Best Nicotine Salt E-liquids 2022

Last Updated: Apr 4, 2022
Best Nicotine Salts Roundup

Nicotine salt e-liquid is super popular among smokers looking to make the switch to vaping, and beginners that are used to regular high nicotine content.

Nicotine salts are exactly that, they are a salt that is naturally occurring and found in the tobacco leaf, they contain benzoic acid. Nicotine salts deliver a high nicotine concentration while giving you a satisfying throat hit.

Nic salt usually has 50/50 PG/VG, this gives you a thinner consistency and allows for smaller coils to turn the liquid into vapour, making them great for use in pod kits.

The long and short of it is nicotine salt e-liquid allows for more nicotine than traditional freebase nicotine juice without a harsh inhale.

The key difference between regular e-liquid (freebase nicotine) and salt nicotine is the throat hit and nicotine level, giving you a super smooth inhale while offering high mg nicotine.

If you are trying to make that switch to vaping, but aren't quite sure what flavours are worth the purchase, we have handpicked 10 of the best nic salts on the market right now, including a variety of flavours, giving you options for every type of day:

Nasty Salts Wicked Haze

Dolce Desserts Lemon cake

LDN LIQ Nic Salts Menthol

UK ECIG Store Salt Nicotine Tobacco Royal 

Pod Salts Blue Raspberry

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

Pachamama salts Fuji

Nasty salt bad blood

Vampire Vape Heisenberg

Riot Salt Cherry Fizzle



Nasty Salt Wicked Haze nic salt

Nasty Juice is one of the biggest names in the e-liquid industry. They have a range of high-quality juices for all types of vapers. They have a number of flavours ranging from classic tobacco tastes to sweet and fruity flavours.

Wicked Haze is great for people that love fruity flavours it's a mouth-watering combination of blackcurrant and lemonade creating a refreshing taste, it is available in 20mg, so ideal for people that require high nicotine levels.

Their vast nic salt range was designed for beginners and have powerful e-liquid flavours that appeal to all taste buds.


Dolce Salt - Lemon Cake Nicotine salt juice

Dolce Desserts is a high-quality unique brand that specialises in - you guessed it.. dessert flavoured e-juices. they have a range of e-liquids in similar flavours for both shortfill and nicotine salts for beginners and advanced vapers.

Their collection consists of cake, pudding, cream and candy-inspired flavours that give you awesome taste without the calories, but Lemon Cake nicotine salt may just be their best flavour available.

Lemon Cake is similar to their classic shortfill e-liquid lemon tart, with a lighter and more cake-like taste. It gives you a delicious sweet dessert taste without an overly sweet taste

LDN LIQ Nic Salt Menthol

LDN LIQ is low in price but high in quality e-liquid brand. They are known for providing an immense range of e-liquid flavours and types and perfecting the classics.

LDN LIQ Menthol Nic salt e-liquid is the best juice for people that are used to traditional menthol cigarettes, it gives you a similar refreshing menthol flavour, a cooling sensation, a satisfying throat hit and the nicotine content you crave, available at a steal of a price in 20mg.

Menthol Salt is an icy menthol flavour giving you a pure menthol flavour with no added extras.

UK ECIG STORE Salt nicotine Tobacco Royale

UK ECIG STORE is a UK e-liquid brand created by vapers or vapers. We have a wide range of e-liquid types and flavours at amazing prices, but of superior quality.

We're not being biased here, Tobacco Royal nic salt by UK ECIG STORE, has been proven to be one of the best salt nicotine out there, people love it, it is one of the most popular liquids on our site and has offered a range of people real results.

This flavour offers bold tobacco tastes perfect for people that are used to or crave the real deal.

Tobacco has always been, and will always be one of the most popular flavours as there are so many tobacco lovers out there, and the salt nic version is the best nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation.

Pod Salts blue raspberry Nicotine Salts

Pod Salts is an e-juice brand that specialises in nic salt e-liquids, they have a range of amazing flavour combinations from caramel tobacco tastes to more fruity flavours.

Blue Raspberry by Pod salts is exactly what it says, a deliciously fruity and candy-like mixture that tastes just like your favourite blue sweets.

Blue Raspberry is one of the best nic salt in the UK market for heavy smokers as it is available in a variety of nicotine strengths up to 20mg.

Dinner lady lemon tart

Dinner lady Lemon Tart has dominated the UK vape juice market for a while now, and set the tone for a number of e-liquid brands, introducing dessert-style flavour combinations that actually tastes like their inspiration. Lemon tart is one of the most successful flavours created by Dinner Lady and for good reason.

The slightly citrus flavour is expertly balanced by the buttery undertones and creamy finish.

This juice is great for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth and who wants a rich indulgent taste.

Pachamama salts Fuji

Pachamama is known for creating deliciously exotic fruity blends. But Pachamama isn't like just any other fruit combination, they have gained a reputation for creating unique combinations of authentic flavours, and Fuji is one of the best yet!

This unique flavour combines Apple with strawberry and nectarine, for a zesty flavour humbled by the taste of sweet strawberry and balanced by the slightly sour taste of apple.

Nasty salt bad blood

Bad Blood Nasty Salt by Nasty Juice is an earthy flavour that combines deep blackcurrants with subtle tones of vintage mint. The delicious taste of Koolada combined with blackcurrant gives you a mild yet satisfying flavour, that can be vaped all day long.

The Nasty salts collection contains lots of interesting and classic flavour combinations for people that are in love with nic salt e liquids, so if Bad Blood isn't for you, you're sure to find something in this varied collection.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg

If you know about e-liquids in general or have read any vaping blog about e-liquids, I can guarantee that you have come across Heisenberg by Vampire Vape. Although this flavour comes in many vape juice types, the nic salt version is incredibly popular.

Heisenberg is one of the most unique flavours out there, it combines aniseed and menthol cut with a hint of mixed fruits to offer a more floral and aromatic taste. If you're not into overly sweet flavours this one is for you!

Riot salt cherry fizzle

If you're a lover of sweets and soda you may have noticed that some of the e-liquids placed under this flavour family can be a little bit disappointing, and you may end up with a more flat tasting juice. Fizz is a hard effect to master let alone replicate, but Riot Salt have completely nailed it.

Cherry Fizzle is a candied fruit flavour, with that addition of extra fizz, giving you delicious flavour with depth. The cherry flavour is certainly prominent with every inhale but there is an undertone of yummy fizziness that is present throughout.

Is nicotine salt safe?

Nicotine salts are no more or less safe than other e-liquids. Nic salts give you a substantial dose of nicotine,  but be sure to monitor your nicotine strength as nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Ensure you are not using too much nicotine or this can make you lightheaded.

We have a vast range of nic salts on our site, check out our amazing collection nicotine salt collection!

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