Uwell Crown Tank

By Uwell

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Made up of stainless steel and Quartz glass, and incorporating a determination to strive for both flavour and safety, the Crown vape Tank is highly sought after in the vaping world. Top and bottom filling allows for a high level of convenience to the user and a simplistic and stylish design means that with the Crown, you get the whole package.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to supply this product due to the new TPD regulations.

1 x Uwell Crown Tank
3 x Interchangeable Coils (1 Pre-Installed)
1 x Replacement Glass Tube
1 x Replacement O-Rings
1 x Manual

SUS316 Food-grade stainless steel heating wire
Ni200 wire dual coil for Temp control device
4ml Tank Capacity
100% Japanese organic cotton
Dual coil with huge vapour for wide range of wattage
Top & Bottom filling available
Adjustable airflow
All parts detachable, easy to replace and clean
Size: 24.00mm(D)*74.00mm(L)
Quartz Glass
Stainless Steel Shell

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Why does the E-Liquid sometimes change colour?

An e-cigarette is a nicotine delivery system which promotes an alternative way to administer nicotine via a battery, liquid container and coil. The battery unit usually has an in-built lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and this powers the device. Entry-level electronic cigarettes have an internal battery but more advanced devices have a removable battery which can be changed once it is no longer holding charge. The liquid holder is usually referred to as a clearomizer or tank and contains a heating element within called an atomizer (coil). This is powered by the battery and heats the E-Liquid which once inhaled produces vapour. For more information regarding each of these components please refer to the specific.

What is the cost?

The costs of electronic cigarettes vary depending on the type. Most beginner kits range from £20-£30, intermediate kits usually cost between £40-£60 and advanced kits costs £60 upwards.

In terms of the maintenance cost, this is relatively low as the only items that need to be purchased in the short-term are atomizer heads (if you have a replaceable clearomizer/tank) and E-Liquid.

Typically, atomizer heads or coils as they are sometimes referred to, last approximately two weeks. This is all dependent on frequency of use and the battery voltage. The higher the voltage the less the lifespan of the atomizer head will be.

What do I need to get started?

We recommend that you purchase one of our kits that come complete with everything you need to get started. In addition, we recommend that you purchase extra eLiquid with your kit to ensure that you have sufficient supplies.

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We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £20 (second class delivery). In addition, we have First Class, Next Day and International Signed delivery options available.

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What is the best starter kit?

For beginners we recommend The One Kit 2016. It is the best beginner kit on the market and is exactly what you need to get vaping.

How do I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order please give us a call on 020 3475 4885. Please note: If cancelling your order by email, you must let us know as soon as possible. Please note that if we cannot stop your order from being dispatched as it is already with the courier – you can return the unused goods to us and you will be given a full refund (excluding postage costs).

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What are the ingredients in eLiquids?

  • All E-Liquid consists of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, flavourings, nicotine and in some cases a colouring
  • Some Juices are 100% VG which means they contain no Propylene Glycol.
  • Max VG does not mean there is no Propyene Glycol in the juice

Propylene Glycol (PG):
- Propylene Glycol is high quality pharmaceutical grade, in combination with the nicotine and flavours this gives you more of a throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG):
- Glycerine helps to produce more vapour and holds more flavour. VG is thicker in

Is nicotine harmful?
There is much debate about nicotine, but on it’s own nicotine has never been shown to be harmful. Much of the negativity surrounding nicotine stems from it’s combination with tobacco cigarettes.

Is nicotine harmful?

There is much debate about nicotine, but on it’s own nicotine has never been shown to be harmful. Much of the negativity surrounding nicotine stems from it’s combination with tobacco cigarettes.

What nicotine strength should I choose?

As a beginner vaper, we would recommened 12mg. This isto mimic the harshness of a cigarette and also to provide you with a similar amount of nicotine that you would get from a cigarette.

Are these suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are suitable for vegetarians.

Why does the E-Liquid sometimes change colour?

When some e-liquids are exposed to air and light they sometimes change colour; this is perfectly normal. If the E-Liquid in your tank turns into a dark brown/black colour, you may need to change your tank or replace the atomizer head in the unit (if it is a replaceable clearomizer).

How long does a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid last?

A 10ml bottle should last you approximately 5-7 days, this is for an average user. A standard clearomizer/tank has a 1.6ml capacity and this often lasts a whole day for the average user.

My battery won’t charge?

If your battery is not charging it may be due to a number of different factors. Firstly, ensure that the charger you are using is the correct charger for the battery. We recommend that you only use compatible chargers from our website to ensure that they work correctly and safely. Next, make sure that you are charging the battery the correct way. Some batteries are charged via the top connection (510 charger), others charged from the bottom via a micro USB. Mods that take external batteries require an external charger for the battery cells., although some also have a micro-usb port.

