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Aspire Nautilus Tank System BVC Edition

By Aspire

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The Aspire Nautilus tank system now features the acclaimed BVC Coils, taking this already good e-cigarette tank to the next level. The Nautilus tank is a combination of great technology and sophisticated design.


1 x Nautilus Tank System by Aspire
1 x Additional Aspire Nautilus BVC coil (one already inside the clearomizer, one spare)
1 x eGo cone
1 x User Manual
1 x Spare Pyrex Glass Replacement Tank

Stainless Steel
Adjustable Airflow Control
Pyrex glass tube
5ml Capacity
BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Technology
Elegant Modem Body Shape

Height of Nautilus Tank System:83.65mm
Max Diameter of Nautilus Tank System: 23.45mm

510 compatible

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Why does the E-Liquid sometimes change colour?

An e-cigarette is a nicotine delivery system which promotes an alternative way to administer nicotine via a battery, liquid container and coil. The battery unit usually has an in-built lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and this powers the device. Entry-level electronic cigarettes have an internal battery but more advanced devices have a removable battery which can be changed once it is no longer holding charge. The liquid holder is usually referred to as a clearomizer or tank and contains a heating element within called an atomizer (coil). This is powered by the battery and heats the E-Liquid which once inhaled produces vapour. For more information regarding each of these components please refer to the specific.

What is the cost?

The costs of electronic cigarettes vary depending on the type. Most beginner kits range from £20-£30, intermediate kits usually cost between £40-£60 and advanced kits costs £60 upwards.

In terms of the maintenance cost, this is relatively low as the only items that need to be purchased in the short-term are atomizer heads (if you have a replaceable clearomizer/tank) and E-Liquid.

Typically, atomizer heads or coils as they are sometimes referred to, last approximately two weeks. This is all dependent on frequency of use and the battery voltage. The higher the voltage the less the lifespan of the atomizer head will be.

What do I need to get started?

We recommend that you purchase one of our kits that come complete with everything you need to get started. In addition, we recommend that you purchase extra eLiquid with your kit to ensure that you have sufficient supplies.

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What is the best starter kit?

For beginners we recommend The One Kit 2016. It is the best beginner kit on the market and is exactly what you need to get vaping.

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What are the ingredients in eLiquids?

  • All E-Liquid consists of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, flavourings, nicotine and in some cases a colouring
  • Some Juices are 100% VG which means they contain no Propylene Glycol.
  • Max VG does not mean there is no Propyene Glycol in the juice

Propylene Glycol (PG):
- Propylene Glycol is high quality pharmaceutical grade, in combination with the nicotine and flavours this gives you more of a throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG):
- Glycerine helps to produce more vapour and holds more flavour. VG is thicker in

Is nicotine harmful?
There is much debate about nicotine, but on it’s own nicotine has never been shown to be harmful. Much of the negativity surrounding nicotine stems from it’s combination with tobacco cigarettes.

Is nicotine harmful?

There is much debate about nicotine, but on it’s own nicotine has never been shown to be harmful. Much of the negativity surrounding nicotine stems from it’s combination with tobacco cigarettes.

What nicotine strength should I choose?

As a beginner vaper, we would recommened 12mg. This isto mimic the harshness of a cigarette and also to provide you with a similar amount of nicotine that you would get from a cigarette.

Are these suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are suitable for vegetarians.

Why does the E-Liquid sometimes change colour?

When some e-liquids are exposed to air and light they sometimes change colour; this is perfectly normal. If the E-Liquid in your tank turns into a dark brown/black colour, you may need to change your tank or replace the atomizer head in the unit (if it is a replaceable clearomizer).

How long does a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid last?

A 10ml bottle should last you approximately 5-7 days, this is for an average user. A standard clearomizer/tank has a 1.6ml capacity and this often lasts a whole day for the average user.

My battery won’t charge?

If your battery is not charging it may be due to a number of different factors. Firstly, ensure that the charger you are using is the correct charger for the battery. We recommend that you only use compatible chargers from our website to ensure that they work correctly and safely. Next, make sure that you are charging the battery the correct way. Some batteries are charged via the top connection (510 charger), others charged from the bottom via a micro USB. Mods that take external batteries require an external charger for the battery cells., although some also have a micro-usb port.

My battery won’t turn on?

Firstly, make sure that your battery is charged significantly before using it. The batteries we send out do have a charge in them but it is possible that a battery can have lost its chaege.

