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Logic Vape

Logic Vapes have a great reputation amongst vapers who want to avoid the use of over-complicated devices. The choice of different devices make it a versatile brand and many people looking for their first vape kit after quitting traditional cigarettes are attracted to the Logic Compact system due to it's convenient design. Magnetic prefilled pods, metallic colors and a good battery size are all within the polished, compact, pocket-sized devices. Flavour, performance, and design come together to create something simple, convenient and easy to use.

Logic Vape is the re-branded and re-energised name for the company formerly known as E-lites. From the companies behind the Logic Compact is the latest addition to JTI’s (Japan Tobacco International) award-winning portfolio of Reduced Risk Products.

Logic Compact Pod Device

The Logic Compact is the newest device to be created by Logic. It is a pocket sized, compact and convenient vape device that uses pre-filled magnetic pods (not included). The Logic Compact has an internal 350mAh battery which fully charges in just 74 minutes via a USB charger. The Logic Compact is available in a selection of sleek and stylish colour options that will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and give you a great mouth to lung (MTL) vaping performance.

Vype ePro Starter Kit
Logic Multi Methol Pod Kit

Logic Multi Menthol Pod Kit

The Logic Compact device is a pocket sized pre-filled pod mod with a 350mAh battery which quickly charges with the included USB cable. Four menthol flavoured e liquid pods are included in this kit, each different in taste to allow you to find your favourite menthol tobacco alternative. The flavours included are Intense Peppermint, Intense Spearmint, Intense Berry Mint and Intense Polar Menthol.

Logic Vape Pods

Logic compact employs magnetic technology in every refill pod, meaning they slot effortlessly into the mod and are held securely while you vape. These pre-filled pods are available in several great flavours for you to try and can be switched out at will. The airflow is spot on with a good restriction, but still allows you to achieve a great amount of vapour, each time you inhale. The airflow sensor adapted for the pods, is also super quick to respond to each puff, with no lag or misfires.