My battery won’t turn on?

Firstly, make sure that your battery is charged significantly before using it. The batteries we send out do have a charge in them but it is possible that a battery can have lost its chaege.

Different devices have different methods to turn the battery on. The most common ways to turn the battery on are as follows:

Click the power button rapidly three times
Click the power button rapidly five times

If none of these methods work please refer to the specific product page on our website or give us a call on 020 3475 4885 or email support@ukecigstore.com

Which clearomizers/tanks are compatible with my battery?

Batteries or Mods are either 510 or eGo compatible. On a 510 threaded battery you can only use a ‘510’ clearomizer/tank. An eGo clearomizer can be used but you will need an adapter - http://www.ukecigstore.com/510-to-ego-adaptor-by-uk-ecig.html

What is a Passthrough battery?

A passthrough battery gives you the option to charge and vape simultaneously. These batteries usually have a charging port at the bottom of the unit.

How long do batteries last?

Below are averages for different size batteries, these approximations refer to continuous use (non-stop vaping).

1000mAh battery: 3-5 hours
1600mAh battery: 5-9 hours

Note:Above approximations are for a fixed voltage of 4volts, turning the voltage higher will give less battery time. Conversely, lowering the voltage will increase battery life.

What is the lifespan of the atomizer and how do I tell it needs replacing?

Atomizer refers to the atomizer head that is in all clearomizers and tanks. The atomizer head refers to the element, which is heated when the battery is activated and this is responsible for producing the vapour.

Typically atomizer heads last for about two weeks, but this is not the case all the time. As they are very fragile they can stop working after a few days if they are used excessively or if the wattage is too high. All atomizers have a Dead on Arrival warranty, this means that as soon as you receive the product you need to test it to see if it works, as soon as it works the warranty period ends. Atomizer heads are referred to as disposable goods and are not meant to last longer than a few weeks.

The majority of clearomziers/tanks we sell are replaceable units; this means that the only part that needs to be changed within the unit is the atomizer head. You can tell if the atomizer head needs to be replaced when there is a significant lack of vapour or if you get a burning almost smoky taste.

My clearomizer/tank is leaking?

This could be for a few reasons. It could be that there is too much juice in the tank, or perhaps the device hasn’t been screwed on properly. Careful inputting of the atomizer head will help.

Why are there different resistances?

Different resistances for different volume and strength of vapour produced. More power means more vapour which should also mean more flavour.

Can I use the same clearomizer/tank with another liquid?

Yes you can, but it is recommended that you clean the clearomizer/tank meticulously to remove the former flavour. After a few vapes, the former flavour should disappear. If it does not, the coil may be compromised.

My clearomizer is not firing/working?

I am not going enough taste/vapour?

This could be because the power setting is too low on your device, it could also be that the device you’re using it not set-up correctly for great flavour and vapour.

What are rebuildable atomizers?

Completely rebuildable atomizers are primarily aimed at advanced users as RDA’s are intricate to use. We would not recommend using these products if you are a beginner vaper as they are for those with a good knowledge of e-cigs only. Essentially, a rebuildable unit has two posts (some have more), one post is positive and the other is negative. In order to get the unit to work a coil needs to be created that goes from the positive post to the negative one. Within this coil there needs to be material that can absorb E-Liquid: Cotton. Both the cotton and the wire that is used to make the coils are available in varying grades of thickness.

Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Mods

Mechanicals Mods are in essence electronic cigarettes stripped to its ‘barebones’. These mods contain battery cells that when activated via a switch, complete a circuit that fires the atomiser which is attached to the mod. These devices are for advanced users only.

Why should I buy a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mods are very versatile and are great to use with rebuildable atomizers (where you have to build your own coils and wick). You can ger reliable, high amounts of power fed to your chosen RDA to promote flavour and vapour in ways that clearomizers/tanks are unable to. Mechanical mods are not aimed at new users, as they can be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Which battery cells can be used with MODs?

Battery cells are available in 3 sizes, 18350, 18490/18500 and 18650. These are the types of battery, which are used with mods. They can be high-powered and long lasting. They provide external power to your chosen device.

How should I maintain the products?

With all the products we sell, we recommend that you treat them with care. Batteries need to be stored appropriately and safely as they can be dangerous if misused.

For example, battery cells should never be stored in your pocket with other metal objects like coins or keys as this can short out the battery and cause a hazard. Battery cells should be stored in a safe area away from metal objects or in a plastic storage container.

I am not happy with my products, what do I do?

UK ECIG STORE wants you to be satisfied with the products you are purchased as we pride ourselves on our levels of customer service. Please get in touch with our customer services team to discuss what the issues are. Support@ukecigstore.com

What should I do if I think my product is faulty/not working?