Different devices have different methods to turn the battery on. The most common ways to turn the battery on are as follows:

Click the power button rapidly three times
Click the power button rapidly five times

If none of these methods work please refer to the specific product page on our website or give us a call on 020 3475 4885 or email

Which clearomizers/tanks are compatible with my battery?

Batteries or Mods are either 510 or eGo compatible. On a 510 threaded battery you can only use a ‘510’ clearomizer/tank. An eGo clearomizer can be used but you will need an adapter -

What is a Passthrough battery?

A passthrough battery gives you the option to charge and vape simultaneously. These batteries usually have a charging port at the bottom of the unit.

How long do batteries last?

Below are averages for different size batteries, these approximations refer to continuous use (non-stop vaping).

1000mAh battery: 3-5 hours
1600mAh battery: 5-9 hours

Note:Above approximations are for a fixed voltage of 4volts, turning the voltage higher will give less battery time. Conversely, lowering the voltage will increase battery life.

What is the lifespan of the atomizer and how do I tell it needs replacing?

Atomizer refers to the atomizer head that is in all clearomizers and tanks. The atomizer head refers to the element, which is heated when the battery is activated and this is responsible for producing the vapour.

Typically atomizer heads last for about two weeks, but this is not the case all the time. As they are very fragile they can stop working after a few days if they are used excessively or if the wattage is too high. All atomizers have a Dead on Arrival warranty, this means that as soon as you receive the product you need to test it to see if it works, as soon as it works the warranty period ends. Atomizer heads are referred to as disposable goods and are not meant to last longer than a few weeks.

The majority of clearomziers/tanks we sell are replaceable units; this means that the only part that needs to be changed within the unit is the atomizer head. You can tell if the atomizer head needs to be replaced when there is a significant lack of vapour or if you get a burning almost smoky taste.

My clearomizer/tank is leaking?

This could be for a few reasons. It could be that there is too much juice in the tank, or perhaps the device hasn’t been screwed on properly. Careful inputting of the atomizer head will help.

Why are there different resistances?

Different resistances for different volume and strength of vapour produced. More power means more vapour which should also mean more flavour.

Can I use the same clearomizer/tank with another liquid?

Yes you can, but it is recommended that you clean the clearomizer/tank meticulously to remove the former flavour. After a few vapes, the former flavour should disappear. If it does not, the coil may be compromised.

My clearomizer is not firing/working?

I am not going enough taste/vapour?

This could be because the power setting is too low on your device, it could also be that the device you’re using it not set-up correctly for great flavour and vapour.

What are rebuildable atomizers?

Completely rebuildable atomizers are primarily aimed at advanced users as RDA’s are intricate to use. We would not recommend using these products if you are a beginner vaper as they are for those with a good knowledge of e-cigs only. Essentially, a rebuildable unit has two posts (some have more), one post is positive and the other is negative. In order to get the unit to work a coil needs to be created that goes from the positive post to the negative one. Within this coil there needs to be material that can absorb E-Liquid: Cotton. Both the cotton and the wire that is used to make the coils are available in varying grades of thickness.

Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Mods

Mechanicals Mods are in essence electronic cigarettes stripped to its ‘barebones’. These mods contain battery cells that when activated via a switch, complete a circuit that fires the atomiser which is attached to the mod. These devices are for advanced users only.

Why should I buy a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mods are very versatile and are great to use with rebuildable atomizers (where you have to build your own coils and wick). You can ger reliable, high amounts of power fed to your chosen RDA to promote flavour and vapour in ways that clearomizers/tanks are unable to. Mechanical mods are not aimed at new users, as they can be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Which battery cells can be used with MODs?

Battery cells are available in 3 sizes, 18350, 18490/18500 and 18650. These are the types of battery, which are used with mods. They can be high-powered and long lasting. They provide external power to your chosen device.

How should I maintain the products?

With all the products we sell, we recommend that you treat them with care. Batteries need to be stored appropriately and safely as they can be dangerous if misused.

For example, battery cells should never be stored in your pocket with other metal objects like coins or keys as this can short out the battery and cause a hazard. Battery cells should be stored in a safe area away from metal objects or in a plastic storage container.

I am not happy with my products, what do I do?

UK ECIG STORE wants you to be satisfied with the products you are purchased as we pride ourselves on our levels of customer service. Please get in touch with our customer services team to discuss what the issues are.

What should I do if I think my product is faulty/not working?

