E-liquid Juice Packs

Check out our wide range of special and affordable E-liquid Juice Packs for all taste-buds and preferences. Our Vape Juice packs include some of the industry’s leading branded E-Liquids such as Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady and Twelve Monkeys. We also offer different sizes for you to try, from 10ml bottles to 100ml shortfills. Whether you want to further explore your favourite flavour or go for a fun mixture of exciting E-Liquids, we are confident that you will be able to find the best vape juice bundle for you from our selection.

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Juice Packs FAQ

What is a juice pack?

A Juice Pack can be a couple of different things. Some manufacturers, such as Twelve Monkeys and Nasty Juice tend to create 10ml E-Liquids that come in a Juice Pack containing either 3 x 10ml or 5 x 10ml bottles. Juice packs can also be a bundle of different E-Liquids from manufacturers that are really tasty and we as UK ECIG STORE have decided to bundle them together to create a Juice Pack for you to enjoy.

How much do juice packs cost?

The price of a Juice Pack can vary quite a lot, for example, you would be able to get 5 x 10ml bottle of salt nicotine E-Liquid for £20 if you are using a mouth to lung (MTL) vape kit or a Pod System Vape Kit. If you prefer using 50ml Short Fill E-Liquids then we have an incredible 3 for £35 juice pack deal allowing you to treat yourself to three short fills of your choice (within the deal) and save yourself some money at the same time!

Which E-Liquids come in juice packs?

As mentioned above, Nasty Juice and Twelve Monkeys come within a juice pack containing 5 or 3 bottles of E-Liquid respectively. Love a particular flavour range? Perhaps you're a fruity or menthol vaper? We have hand picked some of the best 50ml short fills for you in our 150ml bundles. There are other manufacturers such as Dolce Desserts, Penang that also have created a line of superb fruity and dessert flavours which contains 5 amazing and unique flavours which are available in 50ml short fill bottles.

Do juice packs come in nicotine free?

Yes and No as it depends on the choice of Juice Pack you want to purchase. If the bottles are 10ml in size then the e-liquid inside could be as high as 20mg/ml of nicotine. If you opt for a short fill juice pack then no, the bottles of E-Liquid will contain 0mg/ml (Nicotine Free), but some of our latest juice packs now include FREE nicotine shots!

Which is the best value juice pack?

The Best Juice Pack that we have put together ourselves at UK ECIG STORE would have to be the Flavour feast E-Liquid bundle. This bundle contains 300ml of some of the most loved E-Liquids on the market all bundled up into one fantastic product.

Are e-liquids safe?

When handled correctly and as per manufacturer instructions there is no reason to believe that E Liquids aren't entirely safe. While there are no reports that e-liquids and e-cigarettes are healthier than tobacco smoking because no authorised study has proven this, either way, it is safe to assume that the less tobacco, nicotine and chemicals you are exposed to the better off you are. Seeing as e liquids do not contain or produce carbon monoxide, tar or a number of other chemicals you can see why many prefer them.

How do I choose the right E-Liquid nicotine strength?

Deciding on the right e-liquid nicotine strength type is very much based on what kind of device you use and what your motivation for vaping is.

If you are a heavy smoker (anything above 15 cigarettes a day) while you might think you should head straight for the highest possible strength, it’s not necessarily going to provide you with the most satisfaction. We recommend experimenting with 11mg, 16mg, 18mg and 20mg to see what satisfies your cravings over the course of the first few weeks of vaping.

If you are a light smoker (up to 10 cigarettes a day), although there are definite nicotine cravings to be satisfied, the need for high strengths isn’t as necessary. The lowest strength nicotine is generally 3mg and this is available across all e-liquid types including PG, VG and 50/50. We suggest that you begin a little higher, so a 6mg strength would be a good choice to still give you flexibility over what kind of liquid you use.

If you’re not already a smoker, you do not need nicotine. Therefore, if you are going to vape, always select the 0mg option. These are available across all e-liquid types and also come in short fill bottles (which are all nicotine-free).

How do E-Liquids break down when you vape?

E-liquid is not steam but in fact an aerosol and when used properly it simply breaks down into water (the vapour you exhale) and CO2 (which you breath out anyway as a normal respiratory function). Depending on your vape settings, the vapour may be quite cool or a little warm but it as hot as the smoke from a cigarette feels.

Can my E-Liquid go off?

Once you’ve opened an e-liquid bottle, air can get into it and will start to oxidise it. However, this is a very slow process and unless you’re keeping your juice for a long time it should be fine. You might see a change in the colour darkening slightly and the flavour may become a little bit sweeter but it’s typically the vape juices with a higher nicotine content will degrade faster and lose some of their potency meaning won't be as strong. To keep e-liquids fresh just store it somewhere away from heat and light and you’ll be able to enjoy it for ages. If it’s in your vape and you’ve not used it in a while you may notice a bit of a colour change there too. This will be because the fibres in your coil absorb smaller particles more easily, whereas the darker ones get left behind so your tank may look a little darker over time.