If you think that your products are faulty, the first thing to do is to read through our FAQs as the answer to the most common problems can be found here. In addition, you can have a look through our video guides, which show you how to use our most common products.

Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and give us a call on 020 3475 3885 or email us at support@ukecigstore.com

Customer Reviews

85 review(s) for the Uwell Crown Tank
  • Review by BJS002
    - 25/04/2017
    I Got one of these a while back now and been using for months and it leaks really bad, I have worked out you have to tip it over on some tissue so get all the leakage out the breather holes and clean up the access, I have to do this every day, and ive changed the seals and coil a number of times,
    Apart from that its really good, its just a shame about the leaks
  • Review by Samuel
    - 13/04/2017
    Having used various other tanks in the past, this one came recommeneded via a friend. It's SO good. Never leaks! Had it for afew months now and it's awesome!
  • Review by distantscouse
    - 10/04/2017
    I have a few of these tanks which I bought over a year ago and have never found anything that works better for taste and enough clouds for me.
    I just hope the spare coils are around for some time to come. Not impressed with the latest fad of 4 to 6 coils trying to match what the crown can do with one a bit like razors with 5 blades that one good one can match.
  • Review by Bittahknight
    - 02/04/2017
    I decided to write this review because i think people should know just how good this tank is. I bought this tank along time ago but broke the glass so i thought i would buy new a new tank. I went through deferent tanks including the unwell crown 2 and the smok baby. The smok baby is a good tank but the coils burn out really fast and the taste is just awful when that happens. The unwell crown 2 looks nice but you have to vape at a high wattage to get a good performance and i had a lot of spit back. So after going through a few tanks i then saw this tank going for such a low price so i decided to buy again. And i wish i never went for anything else because this is just amazing. It comes with 3 coils!!!! And an extra glass tube!! The taste is just amazing and there is no spit back. I use the 0.5 coil on wattage between 50 all the way up to 70, but you can also vape at a lower wattage and restrict the airflow and it still tastes great. I had flavours which i didn't like in other tanks but they just taste great in this one. So i can't recommend it enough. 1 thing I'm not a big fan of is the drip tip, it's just to long for what i like but i just put a smaller one on from another tank. Just make sure you prime the coil correct and you should easily get a month out of a coil. Honestly at this price you can't go wrong. Also uk ecig store was quick delivery. 5 stars all round.
  • Review by Lee
    - 13/03/2017
    On sale currently, £15? couldn't resist.

    Cant say anything bad about this tank, Buy it - for 15 quid? if your still debating you should stop it and just click add to basket. I'd recommend the 0.5 coils! (lasts 3W+ @ 50w)

    Thanks Ecigstore
  • Review by Lordy runcorn
    - 21/02/2017
    I've been using this crown tank now for about 5 or 6 days on my mvp 3.0 pro with the pre installed. 5 coil at around 55.5w to 60w and this thing is incredible for clouds and good clean flavour and the coil is still going like a treat.I've tryed many different tanks and coils over the years and this beats them all without a shadow of a doubt.
    Highly recommend this and at the price it's outstanding in value its a must have for any vapour out there.
    Thankyou so much uk ecigs for quality and service.
  • Review by Kalpesh
    - 07/11/2016
    I've got 4 of these now and so far haven't let me down, 5*
  • Review by Bernie
    - 10/09/2016
    Use this tank with my Coolfire iv + and can't believe the flavour I get and a great amount of vape. Running the pre installed coil at 45 watts with the airflow about 50% open and it is vaping like a boss. Get a good 80/20 juice and the flavour is so intense. I love it.
  • Review by Samuel
    - 18/07/2016
    I've have a range of tanks which I've replaced for what ever reason. That being it leaks, poor taste, weak draw, not big enough, coils aren't easy to find or simply I broke it.

    This tank however, 6 months later has:
    * Never leaked,
    * It always tastes awesome all the way until the coil dies,
    * The coils last forever!
    * Variable airflow allows for both extremes, loads of air or no air at all.
    * Dropped a million times and it's never cracked.
    * Super easy to clean.
    * Easy top fill with plenty of room.