If you think that your products are faulty, the first thing to do is to read through our FAQs as the answer to the most common problems can be found here. In addition, you can have a look through our video guides, which show you how to use our most common products.

Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and give us a call on 020 3475 3885 or email us at


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Customer Reviews

70 review(s) for the Aspire Nautilus Tank System BVC Edition
  • Review by Mel
    - 28/01/2017
    As soon as this arrived (really quickly thanks guys) I filled it with a decent liquid and attached it to my Tesla. Just wow. Now THIS is what it's all about. That flavour that I had been trying to achieve using the sub ohm tank that came with the Tesla (and failing) was just amazing with this tank and both the 1.6 and 1.8 coils.
    Good vape, great taste, really nice looking, quality tank. Will be buying another couple and sticking to these.
  • Review by Ian
    - 31/10/2016
    Excellent... Especially when used with an istick from eleaf or similar apparatus... No leaks.. No fuss.. Just enjoy...
  • Review by Jupiter
    - 21/09/2016
    Been using this tank along with several sub ohm tanks for 3 years and Imo this is one of the best tanks out there.
    Easy to use great flavour every hit.
    Mouth to lung or straight lung just change the airflow.
    This tank does both well.
  • Review by Franko
    - 15/08/2016
    I've tried a number of so called high end tanks, with fancy names and so called fancy features but to be honest the Aspire Nautilus 5ml is a long way ahead of the competition. Great to use, no leaks, coils last well and I had no problems with them. I have six in total and see no reason to buy anything else.
  • Review by Dixie
    - 09/06/2016
    Its been the best and Ive had a lot of different ones that mostly fell to bits!.So hip hip hooray.Worth every penny
  • Review by moze
    - 21/04/2016
    I have found this tank to be the best I have tried as i'm not into cloud chasing but I want to stay off the fags I found it easy to use no leaks and a nice vape allround
  • Review by Pheonix686
    - 18/02/2016
    5ml is absolutely ideal for the amount of liquid I get through daily.
    Decent adjustable airflow
    With the Clapton coil (1.8 Triton mini - it does fit) running at 15/16w is a decent hit without going to subohm

    Metal top gets quite hot with extended use
    Leaking - there seems to be a flaw in that liquid can get through any coil and into the airflow section below. There's an inaccessible well where it sits and the only way to dry it is through the air holes. Takes forever.
    Removing the bottom from the container is difficult if overly tightened. You just spin the airflow adjuster

    Overall it's a lot to pay for an average tank tbh. Will be trying a different one soon.
  • Review by Ollie
    - 12/02/2016
    The fault I seem to see is that there is too much drag, that can be fixed by the rotating air flow! ( mine came on the smallest setting and I agree was very hard to use) once changed it is brilliant! However with my aspire ccvv 1600 battery it is rather large!
  • Review by yozza
    - 03/12/2015
    Bought this tank as a back up for my kayfun rbas. Go fishing a great lot and sometimes my rba will give up the ghost usually not long after I get there which I think they call sods law. Won't have to worry now just wip my aspire on and vape away.very good quality well made Atty.very pleased with it for a little carto .and the service from UK e cigs is outstanding very highly recommend this site.
  • Review by Ross
    - 29/11/2015
    The nautilus has become by far my longest commonly used tank and outside the sub-ohm category nothing else compares. Prolonged use has not diminished its capabilities and has given me time to be able to state that no issues present themselves with this tank. Ample clouds for a non sub-ohm contender too.
  • Review by Waqy
    - 20/10/2015
    Excellent site best tank around wanted to come of cigs and tried ego pens (kangertech) put me off vaping i ordered this tank and a mvp20w battery oh boy what a total difference when u take a drag on this tank its similar to a cigarette which i wanted. Overall i highly recommend!!!
  • Review by Jacquelyn
    - 09/10/2015
    Very pleased with this tank, holds loads of liquid, produces plenty of vapour and no leaks. This was the best price I could find for this online - some sites were charging more for the version without the extra pyrex tank. Happy to say it's 100% authentic (I always check the code on Aspire's site as I've been sold knock-offs from other places before). Good service from ukecigstore, would recommend them and the Nautilus tank.
  • Review by choice
    - 14/08/2015
    this tank gets great reviews,but for me I found it hard to get a decent draw out of ,the air holes seemed inadequate,ended up going back to my kanger aero tank 2,but thats just my preference.Otherwise it looked well made & solid item
  • Review by jimmy tom
    - 03/06/2015
    but.. i need more airflow, more power, lower ohm coils, and sorry to say it, but this just wasnt me, but the time i used it and actually found my kind of juice to put it, it worked up to 89% of my expectations!
    (40/60 vg/pg)
  • Review by Ben
    - 29/05/2015
    Good tank this. Holds plenty of liquid and produces good flavour. It doesn't produce as much vapour as the sub ohm tanks, but it makes up for that by being usable with Ego batteries as well as mods. I'd thoroughly recommend this tank.
  • Review by Josh
    - 29/05/2015
    Pro's = good taste, easy set up and has a huge tank capacity which gives you that comfort when going out, knowing that you wont run out of e-juice.

