What Nicotine Strength Should I Vape?


Welcome to a very important guide regarding nicotine strength and which would be the best choice for you to vape. This is very important to get right in the beginning to avoid spending money on e-liquids which would not help you in the right way. If the nicotine level you get in your e-liquid is too low then it will not fulfil the nicotine cravings you have and if it is too high may cause you discomfort and could cause you to feel nauseous. So this is important to get right as quickly as possible as nobody wants to feel unwell due to using an e-cigarette.

We have put together a handy tool for you to calculate the strength of nicotine you should be using.

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Nicotine Level

Whether you've searched for a vape shop near me or have visited a local vape shop and still want to find out the best nicotine strength for your e-liquid then read on further with our in-depth guide on finding the best nicotine strength for your vape kit.

Where does nicotine come from?

Nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant Nicotiana Tabacum primarily, it can also be found in very small doses in some common foods such as tomatoes and potatoes.There are now also new synthetic forms of nicotine that are not derived from tobacco plants and are used in E liquids.

What does nicotine do to you?

Nicotine is found to be a mood-altering substance that is highly addictive if not used following as per the warnings. If you have ever been a smoker, which most vapers have been in the past, you will know exactly how bad nicotine cravings can be. The effects differ from person to person but can include mood elevation and alertness.

What are the types of nicotine I can use?

There are two main types of nicotine which are currently available for the vaping market which are Freebase and Nicotine Salts.

Type Of nicotines

Freebase is the traditional nicotine additive which gives an increased harsh throat hit and is more widely available. The Freebase nicotine additive tends to be higher in Propylene Glycol (PG) than Vegetable Glycerin.

Nic Salts are a newer type of nicotine additive which tends to have a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content than Propylene Glycol (PG). They used a salt-based nicotine solution which is released into your bloodstream quicker than Freebase nicotine and is a lot smoother on the inhale.

What strengths of nicotine are available in e-liquids?

E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths Explained and choosing the right nicotine level for vape users, have a look at our guide how to choose your first kit for an explanation of the different types of vaping styles.

Sub Ohm Vaping

This is a direct to lung method of vaping and there are vaping kits and liquids that are designed specifically for direct to lung vaping, the throat hit (the sensation on the back of your throat when you inhale) tends to be stronger so lower nicotine levels are required.

  • 0 mg ml or 0% (Nicotine Free)
  • 3 mg ml or 0.3% (Low Strength)
  • 6 mg ml or 0.6% (Medium)

These nicotine levels are mostly used in high powered e cigarettes, as the nicotine present in the e liquid is more intense while vaping sub ohm devices. Both nicotine and vaping juice sensations are enhanced with these sub ohm devices, therefore a low nicotine strength is ideal to best utilise these vapes. These nicotine strengths are more suited for occasional smokers or for those currently vaping at low MTL strengths.

MTL - Low Strength (Freebase Nicotine)

Mouth to lung method of vaping, this is the style that most represents how you smoke cigarettes, there are vape kits specifically designed for this style of vaping and are the ones recommended for new vapers. Have a look here for some mouth to lung vape kits.<

  • 6 mg ml or 0.6% (Low - Medium Strength)
  • 8 mg ml or 0.8% (Low - Medium Strength)

Ideal for those who have been smoking less than 10 cigarettes a day, as the average nicotine contents closely matches the one absorbed by relative smokers. In this form the throat hit is smoother than the one found in higher nicotine strength, and it is more bearable, while the nicotine absorption happens at a more gradual pace when compared with nicotine salts.

MTL - Medium to High Strength (Free Base Nicotine)

  • 12 mg ml or 1.2% (Medium - High Strength)
  • 18 mg ml or 1.8% (High Strength)

These nicotine strengths are suggested to those ex smokers who were between 10 cigarettes to a pack a day. At these strengths the harshness on the throat caused by the nicotine content tends to become stronger, and at 18 mg ml it is even less bearable. Only those looking for a strong throat hit, are actually capable to bear the sharpness of an 18 mg ml e liquid nicotine, therefore we say it with warning that you should go this high only if you find nicotine salts e liquids not suitable for you (please see below).

Medium - High (Salt Nicotine / Nic Salt)

  • 10 mg ml Nic Salt (Medium Strength)
  • 20 mg ml NS (Nic Salt) - (High Strength)

Nicotine Salts e liquids are suitable for the kind of vaper who wants to avoid the level of throat hit found in Freebase Nicotine products, as they are extracted directly from the tobacco plant. The nicotine level present in these types of e liquid is usually higher, as vaping provides a much smoother sensation and the nicotine is absorbed in a much faster rate by the user.

Please Note: The nicotine values above show the nicotine content per millilitre of e-liquid. Some companies will show this information as a percentage

What strengths of nicotine are available in e-liquids?

Does nicotine change the taste of e-liquid?

There is a vast array e-liquid flavors out there and the majority of them taste amazing. The amount of nicotine can make a big difference though, as the higher nicotine levels you go, the less flavour you will taste. You will experience a harsher vape with higher nicotine levels. It is advised to stick with lower nicotine levels if you are sub-ohm vaping as the increased amount of vapour produced makes everything more intense.

What about the throat hit?

Higher nicotine levels will give you a stronger throat hit. When combined with higher PG based e-liquids, this can be intense, so it is important to check before purchasing. Also, note that high PG based e juice and low nicotine levels may not satisfy the needs of a smoker or ex-smoker who is used to a strong throat hit. For those switching from smoking to vaping, a more pronounced throat hit is advised. You will need to test different levels with your vape kit and find what suits you best.