    Honestly, this tank is amazing! I don't think I will ever change. I've recommended these tanks to loads of people, some have bought Uwell Crown 2 and have come back with poor reviews. If you ask me, don't mess with something if it's not broken. This is a gem of a tank, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    *** Just as a side note, I have mine sitting on top of a Reuleaux DNA200 ***
  • Review by Lewis
    - 15/07/2016
    This tank is simply the best. I think it beats RDA / RTA's on flavour all day. I have 5 of these tanks ready for the TPD
  • Review by Sy
    - 28/06/2016
    I'm new to the bigger mods and better tanks and I think this one is a great way to get a big foot in the door, design is good and very tactile in the hand. Filling is easy with no real mess if you are careful and the coils are very reasonable too.
  • Review by Richard
    - 09/06/2016
    Best one yet :)
  • Review by Harvey 1*
    - 01/06/2016
    I am 100% impressed with my new uwell crown tank. I have the Kangertech kbox 200 & my new tank is a dream. The amount of vape smoke I get at only 35w is amazing. I can now taste all the flavours in my juice. This tank is a must for any vaper who likes a good a good amount of smoke without the burning at the back of your throat.
  • Review by JohnM
    - 31/05/2016
    Had this Crown Tank for just over a month & all was good for about two weeks i.e. Easy to fill, great taste & plumes of vapor, the only problem is that after every fill - it leaks ejuice out of the air holes.

    Incidentally, the air holes are always closed before I unscrew the top, but everytime.....it leaks from the air holes when opened after filling.
  • Review by Dave
    - 28/05/2016
    It's super
  • Review by Eric
    - 19/05/2016
    Wow, just wow. This tank is everything you could hope for and more. I've picked up the RBA to go with it and I honestly can't see how you would get a better vape, perhaps I'm wrong but that's how it feels to me.
    Using this on a KBOX 70w mod.
  • Review by Chris
    - 09/05/2016
    I have bought this tank and it's an amazing tank. Good flavour and relay good clouds. The only reason I'm giving it 3* is when it turned up there was a chip in the glass and when I tried to remove it to check as I thought it was a mark the glass just fell apart so I had to use the spare and when I asked ecig store to replace the glass they responded with it's accidental damage and would not help even though it fell into there warranty guide lines Ie I've reported it within 48hrs. And the insured cost is less than I think £46.
  • Review by Dan
    - 09/05/2016
    Got this running on the wismec reuleaux rx200 at 70 watts. Outstanding flavour and clouds. Superb quality and build. Thank you for your great service. Heard so many positives about this tank and it lives up to all the hype.
  • Review by Cameron
    - 05/05/2016
    I absolutely loooooove this tank. Huge clouds, great flavour. Its amazing. Plus it looks pretty darn nice.

    Massive airflow with a nice clicky adjust ring. Awesome

    The ONLY thing I dont like about this is the drip tip. It gets super hot on longer drags and when chain vaping, so if you do get this tank, get a delrin drip tip for it.
    Kinda tricky to find due to the 'recessed' area where the tip slots in

    Other than the drip tip this tank is second to none, great clouds, great flavour, coils are wonderful, great build quality.
    My absolute favourite tank
  • Review by Zabih
    - 02/05/2016
    This tank is perfect for someone who knows how to use it. It is a not for starters. This is my second one that I have bought. The first one lasted me more than six months after some heavy drops. The. 5 coil is great for flavour and vapour.. 25 coil is too much as the amount of cloud is humongous
  • Review by Trinity
    - 27/04/2016
    Pretty good tank..only thing that the flavour is not that good the first time,but it gets better
  • Review by Sue C
    - 26/04/2016
    A few months ago, I bought a Freemax Scylla, a Smok TFV4 and a Uwell Crown.

    The Scylla leaked so much as to be unusable (confirmed by the geek who runs the local vape shop). The Smok was nice until the flaw of having the top depend on one small steel post broke.

    The Crown. Never a leak, easy to fill, fabulous flavour and throat hit. It is going strong several hassle free months later. I came from the Nautilus, which was also hassle free, but the Crown knocks the Nautilus into a cocked hat. Oh yes, and the coils last for ages too. A winner in every way.
  • Review by Adam
    - 25/04/2016
    Great tank, easy to fill. Flavour is absolutely amazing and great clouds. Vaping at 75watts on a 0.5ohm coil and tastes amazing, no dry hits. Would recommend this.
  • Review by Trickymicky
    - 24/04/2016
    Had this tank for a few days now and love it, flavour is awesome. I've got the .5 duel coil in vaping at 65w on my segeili 90w and it's really nice.
  • Review by Bhavesh
    - 21/04/2016
    Absolutely without a doubt the best tank out there!
    Great clouds and flavour
  • Review by john
    - 13/04/2016
    Using smok tfv4 just got crown today very simple to set up and fill overall it looks great fantastic flavour and cloud now my no.1 tank.
  • Review by Bad boy
    - 04/04/2016
    This got to be the best tank I use so far not many can match this bitch specially with the dual 0.25 coil resistance of 0.125 using it on my beloved Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 with VTC4 set at 60w nearest experience to dripping you can get thank Uwell for great design and awesome dual coils WELL DONE..
  • Review by Mark
    - 24/03/2016
    After a lot of reading I decided to go ahead and grab one of these tanks. I am coming from a Aspire Nautilus to the Uwell Crown, and have to say what a difference! Great vapour production and the taste is amazing. Very well built and lots of nice little extras. All I need to do now is get a better MOD as mine is a little underpowered for this puppy :-)
  • Review by Clare Stephanie
    - 22/03/2016
    The Not So Good Bits:
    This is probably going to be the shortest paragraph ever. But since I am here to nit-pick, I’m going to. The drip tip doesn’t have its own airflow holes, if it did it would probably give out even better clouds, but honestly, I really am being precise here. You cannot attach the tank too tightly to the base because if you do…it just WILL NOT undo, and that means you can’t change the coil, believe me, I made that mistake. So you can’t have it as a snug tightness because it will just stick, but you can’t have it loose either because of the obvious…you’ll get leakage. But, they are the ONLY downsides I have found to the tank. .