    Con's = This tank constantly leaks for me, after doing some research it seems its a common problem for the nautilus and no matter what i do i cant seem to stop it.

    Overall i gave it 3 stars purely because of the leaking problem, if it wasnt for that it would be the perfect tank.
  • Review by Ben
    - 24/05/2015
    this can be a great tank, but not for me. I like it when you have lots of airflow and this tank has a drag that's too tight for me. The build quality is good altough it tends to leak at the top and the coils are often unscrewed from the base when you open the tank. I stick with my sub-ohm tank rather than with this tank...
  • Review by Jayvape
    - 20/05/2015
    Leaks through air hole, when it doesn't it's great but when it Leaks it makes me want to go back to smoking
  • Review by John
    - 01/05/2015
    The nautilus gives a good hit and is easy to operate for beginners. Sometimes unscrewing it, the coil gets stuck to the top and you have to rescrew it to get it out.
  • Review by keydowg
    - 23/04/2015
    I don't normally make reviews but im bored at collage as we speak.

    the tank is overall very good, great capacity, great taste and good clouds.. would recommend to anybody..

    the downsides iv had with this..

    paranoid about the glass breaking but been running now for around 4 months and its coped so far.. used daily in and out work so its stood the test.. I have had leaking issues but only ever so often, I use the ego adapted thing as a little stand and have it upside down at night which has solved the problem.. juice coming from the airways.

    I do sometime struggle to get the bottom separated to refill.. but problerly my own fault for tightening too much.

    looking forward to putting on my new boxmod next week.. current running on a kangertech ipow 1600mah so its a little top heavy but works well

    overall spot on cant complain.
  • Review by cc
    - 07/04/2015
    I bought the tank recently it started to leak what should i do to avoid the leak the liquid comes out on vaping
    please advice me.
  • Review by kris25
    - 20/03/2015
    Using the nautilus on my mvp3 at 15watts and its vaping perfectly folks, without a doubt one of the best non sub ohm tanks out there, highly recommend purchasing this, you wont be disappointed. Keep off the stinkies!
  • Review by KR33PY
    - 16/03/2015
    I got this tank back in mid January and have been using it everyday since.

    This is a great tank and holds a good amount of juice.

    I personally found through the time I've used it juice staring to leak out of the mechanical ring/air hole selector thing. I thought I may have not screwed the coil on well enough but happened a few times more.

    What I tried was take one of the old rubber rings from a used coil and put it in the chimney where the top of the coil goes when you open it up and you'll see there is space for where the top of the coil threads through. once you attach the new coil it will push the rubber ring down into the space.

    I've not had any leakage or gurgling since!
  • Review by shaune
    - 16/03/2015
    Looks great and produces great vapour, Sadly it constantly floods, If it didn't flood it would be a 5 star product. Very frustrating having to clean it out constantly, I triple checked it was built correctly, Change coils and still the same result, Went back to my kangertech which floods a little but not anywhere as much as this. Overall disappointed.
  • Wow
    Review by Emma
    - 11/03/2015
    Ok I have one of the older versions of this, when this came out I went and bought one straight away. All I can say is what a massive difference the bvc make, the flavour, the tape everything is top notch.
  • Review by Anthony
    - 28/02/2015
    I have 5 Nautilus minis (I like to swap flavours) and I bought this for my all day vape flavour. I'm not disappointed. Exactly the same as the mini, but with a 5ml capacity so no refilling for a long time.

    The design is slightly better than the mini. The grip on the air holes is better, so is the one right at the bottom which makes opening it much easier and also getting it off whatever it's screwed in to.

    The spare glass is a bonus too.
  • Review by DannyWragg
    - 26/02/2015
    Had this tank a few weeks now and its simply amazing!

