Drip Tips

Drip Tips mouthpiece might seem like an insignificant add on for your vape and can be an aesthetic modification than anything else but drip tips come in all shapes and sizes and can enhance flavour and vapour production.

Here at UK ECIG STORE, we have a large selection drip tips for you to choose from, like anything else they come with a lot of different options including diameter and material, as well as a variety of colours and patterns, not to mentions brands such as SMOK, Vaporesso, Innokin and many more.

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Drip Tips Safety and Maintenance

Look out for short drip tips, that are made of cheap quality material as they tend to not be heat resistant and can burn your lips, especially if you’re using a powerful vaporiser mod for long periods of time. If you feel the heat on your lips, consider getting a longer drip tip and a bottom-mounted coil. If you still feel that your drip tip is getting hot, give your vape a little rest until it comes to room temperature.

Saliva residue from food or even the e-juice itself and skin from your lips can lead to gunk accumulation on the interior of the drip tip. Try not to share your drip tips with others, this can present a possible route for spreading germs or even infections. All you need to do is put the tip under the hot tap water and then use soap to remove the gunk. If you haven’t cleaned your tip in a while, and the gunk is now too stubborn you can use isopropyl alcohol or consider using a purchasing a new drip tip. Alcohol wipes can also be useful for quickly cleaning the tip if you’ve shared your drip tip with someone else.

What is a drip tip?

A drip tip is the part of a vape device that you put in your mouth. Drip tips are also known as mouthpieces and you should ensure that yours is comfortable to use.

What do drip tips do for vapour and flavour production?

Depending on your tank that you use it will depend on whether you have an MTL (tighter draw) or Sub Ohm (Looser draw) styled drip tip. The tighter the drip tip is, the more intense the flavour is and the looser the draw the less flavour you will get. That being said, if the power on the device is high on a sub ohm styled drip tip, due to the amount of vapour being produced you will receive an increase in flavour production.

Do drip tips come with airflow slots?

There are some Drip Tips available on the vaping market which do come with adjustable airflow slots on them. This allows increased airflow from the coils when inhaling through your drip tip

What material are drip tips made from?

Drip Tips can be made out of many materials with the most popular choices being resin, metal, glass or plastic.

What is a Drip Tip?

A drip tip is a little hollow mouthpiece used as an alternative to cartridges and cartomisers. When you use a drip tip, you will have to pour the e-liquid directly into the atomiser so, you don’t need to fill or remove anything. Drip tips are designed to be more than just an affordable accessory they can enhance flavour and vapour production.

How Dripping Works?

Dripping is the process of pouring e-liquid straight into the atomiser through the bore of the drip tip. This allows the vape to work at full capacity and offer a consistently clean vapour, drip tips allow the vape juice flow through it and onto the heating coil.

Finding how much e-liquid you should add, and after how much time, can be difficult at first - add too little or too late, and you’ll get a harsh, burnt taste. However, add too much or too soon, the e-liquid can overflow.

The design of a drip tip plays a role in how it works and what type of experience it will offer. This varies from one drip tip to another, but usually, longer drip tips with small-bore offer a concentrated vapour and rich flavour. Drip tips with larger bore usually need more airflow, thus offer more vapour but, more airflow reduces the intensity of the overall flavour.

What Kinds of Drip Tips Are There?

Drip tips can come in many various designs, shapes and materials ranging from stainless steel to Pyrex glass to ceramic. While each style has its benefits, stainless steel drip tips are the most popular choice among advanced vapers as they are not only long lasting but also offer a cool vapour.