Brands On Fire: Supergood.

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Brands On Fire: Supergood.

Welcome to Brands On Fire where we ask all the questions you want to know about your favourite vape brands. Today we’re discovering Supergood and getting to know the people behind the products.

At UK ECIG STORE we love to support small UK businesses. Supergood is a truly amazing UK based brand. What we love about this brand is their sheer love and passion for vaping. Supergood has an exquisite range of premium e-liquids that speak to vapers from all walks of life.

They were founded in 2017 and started with the intention to improve lives, and develop products that will be loved by all. Although they are relatively new, with around four years in the game, they have released a number of unique products that are made with care and eloquence.

Within their collection they have a variety of awesome flavours and liquid types. We are proud to stock their unique selection of vape juices, from 50ml Shortfills that are best used with high powered sub-ohm kits, to nicotine salt e-liquids that are great for beginners and are designed for low wattage pod kits.

With their exceeding growth and creative outlook we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!

We catch up with Supergood Director David Gilberts, to get the inside scoop on all things Supergood:

Supergood Origins...

David: Supergood started in 2017. We were just a few friends who saw the benefits of vaping but weren’t happy with the quality of juices on offer. We saw an opportunity, and we took it! For us, there’s no better job than creating exceptional, premium-quality products, perfecting how they are made, and sharing it with people we meet.

Q: What Inspires Supergood?

David: We were passionate about vaping, but even more passionate about making the industry better. We wanted to make it Supergood!

Q: What Makes Supergood Stand out?

David: When you have so many players in a market, it’s almost impossible to be completely different from the next. But we just try to stay true to the three words that helped us start: simple, honest, good – that’s the Supergood way. We just always try to make juices that we’d want to vape – the fact that lots of other people like them too is a bonus.

Q: Quality control is so important in the industry, how do you ensure quality is sustained throughout every batch?

David: Safety should always be the backbone of vaping. It was born out of a need to accelerate smoking cessation. So, for many people, health and wellbeing are the main reasons for vaping. At Supergood, everything we do – from having robust procedures to strict control measures – aims to make vaping 100% safe.

Q: The last year has been terrifying to say the least, for a lot of us, how has the pandemic affected you, what sacrifices have you made?

David: Needless to say, the last 18 months have been awful. But professionally, it’s meant that Supergood has had to evolve quicker than planned. We used to have a B&M store in Poynton, Manchester. Because of the pandemic, we’ve transformed it into our Supergood HQ office, instead. We tried to support people as much as we could during Covid – most notably with a £20 free order for our NHS Heroes

Q: With Brexit measures coming into effect last year. How were you affected by this change in economy?


David: Whether you know it or not, Brexit has affected all 6 §businesses in the UK. We prepared as much as we could to stay in control of what we could and make sure as few interruptions impacting negatively on our customers.

Q: What's the future for Supergood? Where do you see your brand in the next 12 months?

David: We’ve got SO MUCH planned for 2022. All we can say for now is what this space!

Q: What advice can you give to new vapers? 

David: If you're considering vaping, then you've already made an amazing decision. We say go with it! The facts don’t lie: vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Plus, you don't get Mimosa flavoured cigarettes do you?!

Q: Spill the beans, what's your favourite product?

David: Do you have a favourite child?

Q: Finally, What’s something you want people to know about Supergood?

David: Only that if anyone ever needs someone to talk to, help with anything (vape related or not) then we are here. We aren't just good...we are Supergood.

There you have it! the inside scoop on an up and coming Brand On Fire Supergood! To find out more about this amazing brand check out our super cool Supergood range, and check out their site

What do you think about this brand? Let us know below!

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