    Keep experimenting with the airflow still because sometimes i like big clouds and sometimes i like a harder inhale. The flavour I get is insane i vape mr cookie daily and it works great! I have this on an innokin MVP 2.0 and i set it to 8-10 watts.

    I'm looking at getting another nautilus or the nautilus mini soon!
  • Review by Auto400
    - 26/02/2015
    Had tried lots of e-cig pens but never managed the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Then I got the Nautilus and went from 30 cigarettes a day to zero overnight. Reason is down to the fact that the Nautilus gives you a big cloud of 'smoke' every time so as far as I'm concerned I'm smoking just like a cigarette. It produces a cool yet dense smoke. I use Gummy Bear liquid which tastes great. This unit paid for itself within 1 week.Its important to understand the settings for volts/watts to get it to your perfect setting though so its worth getting someone who understands the settings to show you. All in all this saves me over £100 a month in cigarettes, its clean and non-smelly, I can 'smoke' at my desk instead of going outside in the cold and I'm not getting any of the harmful stuff in a cigarette. This is such an amazing thing the government should give them out free and the tobacco industry would be shut down overnight! Go out and get one right now and kick the fags!
  • Review by Emma
    - 24/02/2015
    I'm about to buy my 3rd one of these as I can't get enough. Every juice tastes fantastic in it and the bvc coils just add to its awesomeness.
    I have the mini version too and in all honesty the added capacity of the big one is more than welcome for me.
    Don't even hesitate just buy one, you won't regret it.
  • Review by Jong D
    - 23/02/2015
    Highly recommend this tank! Great flavour, and had it six months with no problems what so ever!
  • Review by Snowy
    - 08/01/2015
    Received my tank today . I am a novice when it comes to vaping and this tank has taken the experience another level
  • Review by tinny
    - 04/01/2015
    was plodding along rather uninspired on pro tanks..which are good but...this was one of those game changing tanks for me. it was like it came with free taste buds! loads of vapour and a handsome heavy quality piece.

    a tankful lasts me for days!
  • Review by Magic Man
    - 03/01/2015
    WOW, this is an amazing tank.

    Not only does this look good but it works perfectly and has become my tank of choice for my daily vaping.

    Adjustable airflow allow you to get the perfect cape and the glass tank means you can put anything into it. It does not leak, bubble or drip and has an impressively large

    After 2 weeks of daily vaping I am still using the original coil with no signs of reduced quality of vapour .

    It really does provide a perfect vape.
  • Review by Bezza
    - 30/12/2014
    I've been vaping on and off since 2008 and tlhave recently got back into it after giving up the analogs once and for all. This tank is simply amazing. The build quality, flavour and vapor levels are fantastic.

    The adjustable airflow gives a really nice throat hit especially on the smallest setting. I currently run this thing on a Vision spinner 2 at 4.3 volts using a fairly thin menthol juice and I find this setup just perfect for my needs. The tank does feel a bit top heavy on my current mod but I can always change this to something more suitable later on.

    Highly recommended.
  • Review by JiggaDaBoom
    - 16/12/2014
    This is without a doubt the best tank i have bought so far, I have tried the Kanger Pro tank 2 and 3 I have also tried the AEROTANK and the Nautilus Mini.

    The 4 Airholes mean you can adjust the draw you get you can have a tight draw for the mouth to lung inhaler or a open draw if you are wanting the lung inhale.

    Next i want to get this on a decent battery but a really great bit of kit if you are not into RDA's

    Highly recommended.
  • Review by Seth
    - 15/12/2014
    After seen my mate had this and had a go his Nautilus, I had no hesitation of getting it and I did got the next day and up until now it gives me complete satisfaction.
  • Review by Andrew
    - 12/12/2014
    I absolutely love the nautilus.

    Huge capacity
    Extremely well made
    Great taste to vapour

    I use VG based juice with no PG (water to thin @ 15%) Absolutely no issues from the Aspire Nautilus with this mix.

