Best Disposable Vapes 2022

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2023
Best Disposable Vapes 2022

Disposable vape pens have gained immense popularity over the past year. We have seen an abundance of hardware and e-liquid brands create these revolutionary products.

Disposable devices were created for beginners and everything about them screams simplicity. Although each disposable device may differ depending on how many puffs it holds, battery life, e-liquid type and flavour they all have a few features in common.

They are draw-activated, have the perfect mouth to lung inhale, so you won't need to fiddle with adjustable airflow settings or coils. They also come pre-charged and pre-filled meaning they are completely mess-free.

The idea of a disposable vape is to replicate the sensation and simplicity of a traditional cigarette and motivate smokers to quit, they truly are a great option to start your vaping journey.

Over time we have seen some incredible disposable vapes, but here we are giving you the best disposable vape kits in the industry right now!

  • Elf Bar
  • Geek Bar disposable vape
  • Nasty Fix Disposable
  • Vyko Disposable Vape Kits
  • Dinner lady disposable
  • Smok Mbar
  • Hyppe Maxx
  • Vaptio Beco Bar
  • IVG Bar
  • Doozy Nix


Elf Bar 600

The Elf Bar is one of the popular disposable kits out there and is arguably the best disposable vape pen on the market.

The Elf Bar disposable e-cigarette caught everyone's attention with amazing features and great price. This kit had and everything you would want in a disposable vape.

With a choice of 27 different flavours you can nearly have a different flavour every day of the month.

Each kit contains 20mg nicotine salts e-liquid allowing for a smoother inhale, while maintaining the high content that is great for anyone trying to quit smoking, and there are even zero-nicotine options available now.

The large long-lasting battery life allows for 600 puffs per device, enabling you to effortlessly vape all day.

Geek Bar disposable vape

The famous Geek Bar by massive hardware giant GeekVape, is a high-quality disposable kit that has some of the smoothest operations available.

This kit features a 500mAh, giving you 575 puffs per bar, and you can easily detect the battery levels left through the innovated LED light indicator.

Each bar contains 1.8ml of yummy e-liquid that has 18mg of nicotine, making them great for people that are used to high nicotine levels, or are heavy smokers.

With 18 Delicious flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Geekbar has made some advances in recent years with the Geekbar Lite, this device is 30% lighter than the original, due to its small 380mAh battery size. It allows for around 350 puffs per bar. Choose from 10 fruity e-liquid flavours.

Pod Salt Go

The Pod Salt Go disposable vape pen is potentially the most aesthetically attractive disposable on this list. Its sleek matte black finish makes it comfortable in your hands, and prevents fingerprint marks, the subtle pop of colour and design not only looks great, but allows you to distinguish between flavours.

These disposable vapes have a 400mAh battery giving you around 500 puffs per device - similar to a pack of cigarettes.

As you could probably guess from the name this kit uses high quality 20mg nic salts to give you great flavour, and a smooth draw.

This device comes in 10 balanced flavours from a range of flavour families, including fruit, tobacco and menthol.

Nasty Fix Disposable

Nasty Fix is was created by, you guessed it, Nasty Juice, one the greatest e-liquid brands out there. Nasty Juice flavours have gained a reputation for creating innovative and urban flavours that are just as unique in taste as they are in name.

Nasty Fix disposable vapes stay true to their traditional branding, with super unique flavours like Slow Blow, Sicko Blue and Trap Queen that have been fan favourites since their initial release.

With a massive 700mAh battery you can get almost 700 puffs per kit - one of the biggest puff counts out there, allowing for a long lasting experience - perfect for a weekend away!

VYKO Disposable Vape Kits

Although VYKO is a relatively new brand, they have over a decade of industry experience, working closely and personally with customers and vaping enthusiasts.

VYKO disposables were was created by vapers, for vapers and people that want to quit smoking, which makes the VYKO disposable one of the best disposable kits available.

If you want great flavour and great style from your disposable then you can't go wrong with VYKO.

VYKO disposables have one of the highest puff counts available, great battery life and includes top-quality e-liquids.  With each disposable giving you up 600 puffs.

There are 7 mouth watering fruity flavours that will set your taste buds ablaze. 

Dinner Lady Disposable

The Dinner Lady vape pen is incredibly popular due to its appealing external, that is both aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly robust, and of course the flavour. 

Dinner Lady is known for creating delicious and authentic flavour combinations, that always tend to have a hint of nostalgia.

This disposable has a 400mAh battery, and contains 1.5ml of delicious vape juice that has 20mg nic salt strength.

This device is ideal for a night out, slipping easily into your pocket, and offer 400 puffs per kit.

Dinner Lady have released a newer version of this disposable kit since its release, that aren't as impressive aesthetically but has a larger battery and wider selection of flavours.

Smok Novo bar

First they brought you the MBar, then the VVOW, but SMOK have outdone them both with the Novo Bar. The Novo disposable vape pen is by incredibly popular hardware brand Smok, known for creating innovative hardware for vapers of all kinds.

The Smok Novo bar contains 2ml of 20mg e-liquid, and a selection of 15 sweet and fruity inspired flavours.

Each bar offers around 600 puffs per kit from a 600mah battery and seamlessly gives you a satisfying draw activated mouth to lung experience.

Hyppe Maxx

The Hyppe disposable vape kit is a super vibrant device that has a colourful external design and a bold internal creations that maximises flavour.

This Ultra-modern device is available in 5 lovely flavours, that combines popular fruit tastes with a hint of menthol, offering you great flavour with a satisfying taste bud tingling sensation.

The colourful shell houses a large 500mAh battery delivering up to 600 puffs per kit.

You don't have to fiddle with buttons with this kit, it is easy to operate through an inhale activated system, allowing you to activate it with every draw. This device was designed to give you the perfect inhale every time.

Vaptio Beco Bar

The Beco bar was one of the first disposable vapes on the market and won a lot of respect due to its simplicity and great quality.

Beco definitely took the vaping world by storm, with this device, it has a large range of flavours to choose from, that can literally appeal to any vaper.

You have 12 flavours options from simple menthol tobacco, to smoothie inspired strawberry banana, or authentic tasting blueberries and raspberries.

Each kit is modest in size, so if you are a stealth vaper this may be the disposable for you.

IVG Bar disposable vape

IVG is a UK based e-liquid brand, that are known for creating a wide range of premium e-liquids for a range of different vapers. So, when they released the IVG Bar, it gained a lot of attention - for all of the right reasons.

Since IVG is known for their flavours so of course these bars come in 22 mouth-watering options, with some unique flavour combinations like Peach rings, Strawberry Raspberry Pink apple and Mango Lychee.

The IVG Bar uses 2ml of 20mg nicotine salts for a smooth and satisfying experience.

These kits also have some of the largest puff counts giving you 600 puffs per bar, thanks to the long lasting 500mAh battery.

Doozy Nix

Another e-liquid brand takes the industry by storm! Doozy Nix disposables were created by super popular vape juice brand Doozy Vape Co.  so right from the jump, at least one thing is for sure - you are going to get high quality juice, and delicious flavours.

Doozy Nix disposables are bold in colour and great in shape. It gives you a curved and comfortable mouthpiece, and overall a fun aesthetic for those that like to have that wow factor day to day, while still maintaining portability.

Each kit has a powerful 500mAh battery giving you up to 600 puffs per device.

This disposable vape stands out from many others as its designed for everyone looking to quit, social smokers, heavy smokers and people who don't need any nicotine at all. It is available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Disposable e-cigarettes are great for beginners and anyone looking to make the switch from smoking. There are some excellent products on this list, so why not try one of each, and stay stocked up!

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