Kanger T3'D Dual Coil clearomizer

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T3'D Kanger Dual Coil clearomizer. Dual coil, bottom heating and with a removable drip tip. The latest in the ever innovative Kanger range.

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1 x T3'D Kanger dual coil clearomizer

Dual coil
2.2ml Capacity
Removable drip tip so you can add your own
7 different colours
Bottom heating
Good taste, huge vapour, no leaking
smooth airflow
Replaceable coil head
East to clean take apart
Great design quality

Ego compatible

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kanger


12 review(s) for the Kanger T3'D Dual Coil clearomizer
Better than I was expecting. Just awesome.Review by
Overall Rating
When I ordered it, I was expecting something compact and and half decent but when I got it I was blown away.

It bigger then I was expecting but I was more blown away by the build quality, The drip tip is easily removeable and the design is solid.

The flavour from it is also amazing and the best I have tried compared to previous Atomisers/Cartos. The vapour is also thick and pretty dense.

Highly recommend this for someone looking for a no nonsense Atomiser.

(Posted on 05/08/2015)
GoodReview by
Overall Rating
This is quite a good and solid clearomizer that uses the dual coil, economical and good!
(Posted on 21/06/2015)
GreatReview by
Overall Rating
love the colour and produces decent vapor
(Posted on 05/05/2015)
best clearomizer I've ever owned.Review by
Overall Rating
I managed to pick up 4 of these the other day as back up tanks just incase.
Temptation got the better of me and I filled one with some juice to try it, all I can say is WOW for a clearomizer the flavour is amazing, the vape is nice and thick and it even looks good!!
Well done yet again Kanger you have made a fantastic product.

(Posted on 02/04/2015)
excellentReview by
Overall Rating
I have a purple one & my husband has a clear one. We both have been very pleased with them. They are easy to refill, easy to clean and easy to change the coil when needed. They have a nice size drip tip & just look so much nicer than the plastic ones. Overall a very nice atomiser.
(Posted on 12/10/2014)
Fantastic valueReview by
Overall Rating
Great vapour production and flavour. Easily beats other tanks at the same price. Sturdy build, I've dropped mine many times and it never breaks. I've been using mine daily for 4 months now. I find the 1.5ohm coils are excellent around 4.2v on a variable ego battery. The dual coils make a big difference compared to single coil or long wicks. My only gripe is occasional slight leakage onto battery terminal.
(Posted on 23/09/2014)
Good productReview by
Overall Rating
This is my first upgrade from the clearomiser supplied in my kit.
First of all there is so much more vapour, so much more taste. I couldn't believe how much better vaping was with this.
No problem with leaks so far, sits in my pocket nicely, so doesn't get tipped too much.
Only on mishap with unscrewing the wrong part and spilling juice, but that was me not the kit.
All in all a good product and one I would buy again.

(Posted on 21/09/2014)
Beter and better.Review by
Overall Rating
I've been buying the kanger tanks for a little while now. Initially while I like the amount of vapour they produce and the ease of filling the tanks, I didn't like the small slot window of the other models. This one was almost like a wishlist come true. All the features I like, and with a completely clear tank so I don't have to keep trying to figure the level out by wobbling the thing under a light.

These are really great tanks, much better than I expected to be honest. Easy to clean, easy to fill, a good level of fluid contained and a nice solid build.

I have four currently, each with a different flavour so I can answer whatever mood I'm in. I've not had any fluid leak from them, even when standing on my desk filled but not in use. The removable metal tips are easy to pop out and clean when necessary, and fit securely back into the socket with a little pressure. The base unit is wide enough for me to grip and unscrew from the battery without having to worry about the tank itself unscrewing and spilling fluid over me and the battery.

Nice vapour production, clear and easy visual of the fluid level and a nice 2.2ml tank so one can carry on vaping without worrying about a refill while in the middle of a task.

I'm a self confessed fan of Kanger products, but I really do like this tank. Especially when compared to the earlier (similar) models they sold. I might try one of the aero tanks later on, and buy a collar for it, but for the time being I'm very happy with these.

(Posted on 11/09/2014)
Good piece of kitReview by
Overall Rating
This is the Clearomizer of choice in my house. It looks great and it takes ages to burn out the wick (unlike many others I've tired).

Only fault is that if you're planning to take your Vape out and about in a bag or in a way where it doesn't stay upright it will leak onto the battery. It doesn't get e liquid everywhere it just gives the dreaded gurgle. Haven't found one better though so am likely to stick with this nice looking and dependable pice of kit.

(Posted on 23/08/2014)
At least it's cheapReview by
Overall Rating
Tried this clearo for a few days as I wanted a reasonably priced larger tank.

Within one tankful the markings had rubbed off the side, not that it matters much. What mattered more was that more juice ended up in my hands and my pocket than in my lungs thanks to the tank popping apart very easily, and constantly gurgling and flooding and needing clearing out. The metal drip tip is nice, but poorly fitting and wobbly.

All in all it's a good job it's so cheap. But if you want something more dependable that will last more than a few weeks, you should spend a bit more. I have gone back to my trusty EVOD for now.

(Posted on 17/07/2014)
Very goodReview by
Overall Rating
Sturdy, good vapour and flavour too. Very happy with this choice for clearomizer as sometimes it can be a lottery. Top clearo
(Posted on 12/05/2014)
very happy with tge t3'dReview by
Overall Rating
Only had this clearomizer a day and am very new to vaping but couldn't be happier with this product. Iv tried a few different clearomizers and had trouble with flooding\leaking, vapour production, taste and getting a decent throat hit but so far this seems to have ticked all the boxes and solved all of these problems. Will definitely be sticking with the t3'd from now on
(Posted on 18/03/2014)

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