    Add to this the superb service from & your onto a real winner
  • Review by Mateusz
    - 12/12/2014
    Simply - the best bottom coil tank that ever existed. I love the capacity - 5 ml. I was sick of refilling 2 ml tanks every day, with this capacity I can refill it every 3-4 days. The amount of vape and the flavour itself is just brilliant.
  • Review by Sunil
    - 11/12/2014
    Same as a few other reviews, tank is great, BVC coils bought separately and the ones that come with the tank in the box are quality. The "Two free coil" in the separate pack are absolutely useless!! So what, they were free
  • Review by James
    - 27/11/2014
    This is a great piece of kit. The flavour is fantastic and the vapour production is fantastic! My only real gripe is that the 2 free BVC coils were both useless and the 1.6 ohm coil failed after about 3 days. Had a couple of leaking issues as it was settling in but it is now pretty good
  • Review by colin
    - 20/11/2014
    had this tank with the bdc coils before got the new bvc coils turned a average tank into a super tank so much so got a second tank can vape at 15watts easily with the 1.8ohm coils with no dry hits even vaped at 17 watts seems to be able to handle it with ease
  • Review by curly
    - 20/11/2014
    Read all the reviews and thought this is what I've been looking for. But no....its not. Poor vapour production compared to vivi nova and others, have to draw for ages. The air flow thing makes no sense just makes a big tank even bigger. Tried it at different wattage and voltage, taken it apart and cleaned it, changed heads, different mods but no difference. It doesn't leak though!
  • Review by Lloyd
    - 14/11/2014
    Been using this for about 3 weeks with no problem.
    I get great taste from my e-liquid and got a few free coils with it which can't be bad.
    Great bit of kit.
  • Review by SGT_Snacks-64
    - 25/10/2014
    Brought this tank a few months ago after the Kangertech products began to lose their quality (and therefore began to leak far too much) after three months with it, this tank has been incredibly reliable. I've had no leaks with this atomiser and the coils actually last two weeks. Vape is very good even at low voltage.

    My previous one took a few knocks and stayed strong too, only after three months did I get my first leak. I decided to just buy another and will continue to do so until I find something better. The size is quite excessive with a provari but it does hold a lot of juice too (a full tank will give me about two days use)

    If you're on the fence, just give it a go!
  • Review by Moki
    - 12/10/2014
    This an excellent tank, looks cool on the provari with the honeycomb tank, variable airflow controls are excellent, build quality is excellent my only gripe is its a little difficult to unscrew the tank for refills it gets well tight other than that a great tank with plenty of vape and flavour.
  • Review by Rokkus
    - 18/09/2014
    I've been using the Nautilus for around a fortnight on my VTR and it has brought a whole new pleasure to my vaping experience.

    The iClear30s that came with the VTR wasn't a bad bit of a kit but IMO the Nautilus blows it out of the water.

    Love the adjustable air flow, very cool because sometimes you do want to change up your toke depending on mood/juice.

    Haven't experience any flooding to date.

    Great flavour - I can taste the various juices I use much more so than the iClear.

    Decent coil life at my preferred wattage (6.5 - 9w depending on the juice). I've only just now replaced the original coil after 2 weeks decent vaping.

    Size - this is a bit of a drawback as I have to use with the extension attachment on my VTR but being able to load up 5ml juice far outweighs the faff. I mostly use the VTR at home as I have some ego-vapes for out and about (I drop and lose things too easily in the real world). Also worth mentioning that the size also makes this a doddle to wash, no problem getting a bit of fluff-free towel to quick dry the tank.

    Great looking - even on the VTR attachment this just looks cool.

    Easy to assemble, fill & on here at a good price. Cheers!
  • Review by mza
    - 17/09/2014
    awful tank. had this and the mini version. the connection between atomizer and tube is terrible, often the atomizer ends up getting stuck in tube rather than unscrewing and staying screwed into base. it often leaks. poorly designed. too expensive. get a kanger, far better quality and design.
  • Review by Ebo
    - 17/09/2014
    Bought mini ages ago decided I loved that so much to get two of these the bvc coils make this device an absolute must IMHO 5ml capacity superb absolute love it great price great service ukecig top notch again
  • Review by Soggs
    - 15/09/2014
    This tank arrived super quick from ordering, it has taken my vaping pleasure to new heights. The quality is astounding, holds tonnes of liquid (5ml) and enhances the vape and taste of anything I've filled it with so far. There seems to be a little 'nack' to filling it though, one in haven't quite mastered, but that isn't going to put me off ordering a few more while I can.
  • Review by RED 5 NICK
    - 08/09/2014
    I cannot fault this tank, vaped on different watts and volts and it simply is a beast of a tank for flavour and vape. No leakage at all.
  • Review by One month vaping
    - 30/08/2014
    Extremely happy with the Nautilus. Looks a bit odd with the glass tank, so I purchased the metal honeycomb replacement and that really makes it look fantastic!
    The controllable airflow option is the real show stopper here though :-)
    5 stars easy!
  • Review by Sorted Geeza
    - 20/08/2014
    Slap a BVC coil used in the Minis as standard paired with a couple of vapebands and you have a perfect & unbeatable tank !
  • Review by Dukester
    - 17/08/2014
    Very happy with this tank. I've struggled with a few other tanks but this one has been reliably good...although it's not perfect.

