Yogg Lyfe E-Liquid

Yogg is back and better than ever! The new 50ml short fill e-liquid range contains four brand new vape juices that taste simply amazing. Yogg uses the most organic tasting and highest quality ingredients to create their e-liquids and when you vape them, the quality really shines through! Time to live the #yogglyfe. 

The new range consists of four completely newly designed flavours that are available in a 30PG/70VG ratio making them ideal for sub ohm vaping. So I think it is about time that we have a little look into the flavour that we have been treated to in the new Yogg range. I have all four of the new vape juices in front of me and am going to try them out one by one, so let’s see what we have.

The new flavours are Strawberry Fruits, Mango Vanilla, Banana Custard and Peaches & Cream. I have to say that I was very happy to see that they are all very different from each other and I think they will taste great!

Firstly I had to try the Banana Custard as this used to be one of my go to flavours a couple of years ago and I have a real soft spot for this flavour when done well. I am really excited to try this E-Liquid as just by opening the bottle I can smell how nice the juice inside is and I expect this to be delicious when vaped. I was right! This is an incredible flavour and the two flavours of ripe banana and fresh thick custard have been mixed together expertly. This is up there with the best banana custard vape juices I have had in a long long time.

To follow on from the delight of Banana Custard, I am now going to try the Peaches & Cream. All I can say is wow! Instantly the sweetness of the peaches comes through on the inhale and the exhale brings with it the delicate notes of cream. This is a very refreshing vape and the flavour of the peaches is combined with just the right of cream for my personal taste with neither overpowering the other. Now it is time to get tropical with the exotic Mango Vanilla! There are a lot of good Mango vape juices which have become a favourite for a lot of vapers and I think this will fit into that category perfectly! The exotic notes of ripe fresh mango entwine is perfect harmony with the natural vanilla to create an all-day vape that will be loved by many! I have been unable to put this down so far and wonder if the next e-liquid will tempt me back from this sumptuous exotic paradise I have found myself in!

Last but by no means least we have the Strawberry Fruits, which for me is one of the nicest strawberry flavours I have ever had. I would even go as far as saying, in my opinion, it rivals vape juices like Unicorn Milk from Cuttwood and Mother’s Milk from Suicide Bunny for taste. On the inhale you get an authentic wave of ripe strawberries that will entice your sense and leave a sweet flavour on the tip of your tongue. On the exhale, you will experience light fluffy clouds of fruitiness and the smell cannot be rivalled. I really think Yogg has created a real winner with this vape juice and it is currently in my own personal vape tank and I can’t see anything replacing it any time soon.

All of the new Yogg E-Liquids are available in 50ml short fill bottles which allowed me to add a Nicotine Shot to increase the nicotine to 3mg, which is my preferred nicotine strength to vape in sub ohm tanks. If you would like to find out more about Nicotine Shots then you can head over to our helpful and informative Nicotine shots, Nicotine Salts, Short Fills and E-liquid Quality guide which should clear everything up for you.

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