Vape Tanks

We stock a wide variety of Vape Tanks to cater to the needs of every vaper. Whether you’re moving away from smoking or simply prefer a mouth to lung vape, we have got you covered with a wide selection of E-cigarette and MTL vaping tanks to select from. We also supply Sub-Ohm vape tanks for more experienced users. When curating this range, we chose to include some of the best brands of vape mod tanks such as SMOK vape, Aspire, Innokin and Vaporesso.

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Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub-Ohm Tanks were designed for advanced vapers and those that like to use high powered devices. Each are different but many sub-ohm vape tanks are interchangeable with a number of mods

  • More intense flavour
  • Direct lung inhale
  • Similar to smoking shisha
  • Requires more power
  • Uses more eliquid
Starter Tanks

Starter Tanks

These are the best tank for beginners. Starter tanks are designed for mouth to lung (MTL) vapers and beginners that like to use MTL coils, get discreet vapour and also a satisfying throat hit. Mouth to lung inhale similar to smoking cigarettes Requires less power Requires less vape liquid Coils need changing less frequently Ideal for higher pg ratio e-liquids or 50/50.

Rebuildable Tanks

Rebuildable Tanks

Rebuildable vape tanks can be the best vape tanks for flavor and vapour production. These are designed for vaping experts that love to have full control over everything that vaping entails and therefore require more manual work to set up and are not ready to use like other tanks.

  • Make your own coils
  • More variation on coils
  • Requires time and knowledge to use correctly
  • Great value for money
  • Build coils to your own taste.