    The Good:
    - Having used it all day for 3 days, it hasn't leaked once.
    - I dropped it once, from about 2ft onto a hardwood floor. Aside from a very small scratch on the glass, it was undamaged.
    - The adjustable airflow is very easy to use. I've discovered it will sit half-way too, i.e. with half an air hole exposed. This means I've got total control over the draw I get which is just brilliant.
    - I've been vaping about 7ml a day, so having a 5ml tank is very useful for me. Just wish aspire would make a 7ml version of this!

    The Bad:
    - I don't like metal drip tips, so I haven't actually tried the one included, I immediately replaced it with a plastic one, but in my experience metal drip tips tend to get hot and leave my lips numb. So I would have preferred to pay less to get this unit without the drip tip.
    - I actually think my old innokin iclear 30 produced better flavour, but the nautilus definitely produces better vapour.

    The Ugly:
    - Unscrewing the bottom cap to refill the tank can be quite difficult. There just isn't enough of it to really grip onto, and in trying to twist it off, I often end up just spinning the airflow collar around.

    By far the best tank I've used. If aspire could put a chunkier bottom cap on it, or better grips on the cap, that would make it perfect.
  • Review by Spenna
    - 14/08/2014
    By far the best clearomizer I've used massive vapour and loads of flavour production. Using it with BVC coils at 4.2 volts and it works like a dream and for any one who complains about the throat hit that's part of what the air control is for. The warmer the vapour, the bigger the throat hit.
  • Review by Doogy
    - 07/08/2014
    Great system I have the Nuutilus with the stainless steel/glass tank looks stunning and vaps like a dream
    , im constantly changeing jucies and nutilus has a air hole for each one weather its a thick or thin.
    Had no problems with leaking (bottom or other) like some of the other systems iv had.
    as for the vap its second to none (that I've tried) full of flavors and yet to have a dry hit or any burnt tasts.the only slight negative is its a bit top heavy on my ego battery but still vapes like a dream and look amazing with the stainless steels beauty ring small price to pay if you ask me.
    overall an amazing pice of kit and would (and have) recommend to any one well worth the price tag
  • Review by Byronne
    - 05/08/2014
    easy to assemble, easy to refill ( no syringe needed), performance very good.. no boiling sound, im using 100%VG 26mg 1.8ohm atomizer by full open airflow and 8.5W on my mod equals very good vaping, refilling time every 2-2,5 days thanks to 5ml capacity, no leaking from the bottom to my mod... atomizer doesnt have a direct contact w/ the mod. i love this piece and im very happy that i bought it :-)
  • Review by 4iP
    - 04/06/2014
    After reading various reviews about the Nautilous, I decided to get one.

    After unpacking and filling it with juice, I expected to get as much satisfaction out of it, as Aspire got money out of my wallet.

    The draw is very smooth and if that is what your after, then this tank is great for you, but I like hard hits with lots of vapour and was sadly disappointed with the Nautilous. Even with the airflow at its smallest setting, it isn't enough for me.

    My Aspire Vivi Nova BDC, that I got for £5, packs more of a punch for me. I have used a 50/50 ratio mix in it, but have heard thay higher PG liquids work better with this tank. I will be trying that theory in due course.

    With all that said I'm still happy to have it in my vaping arsenal, with its whopping 5ml capacity and with it pairing nice with my mod, it's still a nice piece of kit.

    Maybe I just had too high expectations for it.

    Overall, if you like smooth hits and would benefit from a 5ml capacity, this would be great for you.
  • Review by Richie
    - 20/05/2014
    The price tag of the tank is too much for most but after reading reviews and watching video's I decided to opt for it as my go-to at home tank.

    The tank is very well made but does have a tendency to gargle now and then which means dis-assembly, cleaning and re-assembly. The problem seems to be the variable airflow section which is easily disrupted by any oil.

    Vapour production isn't as high as I would have expected and I generally only use the two middle settings to vape from. The largest hole allows too much air flow for me, and the smallest not enough. This is with 70/30 and 100% VG oil.

