Avant Garde Short Fill E-Liquids

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Avant Garde Short Fill E-Liquids

Avant garde e-liquids are a bespoke e-liquid manufacturer from the city of London, UK. All of the liquids that they produce are made in the UK and come with a 100% VG base. These e-liquids are made with the purest and highest quality ingredients possible to ensure that each bottle is perfect each and every time you buy.

Their ethos is simple, Avante Garde seek to provide the vaping community with the highest quality vape liquids possible. They might just have got there! They pride themselves on using UK ingredients as opposed to relying on imports, so they can personally ensure that the contents of each and every bottle are the very best possible for you to enjoy in your electronic cigarette.

UK ECIG STORE stocks two of these splendid Avant Garde ranges, which are amongst the most sought after 100% VG flavours in their range. These come in stylish 100ml glass bottles that are short-filled to 80ml and supplied with two nicotine shots (one 18mg and one 9mg nicotine) to make up a total 3mg nicotine mixture. Their Cloud Chaser range comes in red glass bottles, whilst the Superhero range is packaged in blue glass bottles - don’t worry, they both look great!

Let’s break down the flavours...

Cloud Chaser Range

Avant Garde E-Liquids - Cloud Chaser Range

Heavenly Vanilla Custard - Cool vanilla custard

Red Ice - Strawberry and menthol

Berry Crush - Mixed berries

Succulent Strawberry - Strawberry

Lemon Meringue Pie - Lemon, cake and meringue

Avant Garde Super Hero E-Liquid range

Super Hero Range

Lasso of Truth - Banana, cream and cheesecake

Fortress of Solitude - Raspberry, cream and menthol

Heart of Heaven - An unprecedented amalgamation of 14 prodigious flavours


This is some damn fine e-liquid! As a long term vaper, I like to think that I know a thing or two about flavours and these little bad boys are right up there. The packaging design is very stylish, like an expensive aftershave, but - as with any juice - flavour is king and Avante Garde certainly delivers. These e-liquids are just fantastic, and the ability to instantly make up 100ml at 3mg nicotine of this delicious liquid gives me what could easily become my new all-day-vape. Get stuck in!


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