Aspire Nautilus Mini Glassomizer SS

by Aspire
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The all-new Nautilus Mini from Aspire. Aspire have taken all the features of one of the best electronic cigarette clearomizers ever, and packed it into this miniature beast. The same great performance and style, only smaller.

Which coils fit the Aspire Nautilus Mini Glassomizer SS?

The coils compatible with the Aspire Nautilus Mini Glassomizer SS are the Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Coils.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Perfect for thinner Juices

Great tank, good capacity of juice, a little on the tall side I initlally tried 50/50 juice but the coil burnt out within 10 minutes. after switching the coil and using ukecig's 70/30 PG/VG juice has been perfect since. doesn't like being used ov...


Fine it's ok

Very good!

I recently bought this as my other tank started to leak and the coil life was only a few days. Since I've has this one, the vaping experience is completely different.Nice amount of cloud, smooth smoking experience and good coil.The one thing t...


Hi guys if you want this tank then go and get it the coils last longer,the flavour is great and the vaper production is good the only flaw is when you fire up the coil its sometimes gurgles but buy the stainless steel tank


Been using for a few weeks now and never leaked, and never had to use anything but fingers to undo the top or bottom. Produces great vapour, and great flavour, in a wide range of watts and juices. Would recommend to anyone who wants a quality tank.


The Aspire Nautilus Mini vape tank is the next generation of vaping tank systems. Made from stainless steel and pyrex glass, the Nautilus Mini uses the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology. This new technology is designed to make the coils last longer and give the user a cleaner and purer taste from the e-liquid. The Nautilus mini includes an adjustable 4 port airflow system which is both user-friendly and reliable. The unique four-port system allows the user to manually adjust the airflow to their vaping preference, by adjusting the draw, heat of the vapour produced and the amount of vapour produced. The Nautilus mini has been designed to make it easy to carry, install and refill.

The Nautilus Mini vape tank by Aspire has an exclusive adjustable airflow ring at the base of the tank which allows the user to easily adjust the airflow intake through the tank when they take a puff. Due to having 4 options of airflow, it allows either a tighter, more restricted draw or a larger airflow hole will allow for larger vapour production from the tank.

Nautilus Coils

  1. Screw the upper section of the tank into the pyrex tank (do not over-tighten)

  2. Screw the BVC atomizer coil into the base of the tank (make sure the coil is tightened in and is hand tightened to avoid damage to base or coil)

  3. Screw the base of the tank into the top section and ensure it is snug but not over-tightened (the atomizer will screw into the air tube shaft in the centre of the tank).

  4. Insert the drip tip into the top of the tank.

  1. 1. Check to make sure the upper stainless steel section of the tank is screwed tightly onto the glass tank.

    2. Screw the bottom hardware off the upper hardware.

    3. When you screw off the bottom hardware, the atomizer should be screwed off the upper section of the tank at the same time, in case the atomizer is still kept on to the air-tube shaft in the centre, please screw the atomizer off and screw back onto the bottom hardware in order to avoid disconnection.

1 x 2ml Nautilus Mini Tank (1.8 ohm BVC atomizer pre-installed)

1 x Replacement BVC atomizer (1.8 ohm)

1 x eGo threaded cone

1 x User Manual

Product Specification

1 x Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) Tank Clearomizer (1.6ohm BVC Coil inside)
1 x Additional Aspire Nautilus BVC coils at 1.8ohm
1 x eGo Adaptor
1 x User Manual

Stainless Steel
2ml Tank capacity
Adjustable Airflow Control
Pyrex glass tube
Bottom Vertical Coil Technology
Fantastic style
Resistance of Aspire BVC:
1.6ohm (3.3v-5.0v)
1.8ohm (3.3v-6.0v)
18mm Diameter
68mm Height

510 compatible. Uses Aspire BVC Coils

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