RELX Pod Kits

RELX is a fast-growing and innovative vape manufacturer that has created an incredible pod kit and replacement pods. Their core business covers E-Cigarette research, product design and development. RELX is committed to product quality and reliability and this really shines through via their products.

RELX now makes technological innovation and design accessible to anyone who is looking to make the switch to vaping. Their range of impressive E-Liquid flavour pods are specially designed to work with the RELX Pod Kit and is sure to be one of the front runners in the pod kit category.

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How does the RELX pod work?

The RELX pod uses a closed-loop temperature control algorithm designed to deliver the ideal amount of power to the RELX pod. The e-liquid is brought up to temperature by using an industry-standard wick and nichrome coil system.

What's the best way to use a RELX pod?

RELX pods are built for inhaling under normal drawing pressure. inhaling too hard can force liquid up into the air path. this can be avoided by squeezing the mouthpiece between your teeth or lips - this pressure may also force e-liquid up into the air path and cause leakage. When inserting your RELX pod, put your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece to avoid squeezing the RELX pod as it clicks into place.

What is the nicotine content of a pod?

RELX pods currently come with nicotine contents of 18mg. The exact amount of nicotine consumed per puff varies with individual use.

How do I charge my RELX device?

The RELX Classic uses a micro USB cable, but the RELX Infinity and Essential come with Type C cables. The RELX Infinity also has an additional pogo pin for the wireless charging option compatible with its charging case and charging dock.

RELX devices are charging when the LED light pulsates white. You'll know your device is fully charged as the light stops pulsating and is a constant white. Charging to full battery capacity should take about 45-60 mins.