    My Overall Opinion & Rating:
    I am just completely blown away by this tank! To get such a good looking tank, that can produce epic clouds AND immense flavour is rare, its usually either one or the other, but this baby has it all! And you have your choice of Black or Stainless steel some places even do them in gold and rose gold, any tank will look great on pretty much any mod. The question is; would I buy another if I lost/broke my current one, HELL YES I would, I already have, as said before, I made the mistake of tightening the tank on my black one too tight so I got the stainless steel one too! Without a question of a doubt this is the BEST tank I have used!
    It’s not an expensive tank either! And it doesn’t guzzle quite as much as the TFV4 does. So your liquid will last that little bit longer.
    As an overall rating i’d give it a 9/10!! This is just a must buy tank for ANY vaper!
  • Review by Dankkushsnoker
    - 04/03/2016
    Amazing would smoke this again
  • Review by Jans
    - 03/03/2016
    Both with 0.25 and 0.5 SS coils the're a lot of spit back (juice). Using VTC mini.
  • Review by J_H
    - 02/03/2016
    Flavour and vapour production are great, and it's very easy to fill. The flavour especially shines at high wattages. Really good value for the money.

    Also it looks cool.
  • Review by Boz
    - 25/02/2016
    Great product.
  • Review by Younex
    - 25/02/2016
    Great flavor. Anti leek. The black color looks amazing and works well with my evic vtc mini. Arrived very clean!
  • Review by Jeremy
    - 17/02/2016
    What a great tank this is GREAT FLAVOUR from the stock coils and so well constructed. Thinking of dumping the SMOK TFV4 and getting another one of these. Only downside is having to pay extra for the rta section but a good value tank all the same. Highly recommended.
  • Review by matty
    - 13/02/2016
    the best sub ohm tank there is.many say the smok but it has a cotton taste regardless of what coil you use even when its run in it still has a cotton taste..the crown doesnt
  • Review by MrVape
    - 11/02/2016
    Great piece of kit. Flavour is fantastic. Vape production is immense. Airflow spot on. Used daily and has been for months now. Top fill is incredibly simple.

    Only gripe would be the odd leak, generally on top filling, but no biggie.
  • Review by king
    - 07/02/2016
    Bought the uwell crown and been using 0.25 ohm coils. With these coils because they have a lot of cotton it's important to prime the only from the top until you can see the cotton saturated on the 4 holes. I usually make a few holes with a safety pin in the 4 holes of the coil. As this will allow the coil to wick more better. Then fill the tank and let it sit for a long as possible over night being the best time.

    Start it off on low wattage around 20 watts and small pulls and after a few small pulls I increase the wattage to 30 watts and repeat the process. Until Ive vaped around half the tank like this and then sett the wattage maybe around 30-37 watts. This is so the coils have had time to break into.

    I've never had any problems once I finished and want to switch flavour I clean my tank and purge the coil. By putting it in boiling water for 5 min and then draw all the flavour out and let the coil dry. Then Im ready to vape again.

    By doing this the coils have lasted me around 3-4 weeks sometime's a month depending on how much I vape.

    But by far the best tank on the market even better then vaporesso target.

    Note: element flavours could decrease the coil life as it's very thick e liquid which contain's some sweeteners. As I have experienced this myself but they do produce outstanding e juice.
  • Review by Ry
    - 05/02/2016
    Great tank, great clouds and fantastic flavour i was happy with my isub g till I purchased this tank, only downfalls are the coils dont last too long and mine started leaking bad from the air holes after 2 months of use but at £20 i cant complain, i thought id try something new and purchased the smok tvf4, i now wish if of got anothet uwell as the tvf4 doesn't come close to the uwell
  • Review by Paul
    - 02/02/2016
    For the money this tank is amazing. Big clouds and big flavour!
    I've been using the 0.25 coils and running them between 60 and 80w on a Tesla Nano 100wTC box. So happy that I know own two Uwell Crowns.
  • Review by DANDY
    - 29/01/2016
    I've just received this tank along with an Evict VTC Mini. I've only tried the 0.5 Ohm coil so far, at 40W with Kraken's Crystal Menth, and no lie it gave me brain freeze!
    The Vapour production is huge and the flavour it produces is incredible.
    You get a lot of kit too for the price. I'm certainly not disappointing!
  • Review by Adam
    - 25/01/2016
    Fantastic tank overall.

