Queen Mary University of London gives green light for E-Cigarettes

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2023
Queen Mary University of London gives green light for E-Cigarettes

Hello everyone, welcome to a huge breakthrough in the world of vaping and e-cigarettes! We have worked with Queen Mary University to help them undergo a clinical trial to compare nicotine replacement therapies with E-Cigarettes and the results make for amazing reading!

The Queen Mary University of London has found that through their own clinical trial using our One Kit, that “E-Cigarettes are almost twice as effective as nicotine replacement treatments such as patches and gums, at helping smokers to quit”.

Their trial involved two main groups of participants, some of which used e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking and another group who used traditional nicotine replacement therapies. The outcome was that those who used e-cigarettes to stop smoking were twice as likely to remain smoke free after a year than those who used the traditional nicotine replacement therapies (patches, gum, nasal spray, etc).

This is amazing news for all of us, at UK ECIG STORE as this means that a product that we have created, The One Kit, has been used in a clinical trial and the results of the trial have come back and show that e-cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking!

This leads us nicely on to the NHS too, as October also sees the NHS in the UK and Northern Ireland promoting Stoptober, which if you are unaware, is the national month for their stop smoking campaign. Smoking is one of the leading contributing factors to Cancer related illnesses within the UK and around the world. 

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If you would like to read more into the Clinical Trial results then you can head over to the Report on the Queen Mary University of London’s website.

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