flavour has a unique peach taste with cooling ice after tones for a magical experience.

    Grape Ice 

    Vyko Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Earthy and sweet, this flavour combines red and green grapes and offers classy aromatic tones.

    Blue Lemonade 

    VYKO Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Exploding with flavour, rich blackcurrants and authentic tangy lemonade, that grounds and refreshes your tastebuds.

    Blueberry Ice 

    VYKO Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Everyone can recognise the unique taste of blueberry a mile away, this deep flavour is perfectly balanced with cool crushed ice.

    Mango Passion Ice 

    VYKO Disposable Vape Kit Launch

    Bursting with flavour this tropical delight is a fusion of tropical mango and sunkissed passionfruit poured over a tall glass of ice.


    Here are the technical details:

    • Filled with premium e-Liquid
    • Approx. 600 puffs
    • 280 mAh battery
    • 20mg nic salt strength

    Where To Buy VYKO Disposable Vapes

    VYKO disposable vape kits are available on the UK ECIG STORE website as well as a number of top online and physical retail stores. The nicotine content is fixed at 20mg per disposable vape pen but you can choose between 7 delicious fruity flavours.

    Try VYKO Disposables today and beat your smoking habit.

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