    Flavour - 95/100
    Clouds - 90/100

    AIRFLOW - 110/100

    Brilliant tank I got mine in SS but I wish I would have gotten a Black version.

    Only issue I've had is the coils burn out really fast.
  • Review by Kamrul
    - 20/01/2016
    I was really looking forward to getting this Crown tank. After receiving it I kept the 0.25 coil in and primed it. At first, the tank was performing superbly. However, after a day I kept getting spit back and I don't understand why. Today my istick tc60w Mini kept saying atomizer short. I thought it's my mod, however I tried my Isub g tank on it and it was perfectly fine. I did some research online and I found that sometimes the stock coils provided can be faulty. So I put the 0.5 coil in today. All I get is spit back. After reading so many good reviews I'm confused as to why this is happening to me.
  • Review by Chris
    - 17/01/2016
    This is an awesome tank for flavour and easy filling, so far I've tried the isub G and isub apex and this blows them both away. It does use alot of juice but that's to be expected with the amount of vapour this thing produces.
    Overall a great tank.
  • Review by Peter
    - 17/01/2016
    This tank is without doubt the best on the market at the moment, I've hand quite a few tanks ranging from kangertech, aspire and smok. The flavour this produces is unreal and it's made me have to go back and try all flavours I've had in the past. The clouds you can produce from this pretty awesome. The only downside to this tank is you tend to go through a fair amount of juice as it's so hard to put it down.
  • Review by Georgia
    - 11/01/2016
    the best & very good price
  • Review by Youssef
    - 09/01/2016
    such a good well made Tank by UWELL CROWN . Capacity , Flavor , design , air flow , different coils 0.5 0.2 .. Unfortunately you have to buy the RBA separately.
    Highly recommended.
  • Review by Kevin
    - 08/01/2016
    This is an absolute beast of a tank, recently bought a Triton and to be honest I wasnt that impressed bad leaking and it was a pretty harsh vape. Last time I enjoyed a good vape was on my Subtank Mini, the Crown tank however is awesome the flavour and clouds from the 0.25 coil are top level! I would definitely recommend this tank to anyone looking for an upgrade or just a new Sub-Ohm tank. For the 3 coils, the quality of the tank and the price this is just a no brainer you have to get it!
  • Review by Alan
    - 08/01/2016
    I have been using a tank from a different maker for a couple of months but thought it was time to upgrade and as all the reviews online praised this tank i thought i would try it.What can i say,the reports were true,what a superb tank,awesome flavour,no leaks and so easy to use.And at a brilliant price on this site.Thank you Uwell & thank you uk ecig store.
  • Review by Marcus
    - 07/01/2016
    Have this tank, which gives great taste and loads of vapor. Top fill is handy as this thing is thirsty.
    Using with a Smok X cube mini
  • Review by Danny
    - 07/01/2016
    Tried multiple tanks over the last few months, Atlantis 2, Herakles Plus and the iSub G but the Crown blows them all out of the water. Flavour and Vapour production are insane, I use the 0.5 coils on an MVP 3 Pro or the Snowwolf Mini between 40-70 Watts and this thing is perfect.
  • Review by Ben
    - 06/01/2016
    I love this tank came today, with my milkman juice , lovely clouds , easy to fill with the top or bottom option, cannot argue with the 4ml tank, using it with my X cube Mini , looks great , delivered on time as well
  • Review by Gareth
    - 31/12/2015
    Second uwell I've order.. this one is for my friend he tried mine and loved it. Possible the best tank going at the minute.
  • Review by Joona
    - 24/12/2015
    Very Nice! Huge clouds and excellent taste. No leaks after 1 weeks usage. I personaly love the top fill. This is my first tank with this feature. Recommend Buying this.
  • Review by Stu
    - 22/12/2015
    After going through a few tanks before I started looking for an upgrade to my Atlantis and Arctic tanks. THIS crown tank comes in at a lower cost and is by far the superior! The tank feels great, looks great, the airflow works spot on, no leaks and the coils are superb for a great taste and vapour production. Really good purchase. Had it just over a month now and it really is a fine tank to use on any device. <3 the crown tank bigup
  • Review by Alexandria
    - 20/12/2015
    Being a fan of RTA tanks rather than a tank with replacement coils I didn't know if I would enjoy this or not. But as soon as I juiced up the 0.25 coil And filled the tank I could tell this meant to change my mind. Its now becoming my main tank for when I'm out and about as it saves me rebuilding and it really does all I could ask without me having to faff
  • Review by Gareth
    - 18/12/2015
    Amazing tank But !! Be sure to give it a real good clean with hot water there was a little amount of machine oil in the tank primed my coil 0.2 and filled the tank up and let it Stand for 10mins and all I got was a horrible metelic taste.

