Elf Bar

Elf Bar have been pioneering the disposable vape market since 2018. They offer premium flavours from a disposable device, whilst being one of the easiest vapes to use. With more flavour options than any other disposable, there is something for everyone in the Elf Bar range. As an authorised Elf Bar retailer we stock the whole range of Elf Bar products.

This includes the original Elf Bar 600, the flavourful Elf Bar Lux range, the perfect to hold bottle style disposable, the Elf Bar CR500, the slim and sleek Elf Bar NC600 , the cigarette like Elf Bar T600 and the latest Elf Bar Shisha range. If you are looking ot gove up your nicotine habit for good we now have the Elf Bar - Nicotine Free option.

If you love Elf Bar but are looking for something a little more permanent, then we have the Elf Bar Mate 500 pre-filled pod system with dual coil technology and the new Elf Bar FB1000 Pod kit.