Ploom is a revolutionary heated tobacco company that produces Tobacco Heating Devices and Tobacco Sticks. Heat Not Burn offers a much less harmful substitute to smoking as it produces much fewer toxins and chemicals compared to burning tobacco. Thanks to Ploom's proprietary HeatFlow™ technology, devices such as the Ploom X Advanced, have seen a huge spike in popularity. Inside Ploom heating devices, there’s a Ribbed Heat Chamber that heats the stick from the outside for minimal charring. This means you get a heated tobacco experience with no smoke smell and minimal cleaning.

The device is intuitive and easy to use, with two different heating modes so you can customize your taste experience. All this plus a sleek design that fits comfortably in your hand and a powerful battery so you can enjoy up to 20 sticks/sessions on a single charge. All Ploom devices aer compatible with the full range of Ploom EVO sticks. Save yourself some money and heavily decrease your toxin intake by switching to Ploom.

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Ploom Range

Ploom is a fantastic alternative to vaping, it uses an advanced heating technology that allows the tobacco sticks to be heated gently instead of burning the tobacco, giving you a healthier experience.

We also stock a range of amazing Evo Tobacco Sticks that are infused with elegant flavouring to give you an optimal experience.

What is the difference between Ploom S and Ploom X?

The Ploom S Device was one of the original devices that Ploom produced. Whilst being one of the more popular heating devices on the market, there was still room for improvement. The updated Ploom X device boasts faster heating times thanks to HeatFlow technology and longer heating sessions thanks to a better performing battery.

What is the difference between Ploom X and Ploom X Advanced?

In late 2023, Ploom released its most impressive heating device yet - the Ploom X Advanced Device. After lengthy tests, Ploom developed their signature HeatFlow technology even more, leading to even better performance when it came to the speed of heating and the efficiency of the device. In turn, this meant that you could go through even more Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks on a single charge.

Should I upgrade from Ploom S to Ploom X Advanced?

The evolution in technology between the Ploom S and Ploom X Advanced is quite impressive. With improved longevity and advancements in the heating chamber, the Ploom X Advanced offers better taste, less cleaning and longer heating sessions between charges. Upgrading from the Ploom S to the Ploom X Advanced could be really beneficial!

Should I upgrade from Ploom X to Ploom X Advanced?

The difference in performance between the Ploom X and Ploom X Advanced devices is minimal but certainly noticeable. If your Ploom X is in good condition and still works faultlessly, upgrading to the Ploom X Advanced is not essential. However, if you fancy experiencing the most up-to-date heating technology then by all means, go for it!