Shortfill E-Liquids

From our online store, you can browse and buy Shortfill E-Liquids made by trusted brands such as Nasty Juice, Twelve Monkeys and leading UK brand Dinner Lady. We have chosen to include nicotine- free to flavoured E-Liquids in 50ml to 100ml shortfill bottles with space at the top to allow you to add a 10ml nicotine shot. We also recommend larger shortfill E-Liquid bottles to benefit Sub-Ohm vapers with greedy vape tanks that get through a significant amount of E-juice.

Short Fill E-Liquids FAQs

What is a short fill E-Liquid?

A short fill E-Liquid defines the new era of vaping, post TPD. It may appear that there is some e-liquid missing upon first glance. In fact, this is exactly how they should be as the missing e-liquid within a short fill bottle leaves enough space to add a nicotine shot to increase the nicotine content inside from 0mg.

What sizes of short fill e-liquid are available?

Short fill E-Liquids usually come within either a 25ml, 60ml or 120ml and have space to add nicotine to increase the strength of e-liquid to your preference.

What do short fill E-Liquids cost?

You will be able to find short fill bottles of E-Liquid across our website and they do vary in price. We have had short fill E-Liquids available for as low as £4.99 but the usual price would be between £12.99 and £14.99 for a 50ml bottle.

How do I add nicotine to a Short Fill e-liquid?

Short Fill e-liquids do not include any nicotine content, for this reason if you need your short fill to have any nicotine strength, you personally need to add nicotine shots in the confection. If you need to do so, please follow carefully the following instructions. For starters, you need to remove the sealing cap and pop open the bottle's nozzle. 

Place the nozzle and cap back in the bottle, and shake thoroughly to get the nicotine uniformly mixed. It is helpful, if possible, to place the freshly mixed bottle into a glass/container filled of lukewarm water for one minute, and only then shake the bottle through. By doing so, you will mix the nicotine with the liquid more evenly and efficiently. After this, we recommend you waiting a few minutes to allow the liquid to rest, and once there are no visible bubbles left, you are finally free to refill your device.

To know how much nicotine you require for a preferred nicotine strength, please see below:

50ml Short Fill with 3 mg content: Add 1 x 18/20mg Nicotine Shot 

50ml Short Fill with 6mg content: Add 2 x 18/20mg Nicotine Shots

100ml Short Fill with 3 mg content: Add 2 x 18/20mg Nicotine Shots

100ml Short Fill with 6mg content: Add 4 x 18/20mg Nicotine Shots