How to Steep E-Liquid


If you are an experienced vape user or have spent time around experienced vaper or local vape shops, you may have head about steeping vape juice. If you want to know how to steep e-liquid, then this article is for you. Steeping vape juice or steeping e-liquid is a common term used by vapers. The vape community use this term to describe the process of infusing the ingredients together by letting the eliquid sit for a while and thus enhancing the flavors of e-juice.

It is relatively easily to clean the bottles and reuse them without experiencing residual smells, However certain strong flavours just as menthol or tobacco do leave a residue scent that maybe difficult to get rid of therefore it’s a good idea to use new bottles if you choose to mix two or more flavours together. Steeping e-liquid is a common process that many people practice to improve the flavor of ready to vape e-juice. There are various ways to steep e-liquid, which we will go over.

Here you will learn all about the different techniques of steeping and how long it takes? So, let's start exploring the world of steeping e-liquid and e-cigarette.

What is steeping?

The steeping method of e-liquids means the process of letting the e-juice flavors to infuse. Steeping is a misleading term. The actual term should be infusing because it is infusing a solid in e-juice to soften it. This is especially used to achieve better flavors. The best way to steep an e-juice is to leave it to blend the flavors for a specific time.

There are many ways to steep vape juice, which you will learn in the later sections. The most important thing about this whole process is time. When you wait or let the favours infuse for a longer period, it allows the ingredients used in the e-juice bottles to blend and create a sensation among users. Some juice also contains a trace amount of alcohol, which will evaporate during this process. 

You can think of steeping to be similar to making teas. To make your morning tea, you would dip the tea bag into the water. The longer you dipped, or let the tea infuse the better and stronger it tastes. Similarly, the longer you steep the e-liquid, the stronger the flavor gets. After steeping the e-juice, you can notice the changes. There is a change in its visibility and as well as in the taste. The steeped e-juice looks darker and more flavorful than the ordinary e-juice. Steeping of e-liquid allows the flavors to absorb into the liquid. Before commercial vape liquids are sold into stores they normally would go through the same process of steeping. 

Steep 1

Why steep vape juice?

Nowadays, most people take an interest in steeping vape juice or e-liquids to increase the vaping experience and flavour. Mostly steeping of e-liquid is done to increase the intensity of the flavor. Steeping reduces the feeling of burning in the lungs or throat. It offers more versatility. If you bought an e-liquid bottle and it tastes terrible maybe has a strong perfumy or chemically taste, then its worth trying to steep it as the flavor may change after a week or so.

By steeping, you maybe able to remove some or all the negative effects that can help to neutralize the taste. Some people like to mix flavors before the steeping process. You can also apply this trick to get a surprisingly delicious taste. 

By adding some amount of mixed chocolate and mint flavors for steeping, you can make a combination that will taste far from what you expected. It offers you a unique result. You can also add your favorite combination to create unique flavors as per your preference. Steeping is helpful to bring out the flavors from e-liquid which you are searching for. However, steeping of e-liquid is not compulsory and is also not for everyone.

But the issue is when you start using e-liquids directly from the bottle, then the contents inside the bottle may or may not have neutralised. No matter what kind and what brand of e-liquid you use, steeping produces better results for you. If you are an experienced homemade e-juice maker, then you should steep e-liquids before trying the liquid. Now people are interested in exploring the vape community to be aware of its taste and creativity, and that's why they like to go through steeping.

Should you shake e juice?

To understand what shaking e-juice means, you must understand that a liquid is not sitting still. It is in the container so moving around as the botte moves. The liquid is made up of various ingredients and molecules, including flavors. Each ingredient has a different taste, and it moves around the bottle to infuse into the liquid. A steeped e-liquid contains different amounts of ingredients. Ingredients like nicotine can sink to the bottom of the container or could rise to the top.

To fuse the taste of different ingredients, you should shake the bottle of steeped e juice before vaping it. Some molecules present in the steeped e juice become gaseous and move around the top of the bottle. When you look at the bottle of a steeped e juice, you may notice a few bubbles at the top. So, now the question arises that how can you mix up all the ingredients to infuse the Steeped e juice to get a better taste?

Yes, you guessed it right! By shaking the container a few times before opening it. By shaking, you can mix all the layers of e-liquids. Most people have a habit of leaving the container for a few days without using it regularly. This is the best thing. By doing so, you give enough time to the molecules inside a container to mix well. As mentioned earlier, when you keep the container of your e-liquid for a certain period without opening it, certain components settle down at the bottom.

This plays an important role in the stage of steeping e juice. This will change the taste of your e-liquid. To keep your e-liquid for a longer time, you should keep it away from sunlight, heat, and air. You should also follow the storage instruction as described by the manufacturer. It will be better if you take out your e-liquids container once every few days and shake them well to ensure that all the components are blended well. 

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Do you need to steep e-liquid without nicotine?

Everyone has their taste and steeping methods. There have been no such scientific studies done that say how much amount of changes can be done by steeping an e-liquid, as there are so many variations such as the freshness of the ingredients and the type of ingredients. There is no such information available in the public domain right now. However, not all e-liquids need to steep. You should follow all the recommendations provided by the user guide of the vape juice manufacturer. If you want to steep your product, then you have to find the right steeping time and the methods to gain the best taste.

