Along with the rest of the European Union, the UK has banned all menthol cigarettes as of 20 May 2020. This applies to all variations of menthol tobacco cigarettes including click & roll and crush ball varieties. This menthol tobacco ban does not apply to heated tobacco products or e-cigarette products.

In recent years, vaping has become more popular as well as being 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes (according to Public Health England). Many smokers have stopped their tobacco use with the help of e-cigarettes and the NHS has spoken about how “using an e-cigarette can help you manage your nicotine cravings.”

UK ECIG STORE is the leading vape website in the UK and has been the go to vape shop for many ex-smokers.

What are the best options?

On this page there are the best options available for menthol smokers who are looking for an alternative now that menthol tobacco cigarettes are banned in the UK. There many different types of products to choose from that have been tried and tested. Millions of smokers are no longer smoking because of vape products.

There are plenty of vape kits and e-liquids to choose from and UK ECIG STORE caters to all smokers that are looking to switch to vaping.

The One Kit

The One Kit was designed back in 2013 as the flagship product for UK ECIG STORE. The aim was to provide a simple, easy to use kit that satisfied the nicotine cravings of smokers. Over the years the kit has been updated to the latest technology and is still the bestselling kit.

With hundreds of customer reviews this is the go-to kit for many smokers that are looking to switch to vaping. The One Kit has also been used in a clinical trial that proved that it is twice as effective as conventional nicotine replacement therapy such as gums and patches.


Pre-Filled Pod Kits

These are simple to use devices that have pre-filled pods that you insert in to the device. They are very convenient to use, once the pod is empty you simply throw away the vape pod and insert a new one in to the device. There is no mess.

Brands such as Juul, Vype and Relx are examples of brands who have this type of device. These are also known as closed systems or closed pod systems which refer to the throwaway nature of the pods.

Vape Pod Systems
Refillable Vape Pods

Refillable Pod Kits

These are also known as open systems and allow users to refill the vape pod with their choice of e-liquid, usually 10ml e-liquids are recommended. With different nicotine strengths available these vape products offer great versatility.

Top vape brands such as Innokin, Smok and Aspire all have these types of Vape Kits available and new versions are released every quarter.

Pen Style Kits

These style of vape kits are very popular and have been popular for the last ten years in the UK. The kit comes in two parts the battery (power unit) and the tank.

Our bestselling One Kit is considered a pen style kit and one of the most reliable products available

Pen Style Vape Kits

Menthol E-Liquids

Menthol E-Liquids offer a cool and refreshing ice sensation and are the perfect choice for menthol cigarette users who are looking to switch to vaping. UK ECIG STORE has a vast collection of menthol flavoured e-liquids and menthol smokers are sure to find a flavour that meets their needs.

Menthol E-Liquids
LDN LIQ Clean Mint E-Liquid

LDN LIQ Menthol

Recommended E-Liquid

LDN LIQ is a premium e-liquid brand and this menthol flavour works well with all types of kits discussed on this page. This e-liquid provides a cooling sensation and the nicotine salt ensures that there is a smooth throat hit.

Methol Sensation

Recommended E-Liquid

This e-liquid offers a pure menthol taste, this will definitely provide a powerful menthol sensation that menthol smokers will enjoy. Available in many nicotine strengths this is often the go to e-liquid for menthol fans.

UK ECIG STORE Menthol Sensation E-Liquid

What is Heat not Burn?

Heat not Burn is a new type of technology pioneered by IQOS who have invested over £3 billion over the last ten years in research and development. It is not a vape or a cigarette.

Heat not burn differs from conventional cigarettes as it does not burn tobacco, instead it is heated. A tobacco taste is provided without any combustion or cigarette smoke, and the smell from tobacco is also reduced.

IQOS Menthol Kit Poster

What else you may like?

Menthol Vape Juice Pack

Menthol Juice Pack

Recommended E-Liquid

The Menthol Juice pack is perfect for those who are looking to switch to sub-ohm vaping. Featuring 5 x 50ml short fill bottles, each of these e-liquids have been handpicked and all come with a nicotine shot.

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Have a look at the Menthol Ban Blog to find out why menthol cigarettes are banned in the UK. Also discussed is the history of menthol cigarettes and why this ban is taking place.

Menthol cigarettes uk available can be replaced by a number of products, we recommend using disposable kits to help you quit smoking for good while still getting the same benefits you're used to.

Learn about the safety of vaping and how it compares to conventional cigarettes. Discover why many UK public health organisations are now becoming advocates of vaping.

If you want alternative to menthol cigarettes uk made e-liquid with a high nicotine content can be a great alternative, giving you the taste that you're used to and the nicotine content you crave. 

Saving money

Switching from cigarettes to vaping can save you money. Smokers who smoke one pack (20 cigarettes) a day can save over £3,000 annually. This is based on an average pack price of £20. 

Learn more about the different aspects of vaping as well as category and product guides. Read through the FAQ section to have the most common questions answered.

Getting an e cigarette uk distributed from a place such as UK ECIG STORE will guarantee you are getting compliant products. We also offer help and support for anyone that wants to know more about vaping, and how to choose your products effectively.