Explore Logic Vapes Menthol Selection

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Explore Logic Vapes Menthol Selection

Logic is here with a fresh new selection of menthol vape pens and flavours. Today we are going to break down the new products and give you a quick review of the new menthol e-liquid flavours here at UK ECIG STORE. Pod kits have taken over the market in the past few years mainly because they are easy to use, but Logic has something even better; pre-filled pods and a simple yet effective device, it's a great option for new vapers and advanced vapers alike!  

Who is Logic?

Logic Vape is the re-branded and re-energised name for the company formerly known as E-lites. From the companies behind the Logic Compact is the latest addition to JTI’s (Japan Tobacco International) award-winning portfolio of Reduced Risk Products.

Why use Logic? 

They incorporate a range of e-cigarette options and ensure quality in all that they produce. The Logic vape range incorporates disposable and rechargeable e-cigs and many more options, making it a versatile brand which is worth considering for all kinds of vapers. Not only that, the company makes all its liquids and hardware right here in the UK.

Since the new menthol ban came into force banning the sale of all menthol cigarettes, capsules, click on, click & roll, crush ball or dual menthol cigarettes in the UK and EU, Logic have turned their focus to helping “menthol smokers” to quit smoking by providing tasty alternatives and simple solutions!  
Logic Compact - Intense Multi Menthol Pod Pack

Are They Simple to Use?

Logic Vapes have a good reputation amongst vapers who want to avoid the use of over-complicated devices. The choice of different devices make it a versatile brand and many people looking for their first vape kit after quitting traditional cigarettes are attracted by the Logic Compact system due to it's convenient design. 

Magnetic pre-filled pods, metallic colors and a good battery size are all within the polished, compact, pocket-sized devices. Flavour, performance, and design come together to create something simple, convenient and easy to use.

Top New Logic Entries 

Logic Compact Intense Multi Menthol Pod Kit

This is the perfect starter kit for new vapers as this kit includes everything you need!

Device, USB charger and 4 different 18mg Nicotine Salt Intense Menthol flavoured pods included

The latest device created by Logic it is a pocket sized, compact and convenient vape device that uses pre-filled magnetic pods. The Logic Compact has an internal 350 mAh battery which fully charges in just 74 minutes via a USB charger. 

The new vape Starter Pack pack contains all the flavours recently released by Logic, including the blend of berries and menthol Berry Mint, Polar Menthol along with the others. Definitely a respectable starter pack, which can get you started at a genuine and reasonable price!
Logic Compact Intense Multi Menthol Pod Kit

Logic Compact - Menthol Multi Vape Pod Pack

Perhaps you already have a Logic Compact but are ready for a new flavour. If unsure about which new pod to try, why not try 3 different Menthol flavours in one go? You have an option between Peppermint, Spearmint and Polar Menthol. If you are a Menthol enthusiast, you will definitely find your go to flavour amongst these three great options!
Logic Compact - Menthol Multi Vape Pod Pack

Logic Spearmint - Compact Vape Pods

Logic Spearmint Vape Pods are available in a pack of 2 and come with a nicotine content of 6mg or 12mg. If you are a fan of menthol then these pods will tick all the boxes. Spearmint is a mint based flavour Pod that will fantalise your sense with a perfect mint and cooling passion. 
Logic Spearmint - Compact Vape Pods

Logic Polar Menthol - Compact Vape Pods

Logic Polar Menthol Vape Pods are also attainable in a pack of 2 and come with a nicotine level of 6mg or 12mg. This particular Menthol flavour is the iciest flavour available in the collection, as a frosty chill that will please the most demanding flavour lovers.
Logic Polar Menthol - Compact Vape Pods

Now you have an idea of what Logic has to offer, why not head over and check out the full selection, you may just find your perfect vape! 

If you need any further information regarding any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us today and we'll guide you through the best vape kits and tanks to help you choose your first e-cigarette! Don't forget to check out our vape e-liquids to choose the best tasting vape juices to go with your vape kits!

Thanks for reading and as always, stay safe, stay vaping!  

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