Mesh Coils

Mesh coils vape tanks are a specific time of coil that uses a mesh texture in order to heat your vape. Mesh coils are the best option if you are a Sub Ohm vaper, as mesh coils have the ability to withstand much higher wattages and therefore high power. Mesh coils vapes are perfect for flavour and cloud chasers. Explore our collection of mesh coils and replacement coils below.

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What is a mesh tank?

Mesh tanks are vaping coils which incorporate using mesh as the heating element within the replacement coils. Mesh coils heat up more evenly and avoid producing hot spots. When you use a mesh tank, you will find that you get more flavour production and cloud production.

What is the difference between mesh and wired coils?

The mesh coil has a metal "mesh" that surrounds the cotton while the regular coil has a "wire" wrapping the cotton. As a result, the mesh coil has more metal surface in contact around the cotton and produces a more even heat along the cotton. This means that the mesh coil produces more flavour and cloud production as the regular coils.

Which coil is best for cloud chasing?

Dual coils increase the coil surface area, vaporizing more e-liquid at a time. However, you'll achieve bigger clouds with dual coils, it makes a big difference. The low resistance coils: Low resistance coils heat up faster, which means the clouds are bigger.

Witch coil is the best more flavour?

Recently, the mesh has become the new standard for flavour chasing. Mesh coils provide more surface area than standard coils, which produces pure and clean tasting vapour. They also tend to have longer longevity than coils made from standard wire types.