    I personally wouldn't buy again.
  • Review by AndyB
    - 11/05/2014
    By far the best tank I've ever used, nothing comes close to the taste and vapour production of this bad boy.
  • Review by Andy89
    - 26/04/2014
    I bought this tank after reading so many different, positive reviews. It's safe to say the nautilus is brilliant. Great vaping tool, great capacity. Can't reconnect this enough!
  • Review by tali
    - 27/03/2014
    Breath of fresh air right from the box
    Complete stainless steel from bottom to tip with a tank fit for king Kong's lung.
    No gurgle or flooding even if its bouncing about in your bag and can handle a full day with 5ml capacity (just choose your vape wisely).
    Stock heads are quite accurate reading 1.6 and 1.8
    Fits snug on my kts mech mod and works like a dream and with adjustable airholes you will find your preference.
    Produces nice amount of clouds and is very easy to maintain.
    Overall very happy with the purchase.
    Would recommend to anyone who has ever had any kanger protank big game changer.
    9/10 only due to over exposed glass but it's Pyrex so it should be ok.
  • Review by mikey
    - 25/03/2014
    After having several tanks of various makes all of which leaked I decided to opt for the Nautilus after reading the reviews, and I have to say that this is the best tank I have to date, no leaks at all and I love the ability to change the airflow a big plus. I would highly recommended this tank. Service and delivery very fast A+ and very happy
  • Review by Crafty Vaper
    - 17/03/2014
    A great buy, and service from ukecigstore was smooth and efficient.
    I would highly recommend this tank, for those who are not inclined to build coils/wicks and generally "fettle".
    I have been vaping for years, and have been using rebuildables for a very long time. I was attracted to this one by it's unique look, and huge capacity! Ideal for busy people who need the convenience the Nautilus offers. After having this for just a few days, my enquiring mind made me look into it a bit closer, and it can easily be rebuilt with a microcoil/cotton setup, and works beautifully.
    Plus points: everything!
    Minus points: err, none!
  • Review by Discounthunter
    - 16/03/2014
    I love the mechanics of this tank but I hate the glass,so easy to smash which I've done and I'm sure others will do,plus we should have a Choice of coils as some of us prefer 1.6 to 1.8
    It matters,still it's great.
  • Review by djfw
    - 12/03/2014
    The head smelt a bit oily out the box so I took the precaution of clening the whole thing in steradent overnight followed by vodka all day. Brilliant vape on my VTR - tastes clearer than any of my other tanks. Airflow control is also a real plus. A1 !!
  • Review by Sooty
    - 07/03/2014
    I feel like these tanks are revolutionary. The air flow control is to tanks what variable voltage/wattage was to batteries. I think that other manufacturers will follow along these lines. They are great on any setting, I personally like the smaller holes but if you like a direct lung hit then use the biggest air hole and you will love it. These produce a lot of vapor but importantly they require very little effort to pull the vapor in. I would say this tank is outstanding and worth the extra money. It is a beast but looks quite classy too, it has a solid build quality which you would expect with all Aspire products
  • Wow
    Review by Black Glasses
    - 04/03/2014
    I went in today to the store and asked a member of staff for the best Tank. I was shown this & I just had to buy it. The hit produces so much vapour and the levels of hit can easily be adjusted by simply turning the middle part to reveal 4 different size air holes. This is the best Tank I own having tried several different types in the past.

    The staff there were very helpful & have loads of flavours to sample. I am not disappointed with this beast of a Tank. I would definitely recommend.
  • Review by Mukz
    - 03/03/2014
  • Review by azuretrail
    - 01/03/2014
    I've struggled for over a year with various top and bottom coil products which all seemed to leak or taste burnt or both. I purchased a mini pro tank 2 but so untrusting had I become that I simultaneously ordered a Nautilus. Thankfully the little pro tank has turned out to be a great product and the ideal size for taking to work. The Nautilus though has been a revelation. It's a bit big for slipping into your pocket so I keep it at home as my evening 'treat'. It produces huge amounts of vapour with plenty of taste and throat hit and the click adjusting flow is ideal for finding the sweet spot for different liquids. After nearly giving it all up I've found two products that have delivered what I'd been looking for. Well done Aspire.
  • Review by fozzee
    - 31/12/2013
    I was a bit skeptical of the high price but got one as I like an airy vape. Wow this tank is worth every penny as it has enabled me to have three levels of air to suit my mood and the flavor levels have shot up. I have gone back to old juices and got so much more taste out of them. Highly recommended tank!
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