    Washed the whole thing changed to a new 0.2 and BANG FLAVOUR CITY!! And cloud sky's
    Would 100% recommend buy buy buy!!
  • Review by Shrek
    - 18/12/2015
    Far better than the triton 2, kanger mini and the TFV4 mini.

    One thing I will say tho is be careful not to over tighten the top, as I did and upon topping it up the hole of the middle shaft came out filling the middle up.

    But after a few shakes and dry blasts the coil went back to normal.

    Apparently the coils last for a month on these. Which will be far better than the competition, as I find they go downhill after a week
  • Review by Caius
    - 18/12/2015
    One of the best on market.
    Up: no liking, good vapour on 0.5 and 0.25, fill-in top and bottom
    Down: 4 ml is not enough for a subtank, the ni200 tc coils are absolute rubbish, don't try, not working. They burn hit anything I tried.
  • Review by AK
    - 17/12/2015
    So i've heard a lot of hype around this tank and couldn't resist when it was stupid cheap on black friday. Before this i hadn't ventured into the high wattage tanks that are around and stuck with my subtank and RDAs for my high wattage vaping. This could replace my RDAs easily, matches vapour production and flavour insanely well, i've been running it at 80 watts with 70vg without missing a beat. The top fill is also so much more convenient. Plus the fact this comes with 3 coils and a spare glass for this price? Just buy one now, you won't regret it, the only con i can think for this tank is the amount of juice and batteries it plows through, but i'm not complaining!
  • Review by Barnz
    - 13/12/2015
    Firstly I would like to thank uk ecig for there great service and reviews.

    As for the tank, just read all the comments, they are all completely correct.
    One thing I will say is, make sure your using higher wattages! I have mine on an innokin mv3 pro at 60 watts with the 2.5 coil, using keylime pie juice, 80/20 vg/pg, and it's the best flavour combo to date. Awesome tank/ checkout the tobeco subtank too, that's just as good if not better...........
  • Review by Bandar
    - 10/12/2015
    Very cool and beautiful new tank i rely liked.
  • Review by Andrew
    - 09/12/2015
    This is the closest thing to an RDTA or a dripper you'll get in a subtank. Ordered mine the other day and literally got delivered today. I use loads of different tanks and drippers but this is going to be my go to tank, taste and vapour production is second to none, and the video does it justice. At this price you are getting an absolute bargain, one of the cheapest places I've seen it, and all the goodies you get with it, you'll be stupid not to order one.

    Recommend using a decent mod with this 60-100w range ideally to get the full potential from it.
  • Review by Andrew
    - 09/12/2015
    Simple to use, a powerhouse of a tank. Would recommend a higher wattage device to run this tank, I use my 150w sig and sit around 60-80w. Plenty of clouds, plenty of vapour. Probably one of the cheapest places on the net to grab this bargain.
  • Review by Clare
    - 09/12/2015
    Best tank I've ever used. It doesn't have the metallic taste that the tfv4 tanks do, the flavour that comes out is incredible! And it produces great clouds. Perfect for vaping between 65-80w. DEFINITELY a great purchase I've even bought another one so I have it in black and stainless steel!
  • Review by luke
    - 06/12/2015
    Would recommend to someone else!
  • Review by Dan
    - 04/12/2015
    Love this new tank, well designed looks great, vapes well, coils are good, no disappointment here.
  • Review by Jeff
    - 02/12/2015
    Ordered on Saturday and arrived Tuesday as expected, just the usual great service from UKEcigstore.

    First off this is really well made, nicely machined and just looks the dogs dangles.

    Rather than starting off with the 0.25Ω coil that is pre-installed I swapped it out for the 0.5Ω coil supplied (my Aspire CF MOD should not fire coils below 0.3Ω). Coil primed, tank filled and bugger, I get more vapour and flavour out of my Nautilus mini. Mmm, ok then, no problem, lets bung in the 0.25Ω coil and see what happens. OMG what a difference! Clouds, flavour, more clouds. Wow!