The steeping process helps to enhance the propylene glycol/VG mixture's flavor so that you can experience a smoother vaping experience. The Steeping methods are usually done for the better taste, no matter  if it contains nicotine or not. If you are a beginner in the vaping industry, then you may feel intimidating while learning the process of steeping. But once you get used to it, then you should be able to enjoy the complete process. By putting in a little effort, you can get a smooth and delicious bottle of e-juice. Place your bottle inside a cupboard or draw and give them a proper shake from time to time to experience delicious results.

However, e-liquid steeping is completely dependent upon your personal choice and as mentioned not all e liquid needs steeping, bear in mind that if you choose to add flavours into your eliquid bottle or add nicotine then it is highly recommended to steep at least a few days or use one of the other steeping methods. The purpose of steeping is to improve and neutralise the taste. But if you already love the taste of your e-juice, then there is no need to steep.

Some ingredients need to steep for longer periods. It is common that the more natural the flavor is the more likely it needs steeping for longer, so, it depends on the flavors inside the bottle, whether it needs steeping or not.

Does steeping e juice make a difference?

Yes! Steeping e-juice always makes a difference in invisibility as well as in the taste. Steeping allows all the mixtures to create different flavors to mix. But make sure that during steeped; you need to give this a proper shake on consecutive days. By steeping e-liquids, you should get to experience a richer and creamier vape. If you have any e-liquid that tastes too strong or too sweet, steeping is a good solution. By stepping an e-liquid, you can decrease the amount of sweetness. It generally mellows down the e-juice flavor and offers you the real flavors of ingredients.

The steeping process allows any alcohol compounds to evaporate out from the solution and as such provides a smoother vaping experience. Many people have questions in their minds about whether it offers any difference or not, but the fact is it does make a conciderble difference if the juice has been recently mixed. Stepping offers you the flavors that you want to enjoy. This is not necessary for everyone. But it's best for those who want to perform continuous experiments regarding the flavors of e-juice.

How long does vape juice need to steep?

The time for steeping depends upon various factors. It relies on the taste of individuals and the flavors included in the juice. If you want to steep an e-liquid with a fruity flavor, you generally the steeping time is less. To get a rich flavor of fruits, the general steeping time is about 24 to 48 hours. But when you have an e-liquid containing tobacco flavor, it will require longer steeping to enhance the flavour. It should be about two weeks and sometimes more to steep properly. But what happens when you steep an e-juice for a longer period? Well, to learn about this, let's move to the next section.

Can I steep my e-liquid for a longer time?

You can but most likely it wont make much difference. When you steep your e-liquid for a longer time, then it doesn’t add anything more to the flavour. So, it is necessary to find the correct steeping time which is dependent upon the ingredients and flavors. Nicotine will oxidize when you keep an e-liquid for a longer time. It may also change the taste and visibility of an e-liquid if not stored properly. It is advised not to overdo the steeping process. Check your e-liquid in between the process of steeping and give this a gentle shake to enjoy a richer flavor!

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What does it mean to steep your vape juice?

When you are an experienced vape user, then steeping may be a simple term for you. But when you are a beginner, then it may not be as simple to understand. In simple terms, steeping means letting the liquid settle for some days in cold & cool dark place. It is similar to the process of soaking. The best example to understand this term is making tea. Water is tasteless, but when you put a tea bag in it for some time, it makes different changes. So, the same thing happens with e-juice.

The main ingredients include in eliquid are  nicotine, glycerine, PG and VG and flavouring. When you leave e liquid for few days in a dark place, it will infuse each ingredient's flavors and mix well with each other. But if you can't wait to take your new flavored e-juice, then what will you do? Well, there are some ways which help you to steep your vape juice quickly. In the below section, you will learn about how to steep vape juice quickly.

Whether you are trying to prepare your e-liquid or buying it from the vape store, e-juice steeping could add the final touch to your e-liquid. It can satisfy your needs and requirements. By doing so, you can keep yourself calm after a long tiring day. It is an art that you should learn if you want to try your own mixing flavours and eliquids together.

How do you steep vape juice quickly?

In most cases, people don't have time for steeping. They can't wait for few days to satisfy their cravings. If you are already happy with the flavor, then there is nothing to do, but if you are not satisfied with this, you need to apply some fast steeping process to make your e-juice flavourful. It is a hot topic among vapers and a subject to debate. So, if you want to experiment with some new approaches, then follow the below-discussed terms.

  • Warm-water bath:

    If you have an ultrasonic cleaner at your home, you can use it to steep your vape juice. To perform this action, you have to fill a container with warm water. It will offer ultrasonic waves through your liquid, which allows the molecules to mix more quickly. 

  • Slow cooker: 

    Slow cooker also provides an effective solution to steep an e-liquid. For performing this step, you have to fill your slow cooker with the hot water and set this at a low temperature. After this, place the bag of your e-liquid inside this and shake the bottle. Leave for a while and then shake and try the liquid.

  • Magnetic stirrer: 

    This is another quick way to steep your e-liquid. For this, you have to transfer your e-liquid into a larger container. Place it in the top of the magnetic stirrer and leave it for a few hours.


Steeping is not for everyone and not necessarily needed for every type of flavor or eliquid. If you buy premixed flavours with a born-on date over 2 weeks old then steeping is not needed. However if you want to mix your own flavor want to add nicotine shots to short fill liquids or combine two e liquid flavours together then its worth allowing the flavours to infuse – so steeping is recommended. You can purchase your favorite e-liquid and keep it in a cool dark closet for a few days to see if this will enhance the taste and maybe you might be surprised but the resulting flavour.