Innokin is a pioneer and world leader in the design & manufacture of leading technology and design including; magnetic connection, pen vaporizer cap, LED power indicator, ‘Vape While Charging’, RTC (Reactive Temperature Control) Technology and a number of exclusive Innokin features such as VaCaps Cartridge System, InnokinCell LiPo Vape Power System and many more.

Having worked with Innokin since 2012, we at UK ECIG STORE offer a vast range of the best Innokin kits from starter e-cigarettes for beginners to sub ohm vape kits for advanced vapers. Check out our full range of the best Innokin products.

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Innokin is a globally leading Chinese brand, that are based in Shenzen. They are known for their state-of-the-art hardware including tanks, coils, box mods and pod kits. These products have solidified Innokins firm standing in the industry.


INNOKIN Vape Kits & Mods

Outstandingly known for their amazing products the Cool Fire range truly put Innokin as a front runner in the industry, and they gained immense popularity following the release of this range. If you know Innokin you may have heard of the all new Aethon chipset, this innovative technology is incredibly precise and contains a whopping150 Watts of power as well as advanced temperature controls, all fitting into one kit, which is both compact and durable.

In addition to their technologically advanced kits, and mods Innokin provide more sleek pen style devices perfect for smokers wanting to quit and anyone who is new to vaping.

INNOKIN Tanks & Pods

Innokin has a great selection of tanks that suit a range of styles and mods. 

In recent years we have seen the industry shift from tank heavy devices to more pod friendly style devices and mods. Innokin certainly has been one of the pioneers for this change. Innokin has honed in on what people want and vapers are leaning to cleaner easy-to-use kits. As well as providing sturdy high-quality tanks, Innokin has a range of accessible pods for newer vapers and a hassle-free vaping experience.


Innokin has a range of coils that are suitable for vapers of all styles and levels. They have MTL coils, DTL Sub-ohm coils and mesh coils which allow for a variety of vaping preferences, whether you like an intense flavour or large clouds, or a satisfying throat hit.


UK ECIG STORE are one of the biggest cheerleaders for Innokin, we love high-quality reliable devices that our customers have great experiences with and Innokin is certainly that brand for us. We are proud to stock an extensive Innokin range, that continues to grow and produce creative products.


Where to buy Innokin?

Innokin products can be purchased at UK ECIG STORE. We have the latest range of innokin tanks, coils and sub-ohm kits available with free next day delivery on most qualifying orders.

Is Innokin a good brand?

Innokin as an e-cigarette brand are well known for its excellent craftsmanship and high quality long lasting products. At UK ECIG STORE, we’ve stocked Innokin products from our start since early 2012, some of which have shaped the vaping industry from the very first Innokin MVP Box Mod, the first box mod of its kind, of which all box mods are now based around.

Where are Innokin products made?

Innokin products are made in a 10,000m² factory in Shenzhen, China, where 95% of all e-cigarettes are manufactured for the global market.

How do you refill an innokin vape?

Depending on the type of Innokin vape tank you have, if it is a top filling tank, simply push down on the tank and unscrew the top cap and squirt in your preferred vape ejuice. If it is a bottom filling tank, you’ll have to remove the tank from your device and unscrew the bottom to access the e-liquid reservoir. Some of the newer innokin vape tanks like the Scion ii or Zlide Tank have a push to slide button that requires you to press and slide the tanks top cap to the side to refill your tank.

Who is Innokin?

Innokin UK is a world leading vape manufacturer that with consistency has been releasing technological innovations in the vaping industry since 2011, bringing to the market technological advancements and high standards of quality with each of their products. With each kit released, they aim to provide you with true vaping ease, flexibility and style. Innokin products provide simplicity, hassle-free vaping and power, with their collection of pod kits and mouth to lung pen style devices.

What does Innokin offer?

Innokin has released a wide range of high quality products, of which one of the latest is the Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit, which is becoming very popular among those who are looking for a simple, but effective way of vaping. Despite this, Innokin has a wide and diverse range of Sub-ohm kits in their range, like the Innokin Proton Mini and the Innokin MVP5 just to mention a few. Each of their device have their unique qualities and features, like the option to be used as power banks and multiple vaping settings, line opting for which material the coil is composed of

What type of vape tanks do they have?

Innokin provides an excellent variety of vape tanks, capable of satisfying several consumer's needs. We can start by mentioning the Innokin Zlide tank, which has been one of the best MTL tanks out there for quite sometime now. This tank is compatible with a great number of coils, as fits all the Zenith coils range, along with it's Plex 3ds. Then we must mention the Plexus sub-ohm tank, which is fantastic for both flavour and huge cloud production. It is worth nothing, for those who like extreme wattage power, that the Innokin Plexus tank, can go up to 150W!! Ultimately, for those with vaping expertise, Ares 2 has recently lauched. Innokin Ares 2 is a rebuildable MTL tank, which is designed to provide the best MTL experience, with its newly designed air flow architecture.

What are the Innokin mods options?

Also in this department, Innokin has some history to share. Innokin is well known for providing vaping chips that allow for great vaping customisation. One of the mods that has been around for quite some time is the Innokin Proton Mini, which not only has an optimal battery capacity for its reduced size but features a very precise and feature-packed chipset, allowing to essentially use any tank in the market on top of it. Another great instalment is the Innokin MVP5. The Innokin MVP5 is a greatly resistant mod that is perfect for those who are constantly on the move since it features high battery capacity and a USB power bank socket! Whichever type of mod you are looking for, Innokin has you sorted.