    Now I just need to mix up some 30/70 or 20/80 juice so I can sit in a contented scented fog.
  • Review by Owen
    - 01/12/2015
    Best tank I have ever used 5 stars all the way, would 100% recommend you buy this prouduct great clouds and taste! Very pleased with my purchase!
  • Review by Owen
    - 01/12/2015
    Best tank I have ever used 5 stars all the way, would 100% recommend you buy this prouduct great clouds and taste! Very pleased with my purchase!
  • Review by Arcane
    - 28/11/2015
    Ordered from ukecig on Friday arrived Saturday afternoon very impressed. This tank is amazing on my istick 50w. I'm using the .25 omh coil that came preinstalled and it already tastes better than my Triton 2 and I'm aware I can go much higher in wattage. Definitely my new go to tank. Very happy customer here!
  • Ace
    Review by Flipflop
    - 28/11/2015
    Bought this as an extra tank to go with my Subtank Mini and Triton. Turns out I don't use them anymore, the Crown is just too good. I've had no leaks, the flavour is consistently perfect and has great airflow. The only negative is my juice doesn't last very long in it but I can put up because this really gets the best of the juice.
  • Review by James
    - 23/11/2015
    I've been using aspire tanks since the first Atlantis, wow what an upgrade this tank is. This tank is serious it just does not miss every hit is perfect. Love it !!!
  • Review by Sagar
    - 22/11/2015
    Pure flavour n clouds
  • Review by Eddie
    - 22/11/2015
    Second tank on order first one from Amazon like chopping and changing flavours, this is a cloud maker!!!
    By far the best sub tank I think on the market right now. Must have all day CROWN IT UP.
  • Review by maverick
    - 18/11/2015
    The best sub ohm tank yet
  • Review by Jamesy
    - 08/11/2015
    This is by far the best tank I've ever owned. Running at 60 watts on0.25 coil on smok xcube 2.
  • Review by Mark
    - 04/11/2015
    I didn't purchase the tank here because it had sold out and I purchased it in a black finish.
    Just had to say that this tank is the best on the market I have tried i.e:
    Huge Clouds
    Great Flavour
    Easy to Top or Bottom Fill
    Fantastic Wicking
    Easy to Clean
    Lots of extra's
    Three Atomisers Supplied with the tank
    Just do yourself a favour and buy this Amazing Tank, the best tank so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stocks don't last when a tank like this is so good !!!!!!!!!
  • Review by John
    - 31/10/2015
    This tank is of the scale when it comes to both flavour and clouds, better than most RDAs and RTAs Ive tried, it takes a tank of juice to really bed the coils in and you really need to reduce your nic level, you also need to be putting 55w through the 0.5ohm coil for it to work at its best, I was vaping at 40w and was disappointed initially but then read a review recommending 55w as the sweet spot and they we'er right, finally high quality juice of least 50% VG as may flood with crap high PG juice, will take 80% VG with no dry hits, enjoy!!!!!
  • Review by Lewis
    - 30/10/2015
    Ordered the tank with the Cuttwood Juice pack and it's great. Using it on the aspire Pegasus mod at 62w with a 0.25ohm coil, can't fault the tank and the clouds and flavour are fantastic, my best tank yet!
  • Review by tatooandy
    - 17/10/2015
    Wow, just wow
    I can only say good things about this tank
    Absolutely amazing, all the internet reviews are spot on, this tank is absolutely fantastic, massive flavour, massive clouds, really well put together and an absolute bargain
    I'm currently vaping the 0.25 coil that comes pre fitted at around 70 - 80 watts with a 60/40 vg/pg home blend and its just 11 out of 10 and I'd like to add a big thank you to all @ ukecigstore for the super fast delivery and the free bottle of ejuice :)
  • Review by stephen
    - 17/10/2015

    I purchased this on Thursday night and arrived today Saturday. I filled the tank up and wow what a tank. Great on my Sigeli 150 Watt TC. It wicks well and has fantastic flavor and clouds. For £19.99 this is a superb tank and you should definitely get one. Thanks for the great service from UKEcigstore and the very quick delivery time.
  • Review by JamieK
    - 14/10/2015
    Amazing. I've owned several of the top sub ohm tanks and this thing blows them out the water. Full on RDA flavour in a tank! Ultimate vape experience. Even with the .25 coil at 50 watts this thing is on another level!!
  • Review by cameron
    - 02/10/2015
    The uwell crown tank really does need a crown in sub ohm vaping this thing is a monster the fact it comes with 3 coils and spare glass at that price is just amazing all i can say is flavour! and clouds clouds CLOUDS
  • Review by Dean
    - 30/09/2015
    This tank is a monster! awsome clouds and awsome flavour, no issues with leaks, no spitback just nice and smooth but does take a high wattage to get full potential, one of my top tanks along with the Arctic tank

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