NZO Vape - Designed to make you switch!

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
NZO Vape - Designed to make you switch!

Welcome Vapers, new and old! Are you here to find out more about NZO

Well, you are in the right place because we have just launched the vape starter kit that was inspired by luxury and style, epitomised by the Italian car designer Enzo Ferrari and designed to help you make the switch! 

Aiming to create a device that makes people feel comfortable, NZO aims to make the vaping experience enjoyable, simple and easy. This easy to use, draw-activated device is compact and lightweight with a selection of great-tasting pre-filled pod flavours, making it the perfect kit for new vapers or even a secondary device to use on the go. This little pod kit also has an impressive 400mAh battery that is designed to last you all day long and is easily charged using the Magnetic USB Charging Cable. 

This new generation pod system is stylish, compact and very easy to use. No mess, no hassle – just choose your favourite flavour, slot a pod into the NZO device, inhale and simply enjoy the experience.

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NZO Vape Starter Kit

NZO Multi Pack Pods

NZO Flavoured Pods Collection

But what about the flavours? NZO have teamed up with renowned USA e-liquid producers Pacha Mama and Red liquids to offer the finest vaping experience. All pods are a large 1.7ml size to be longer-lasting and better value with 3 in each pack.
NZO - Multi Pack Pods

From Red Liquids, if you have never tried them before a good starting point would be the NZO Multi pack pods. You get 3 different flavours to try in here including, blackcurrant lemonade, menthol and silver tobacco. 

This gives you a great insight into what to expect from the rest of the flavours, as these are the perfect representation of the range. With menthol, fruit and tobacco flavours you are sure to find the perfect pods for you! The blackcurrant stands out, with succulent berries and a slight fruit twist, it’s a flavour that might make itself a regular choice! 

NZO - Strawberry Watermelon Pods

Or how about
Pachamama Strawberry Watermelon?

Imagine sitting on the beach in the middle of summer, juicy tropical watermelon with slices of sweet, fresh strawberries creates a fruity and exotic blend; the perfect, fresh companion to a warm summer. 

NZO - Icy Mango Pods

And finally, we have the Red Liquid Icy Mango! If you love mango flavours or menthol e-liquids, this is the one for you! This is sure to give you an icy kick, but not one that will keep you away for too long! 

There are lots of other tasty flavours available to use with the NZO Vape kit, and UKECIG STORE are sure that these flavours we’ve tested will get your taste buds tingling!

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