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A Primate with a sweet tooth; Kanzi has a taste for only the best candy flavours. This fusion of strawberries, watermelon and a hint of kiwi is sure to please the most disconcerting candy connoisseur. Kanzi is a mouthwatering candy concoction that is sure to salivate any palate. Perfect accompaniment to Kanzi while winning a game of Pac-Man. Part of the Monkey Mix Series. Prominent Flavours: Strawberry, Melon, Kiwi

Product Specification

1 x 60ml Bottle Shortfilled with 50ml of Twelve Monkeys Co E-Liquid

60ml Bottle shortfilled with 50ml of E-Liquid
VG / PG : 80 VG / 20 PG
Contains Vegetable Glycerin
Contains Propylene Glycol
Does Not Contain Nicotine
10ml Space for Nicotine Shot

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Another Great juice from Twelve Monkey

I have sampled most of the range. Top quality juice from this company. A great fusion of Strawberry and Kiwi. On for all you like fruity smooth vape juice

Trip down memory lane!

I used to buy this in the Wembley Store when ever I was passing but due to changing jobs and having to move away I never get to go any more. I am pleased to see that Twelve Monkeys now do Kanzi in a 50ml short fill bottle as this used to be my favourite e-liquid. I will be putting in an order for this asap!