Will I get addicted to nicotine?

Nicotine is known to be addictive and if you were a heavy smoker then it is tempting to go for higher nicotine level e-liquids. However, you need to take into account that the vaping experience is different from smoking and it may not be necessary to use a higher level of nicotine. As a person trying to quit smoking, we recommend choosing a medium nicotine strength and then gradually reducing it, keeping track of the mg ml content in the e liquid nicotine. If you are not a smoker then we advise you to purchase nicotine free eliquids and not to take up nicotine, you can still get the throat hit for example from menthol flavours and high PG juices.

Which e liquid flavour is better for beginners?

We recommend an e liquid product that is more suitable to vape with starter vaping kits. This for a couple of reasons; one is that starter e juice are better suited to work with starter e cigarette kits, and also starter kits mostly resemble the effect of smoking tobacco cigarettes, making quitting smoking easier through the use of less harmful nicotine products. We can recommend two of our best selling e-liquids that our customers have said they found to be the best for them when they started vaping - Blue Crush and Tobacco Royale you can have a look at the customer reviews of each of these and decide for yourself.

Which e liquid flavour is better for beginners

What are the best brands for vaping?

Nowadays you can find plenty of e-cigarettes manufacturers, we only sell the best brands of both eliquid and vaping devices have a look at our best of ranges, and here are some of the most popular brands:

  • Smok
  • Innokin
  • Aspire
  • Vaporesso
  • Voopoo
  • Lost Vape
  • Juul
  • Relx

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength for Vaping E-juice?

Inorder to decide on the right strength first of all you need to pay attention to the milligrams of nicotine included in the e liquid you are looking to purchase. If the amount of nicotine is either too low or too high, you could not get the right amount of nicotine delivery What does that mean? It means that if the nicotine level is too low, your nicotine intake won’t help your cravings, but if the nicotine content is too high, you could risk getting too much nicotine, and also get harsh throat hits. It's a balance of the right kit with the right strength of nicotine. We always recommend starting with one of our starter vape kit bundles and then adjusting the levels to see what suits you. You can also look at our nicotine calculator for a guide.

How much vaping is too much vaping?

Vaping is very subjective, as all people do not set in the same e liquid strength. If you find yourself vaping constantly, it could be that you are vaping too much and that the actual nicotine delivery does not satisfy your nicotine cravings. Vaping is also a habit and a hobby, so you may vape all the time but with say nicotine free e liquid, so really there is no too much it all depends on how you feel.

How can I add nicotine to vape juice?

E liquids come in a few different forms, you have those that are premixed with nicotine and those that are nicotine free, within nicotine free e juice you also have shortfills, these vape liquids are filled “short” so that nicotine boosters can be added. You shouldn't need to add nicotine to premixed vape juices it would be better to buy a higher strength bottle.

In order to add nicotine the right nicotine strength to your shortfill vape e liquid, there are a few steps that need to be followed:

  1. You need to have your Short-fill bottle and a Nicotine Salts or a Freebase Nicotine shot ready
  2. Open the bottle cap and pull the nozzle out
  3. Fill the nicotine inside the bottle, in order to mix it with the juice
  4. Close the Short-fill bottle and make sure it is sealed, after that shake thoroughly
  5. Let it rest for two minutes, and enjoy vaping your e liquid!

Have a look at our shortfill page and our nicotine calculator

How can I add nicotine to vape juice

How Much Nicotine Is In Vape e-Juice?

Vape Nicotine Levels can differ from juice to juice, which can be low, medium or high. The level of nicotine on a nicotine salt e liquid flavours tends to be higher compared with a more standard vape juice, due to the fact that nicotine salt tends to be more gentle in the throat and provide a smoother vaping experience. All vape e-juices we sell have the level of nicotine clearly marked on the bottle and on the packaging so you know exactly how much nicotine is in your vape e-juice.

What nicotine level should I vape?

The nicotine strength required by a user can vary among smokers or ex smokers, depending on how many cigarettes one has been smoking. For example, if a smoker has been smoking a pack a day, it would be recommended to start with high nicotine doses like 18 mg before gradually decreasing the nicotine intake and going for less nicotine. Instead, if smokers had smoking habits more of a lower level, like 10 cigarettes a day, then products that contain nicotine in a lower level would be best, like 6 or 8 mg ml. Have a look at our nicotine calculator for a guide.

What is the best vape for a heavy smoker?

The ideal vape for ex heavy smokers would be a mouth to lung device. This is because not only are they easier to use for the average vaper, but also because with this type of vape, higher nicotine levels can be more sustainable when compared with a sub ohm device, especially if the vape juice contains high nicotine. A product like nicotine salts can be used if the vape juice harshness is too much to bear, as the benzoic acid makes the juice smoother to vape. MTL vaping kits are well known to closely mimic the effect of smoking cigarettes, but in a much safer way.

Whats the lowest nicotine vape?

The lowest nicotine vape is 0 nic or nicotine free, this means there is no nicotine in the vape juice or vape kit. The lowest nicotine vape juice you can get is 3mg nicotine, these can be found on our vape juice section.


If you need any more information regarding nicotine or the types you can contact our customer service team. They are available by phone on 0203 475 4885 or by email on support@ukecigstore.com where they will be happy to help with any questions you have about your eliquid.

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