Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks

Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks are designed to be used in Ploom Heating Devices such as the Ploom X Advanced Kit. They closely resemble the appearance of a cigarette and contain tobacco which is heated when used in a Ploom Device. Heating the tobacco eliminates the toxins and chemicals produced when burning tobacco, making it a much less harmful way of using tobacco, whilst still giving you the same effects.

EVO Tobacco Sticks come in a variety of tastes which include classic tobacco flavours as well as some minty and fruity options. The ones that feature "Option" in the name contain a small ball in the filter which can be crushed to release more flavour. EVO Sticks also smell much better than a regular cigarette and don't contaminate your clothes with the stale smell of tobacco. Instead, they leave quite a pleasant aroma in the air which quickly dissipates without a trace.

Packed in boxes of 20 Evo Tobacco Sticks per box, each box should last the same amount of time as a pack of 20 cigarettes but will cost you less than half the price of an average pack of cigarettes.

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Can you smoke EVO Sticks?

Although Ploom EVO Sticks may look like a conventional cigarette, they should NOT be smoked. The correct way to use EVO Sticks is by placing them in a Ploom Heating Device such as the Ploom X Advanced Device. Also, please DO NOT attempt to use a cigarette, cigar or cigarillo in your Ploom Device as it will not work and may cause blockages which stop your device from working.

How Long do EVO Sticks Last?

A box of 20 Ploom EVO Sticks will last just as long as a pack of conventional cigarettes. When it comes to the longevity of each EVO Stick, it depends on the person. On average, you can expect one EVO Stick to last around 4 minutes in Intense Mode.

Is Ploom Healthier than Smoking?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Ploom X Advanced has a 90-95% reduction in the levels of 9 constituents recommended by the World Health Organization for reduction in cigarette smoke. You are still using a tobacco product so keep that in mind.