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Vape Accessories are additional components that have been designed to enhance the vaping experience. For this selection, we have taken special care to choose vape accessories that are suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers. Some of our best vaping accessories include Box Mods, E-Cigarette cases and battery chargers. Deals on popular products are also included in this range.

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What accessories are available for vape kits?

There are many accessories available for vape kits. This could be something such as a battery to make it function or something like a case or lanyard which is more for aesthetics.

Are vape cases a good idea?

Vape cases will protect your device from scratches and minor damage, however, it cannot always ensure that it will keep your device safe. If you are occasionally clumsy and drop things often then investing in a vape case might be a really good idea and save you having to replace a broken tank or mod in the near future.

Which are the best batteries for an 18650 mod?

There is no “best battery” as such, although there are many who use brands such as Golisi, LG, Samsung or Sony. The batteries all have different capabilities and will vary in battery life (mAh). It is always a good idea to ensure you use the best battery possible in terms of Ampage (A) and never use a damaged battery.

Are external battery chargers better to use over internal charging ports?

External battery chargers allow you to charge multiple batteries at the same time. They can be a great product to use especially if you use your device very regularly and require multiple sets of batteries or simply want an easy way to charge more than 1 or 2 batteries at once.

What does AIO stand for?

AIO (All in One) is a compact vape that comes in a simple one or two-piece design. It includes everything you need to start vaping straight out of the box, you just need to add juice and you are ready to go! AIO vapes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the most common being Pen and Pod devices.

How many wraps should a coil have?

The more wraps you make, the higher the resistance in Ohms. You want to be using at least 4 wraps per coil. For beginners, it is advisable to use at least 6 wraps in a coil.

What does Ni200 stand for?

This is a coil with Temperature Control that has the mode through which the box/mod regulates the intensity in order to keep the coil at a temperature that is defined by the user.

What is the best battery for the vape?

With a high-ceiling for amps and long-running times, the Sony VTC5A – VTC6 is the top pick. 18650s are by far the most common batteries in vaping. They are readily available, reliable, and extensively tested, and the majority of mods come with 18650 compatibilities.