Velo pouches are a new way to get the nicotine you crave. Velo pouches are perfect if you want to quit smoking, and serves as an awesome alternative if vaping wasn't your thing. Velo pouches come in a range of flavours and strengths.
Twist It - Twist the sleek package to release your pouches.
Tuck It - Tuck the pouches between your gum and your lip. Don't be alarmed if you feel a tingling sensation
Feel It -Feel relief from cravings for 30minutes.

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Velo Range

Velo pouches were designed to help you finally kick your smoking habit.

Velo pouches give you a smoke and vapour free alternative. It allows you to get the nicotine hit you crave without worrying about going outside of setting up a device to use.

These pouches are super easy to use and satisfy your cravings within minutes!