New from Innevape - Flavour Ups and Nic Salts Ranges!

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
New from Innevape - Flavour Ups and Nic Salts Ranges!

Innevape was established in 2012 and is now known around the world thanks to the tremendous success of their flagship flavours The Berg & The Berg Menthol, and Carousel & Carousel Ice.

Innevape creates the best tasting vape juices to come out of the USA and ensures the quality of their products by only using the best available ingredients including Kosher grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Combining these pharmaceutical grade base ingredients with their proprietary steeping process, Innevape provides the smoothest, best tasting, American made e-liquids on the market. All of Innevape’s E-Liquids come in a 70VG/30PG ratio making them ideal for use with all Sub Ohm Tanks and Sub Ohm Vape Kits.

Innevape Nicotine Salts & Flavour Up Box

Innevape has recently released 2 new ranges of E-Liquids, creating new versions of their already worldwide popular flavours. This is actually great news, as Innevape is reaching for a wider range of vapers, who can now enjoy this storied flavours. 

Innevape | Nicotine Salts E-Liquid
One is the Nicotine Salts, so now Innevape E-Liquids can be enjoyed with Starter and Pod Kit devices, which is ideal for those who are more adapted to an MTL vaping style. The flavours included in the Nicotine Salts range range are:

=> Innevape Berg Salts E-Liquid <=
=> Innevape Berg Menthol Salts E-Liquid <=
=> Innevape Carousel Salts E-Liquid <=
=> Innevape Carousel Ice Salts E-Liquid <=

Innevape | Flavour Up E-Liquid Range
The other range released by Innevape is the Innevape Flavour Up range, which basically consists in the Innevape 50ml flavour, bundled with a flavoured 10ml Nicotine Shot. Since mixing unflavoured nicotine shot with 50ml Short-filled E-liquids tends to dilute the original flavours, this range has been created by Innevape to provide vapers with a flavour enhanced version of their favourite flavours. The flavours included in the Flavour Up range are:

Innevape Berg Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Innevape Berg Menthol Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Innevape Carousel Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Innevape Carousel Ice Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Innevape Ace Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Innevape St33p One Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Innevape Hippie Puffs Flavour Up 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Let’s have a little look into some of their flavours below.

Innevape The Berg

Innevape | The Berg E-Liquids
The Berg
has the sweet and delicious taste of the original blue slushie but in an e-liquid! Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy The Berg, which is consistently a top selling e-liquid in almost every vape store and it is easy to see why. The flavour is incredible! I could easily use this as an all day vape, and think you will too.

Innevape Ace

Innevape | Ace E-Liquids
by Innevape is one for the dessert E-Liquid lovers out there! Taking the sweetness of a delectable strawberry cheesecake that is finished off with a crunchy golden graham cracker crust. You can taste the different layers in this complex flavour and it really is a treat to vape.

Innevape Carousel

Innevape | Carousel & Carousel Ice E-Liquids
is a mysterious E-Liquid that will be like nothing you have ever vaped before! The sweet taste of cotton candy which is shrouded in mystery will keep you guessing with every puff. If you are feeling intrigued to find out more, then Carousel will deliver on both flavour and dense vapour production.

Innevape St33p One

Innevape | ST33P One E-Liquids
ST33P One
has been created for all vapers that wanted an e-liquid to satisfy their sweet tooth. It combines the delicious flavours of blue raspberry with a rock candy base. The ST33P One will have you enjoying a sweet fruity inhale and leaves your mouth with a sweet candy aftertaste.

If you would like to see all of Innevape’s E-Liquids then you can head over to the Innevape Category page where we showcase their entire range of seven delicious e-liquids. If you need any details on how to add nicotine shots to short fill e-liquids then our handy Nicotine Shots and Nicotine Salt Guide will be perfect for you!

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