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The One Kit makes the switch from smoking to vaping as smooth as possible, but we know you may still have some questions. So we have put together some simple guides to get you started and support you in your journey. If you still need some advice, or just want a little moral support then you can find contact details below to speak to an advisor.

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How to use your One Kit

One Kit Guide - Step 1

Your starter pack will include a 1000mAh battery, a tank, a coils, a USB charging cable and E-liquid.

One Kit Guide - Step 2

This is your 2ml tank, to start using the device screw the top off to begin filling the tank with E-Liquid.

One Kit Guide - Step 3

Remember this is a top-filling tank, for simplicity and convenience.

One Kit Guide - Step 4

First we need to set up the tank, it is important to understand that firstly we need to “prime” the coils with a few drop of e-liquid.

One Kit Guide - Step 5

Once we prime the coils we can continue filling up the tank with your E-Liquid.

One Kit Guide - Step 6

Screw the top of the tank back on securely, the tank is ready.

One Kit Guide - Step 7

Now screw the tank onto the battery, ensuring that is secure and tight. The device is now ready.

One Kit Guide - Step 8

Your One Kit will be locked for safety reasons. Press the power button five times quickly to unlock the device.

One Kit Guide - Step 9

To start vaping hold the power button, we recommend to hold the button NOT longer than 2 seconds to avoid “dry vapes”.

Getting the most out of your One Kit

Get Most Out of One Kit - 01

Avoid the tank to dry

Ensure the tank is always at least 1/4 full. This helps your coil last longer.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 02

Always switch the device off

Switch the device off (5 clicks) when storing it away. This will avoid it burning out in your pocket/bag.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 03

Prime your coils

This will ensure the coil doesn’t burn and will last longer.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 04

Do not overcharge

As soon as the light stays green, unplug the device. Doing this will allow the battery to last longer.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 05

Only fire when using

Only hold the fire button when you are taking a drag. Doing so will result in a longer coil lifespan.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 06

Avoid mixing liquids

Try avoiding using different flavours with the same coil. This will cause the coil to burn faster.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 07

Do not over-tighten

Do not over-tighten the screw caps to allow for easier filling/changing coil.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 08

Keep the device straight

Always keep the device up-right to reduce the chances of it leaking.

Get Most Out of One Kit - 09

When to change the coil

Change the coil as soon as it tastes burnt to get the most out of your e-liquid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the device leaking?

Have you checked that the device is completely sealed and the coil is in the correct position? Check the tank has been put together correctly and all connections are flat.

Are you by any chance pressing the fire button while you are not vaping it (perhaps leaving it on and putting it in your pocket)? This will cause the vapour to stay inside the centre of the coil, and then condensate, becoming liquid again and leak out of the air vents. Or perhaps the tank has been overfilled and there is liquid in the centre of the coil.

The device spits liquid from the mouthpiece. Why does this happen?

Spiting usually happens when the tank has been overfilled, when the coil has been flooded during the priming process or when the fire button has been held for too long.

To resolve this, take some tissue and place this around the airflow holes on the tank (not tightly, just around the device to catch any liquid), push the fire button and at the same time as pushing the fire button, blow into the vaping device for a few seconds. This will force vapour and any unwanted liquid in the base of the tank out of the airflow and should prevent further spitting and leaking, repeat this a few times if necessary.

The coil tastes burnt after only a day of use. Why did this happen?

There are a few factors that will cause the coil to burn out prematurely. First of all, is vaping the device with a low amount of liquid inside the tank, which will causethe coil to dry out and burn the cotton around it.

The second factor will be chain vaping. If you vape the device strongly and repeatedly, you will not give enough time for the e-liquid to absorb into the cotton within the coil. To prevent this, the device should always be primed and left for several minutes before use.

The device is not firing?

Ensure that your battery is initially charged and turned on before using the device. Occasionally, the coil may not make contact with the power source (the battery). In this case, remove the coil from the device, and make sure to place it in the correct position. You will notice the One Kit parts fit together perfectly and lie flush when fitted together correctly.