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The Ultimate Guide to Vaping for Beginners: How to Get Started Vaping


Whether you've smoked your entire life or you're a beginner looking to start a fun happy journey, vaping opens up tons of avenues that can provide you with tools to quit your smoking habit and enjoy tons of new flavors that life may have never offered you before.

Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping can involve playing around with unique vaping tricks. Once you understand the basics of vaping and how to get started, you can quickly start enjoying your new hobby. Visit a vape shop to see the wide array of vape kits from leading brands such as Smok UK, Innokin and Aspire ecigs

Interested in learning how to vape for beginners? If you're new to the world of e-cigarettes and vaping, keep reading this guide to get you started vaping your first e-cig in no time!

Learning How to Vape for Beginners: Making the Switch

Are you making the switch from cigarettes to vaping? Before you choose your first vape pen, there are a few things that you should know: 

There's a Perfect E-Cigarette Match for Everyone

The perfect match for your vaping needs may not be matched with the first e-cig that you try. However, just like you had your favorite brand of cigarettes, this same analogy carries over to e-cigarettes as well.

If you've previously tried vaping before and didn't like the e-cig that you used, don't give up. Instead, you should make another attempt with a different e-cigarette starter kit.

You May Get Frustrated

When you smoke, you get your nicotine hit almost immediately, as cigarettes have been adjusted over many years to make sure that you get that when you take a drag. However, the nicotine hit that you receive from vaping does take a little longer, but the satisfying feeling from your vape nicotine hit does last longer. 

Don't Vape like a Smoker

The first mistake that most people who switch over from smoking to vaping make is that they usually attempt to vape like a smoker. When you puff hard on a cigarette, you get more smoke. However, that's not how e-cigs work.

There's nothing lit on your vape pen, so your e-cig needs time to produce vapor. Long, steady, and slow puffs really make a huge difference when you're vaping!

How Do You Choose Your First E-Cig?

Choosing your first vape kit

It's really easy to light up your first cigarette to start smoking, but the process of vaping takes longer. E-cigs require a bit of light upkeep, such as changing parts when they need replacing, charging the battery, and making sure that the pen has enough juice when you're running low. 

When you're first switching over from smoking to vaping, you should choose an e-cig that's easy for you to maintain, an eliquid that you love the flavor of, and make sure that you enjoy vaping. 

Keep in the back of your mind that if you've found an e-cig that you aren't in love with, it make take a few test runs to find the perfect model for you. Each vaper looks for something different while they're vaping.

Some people may feel more satisfied by the cloud of vapor they're blowing, some people are looking for a pleasant taste, and some people just want to have the familiar pattern that comes as close to smoking as possible.  

How Do You Know What E-Liquid to Choose?

When you're choosing your e-liquid, there are two choices that you're going to need to make: what nicotine strength you're looking for and what flavor you're interested in trying first. 

You can figure out what nicotine strength you're looking for by the number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day:

  • 1 to 5 cigarettes a day: 0.6% 
  • 5 to 15 cigarettes a day: 1.0%
  • 15 to 20 cigarettes a day: 1.4%
  • 20 or more cigarettes a day: 1.8%

The fewer cigarettes that you smoke, the less nicotine you'll need. The above numbers aren't set in stone and are more of a reference for you choose your first e-liquid. 

If you're vaping a certain strength of nicotine and notice that you're still feeling the need to smoke more, you may need to slightly increase the nicotine strength of the juice you're using. On the other hand, if you feel like you're getting too much nicotine, you should reduce the nicotine strength of the juice that you're using. 

E-Juice Flavors

Choosing an e-liquid flavor is a bit more complex for a process, but it's also part of the process that people enjoy the most! Since taste is so subjective, it can tough to recommend a perfect flavor to a new vaper. What your fellow vaping friends may recommend maybe a flavor that you can't stand.

If you're a new vaper that's switching over from smoking, try starting off with a menthol or tobacco flavor, as they're both flavors that you're likely familiar with and can make the switch from smoking a bit easier. Once you've gotten used to vaping, you can always begin experimenting with the hundreds of other flavors that are available! 

Make sure that when you're first starting out, to take things slow. Give your body plenty of time to adjust the new e-liquid that you've picked out. 

Starting Your New Hobby

Learning how to vape for beginners isn't just about quitting smoking. It's about discovering a whole new world where you can experiment with flavors and a whole community of people who share your passion. Learning how to start vaping can be very exciting if you're looking to learn vaping tricks or wean off of your dependency on cigarettes! 

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