Dinner Lady E-Liquid

Dinner Lady e-liquid is one of the UK's best vape juice brands, and we absolutely love it. Known for their high-quality liquids, creative flavours, and colourful bottles, Dinner Lady vape juice is a staple in anyone's e-liquid collection. Vape Dinner Lady to truly experience a magnificent e-liquid. Here you will find the dinner lady range and don't forget to try dinner lady lemon tart which is one of their classic flavour. Get free UK delivery when you order over £20 of dinner lady eliquid vape liquids. Check out the new dinner lady disposable one of the new disposable pens in our disposable vape kits collection.

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Dinner Lady is an award-winning premium brand that specialises in cutting-edge E-Liquids. They are incredibly popular and have gained a reputation for producing high-quality fantastic tasting vape juices. We stock a wide variety of Dinner Lady E-Liquids in an abundance of delicious flavours.



Dinner Lady 10ml E-Liquid usually come in 50:50 VG:PG and are best suited for vape pens and pod kits they come in a range of nicotine strengths depending on your preference and kit.


Dinner Lady have one of the largest selections of nicotine salts in the industry. They have mastered the technique of producing excellent quality salts that still give you a solid nicotine hit. Decadent flavours involve dessert-inspired juices to more fresh icy menthol tastes.


Dinner Lady Shortfills have made an incredible impact on the e-liquid market. Their shortfill flavour range has great taste and are always of the highest quality. Shortfill liquids are favoured by advanced vapers who use sub-ohm devices or just like low nicotine contents.


We are proud to stock one of the largest collections of Dinner Lady E-liquids. We love this brand and are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest and best vape juice flavours they have to offer.

Dinner Lady FAQ

What is the best Dinner Lady E-Liquid?

Dinner Lady creates a huge selection of e-liquids in their different ranges but their stand out flavour, which they are probably most well known for, is Lemon Tart. Lemon Tart is a citrus vape juice blend that has a sweet rich dessert base. There is a zesty lemon curd that has been coupled with a buttery pastry and creamy meringue that makes a complex yet delicious vape. It is so popular that Dinner Lady have now manufactured a disposable pod kit with this flavour in too!

Are Dinner Lady E-Liquids expensive?

Dinner Lady E-Liquid are very reasonably priced, as for example, you can purchase a 50ml Short Fill Bottle of Dinner Lady E-Liquid for only £14.99. There are also other sizes that you can purchase Dinner Lady E-Liquids in such as 3 x 10ml. The Dinner Lady Nicotine Salt range comes in single 10ml bottles for £4.99.

Where are Dinner Lady E-Liquid made?

Dinner Lady vape liquids are manufactured right here in the United Kingdom. They use the highest quality ingredients to ensure only the best product for you to vape. Their flavours are unique and come in a variety of sizes too. If you are looking for a short fill bottle or simply just a 10ml, then Dinner Lady will have you covered.

Is Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady nice?

Dinner Lady E-Liquids are extremely popular due to the quality of the products they manufacture. Their reputation for creating lovely tasting e-liquids is defined by how many customers come back time and time again.

Do Dinner Lady make any vape kits?

Dinner Lady have created a delightful disposable pod kit which is available in 3 gorgeous flavours, filled with some of the best nicotine salts uk has to offer. The pod kits come pre-loaded with either Smooth Tobacco, Blue Menthol or Lemon Tart E-Liquid inside and the E-Liquid has a Salt Nicotine content of 20mg/ml. Their pod kits are ideal for a mouth to lung style of vaping and will provide amazing flavour and a smooth nicotine hit.

Have Dinner Lady been in the media?

In just three years, Vape Dinner Lady has appeared on ‘BBC The One Show’, been featured in ‘The Huffington Post’, won numerous prestigious international awards and has products flying off the shelves in 96 countries.


Dinner Lady Nicotine Salts - An E-Liquid that uses salt based nicotine rather than traditional freebase nicotine.

Dinner Lady Summer Holiday – A range of fruity e-liquids that were release with a summer theme including flavours such as Sun Tan Mango and Strawberry Bikini.

Dinner Lady Pod Kit – Dinner Lady have released a selection of 3 disposable pod kits. The pod kits are designed to be used until the e-liquid inside is depleted and then disposed of.

Dinner Lady Pod Kit – Dinner Lady have released a selection of 3 disposable pod kits. The pod kits are designed to be used until the e-liquid inside is depleted and then disposed of.

Dinner Lady Short Fill E-Liquids – Dinner Lady have created a lot of short fill e-liquids. Short Fill E-Liquids tend to be 60ml bottles containing 50ml of e-liquid. They have 10ml of space for the user to add a nicotine shot if required.