RPM40 vs RPM80 What’s The Difference and Which Is Better

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
RPM40 vs RPM80 What’s The Difference and Which Is Better

The long-awaited Smok RPM80 and RPM80 Pro vape pod systems are here! But are they any better than its predecessor, the Smok RPM40? Let's take a look at smok rpm 40 vs 80 and see whether or not Smok has made another game-changer for the vaping world.

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The previous RPM40 was the real pod mod from Smok that combined the advantages of both a pod kit and a box mod into one, making it truly a first in the vaping world! It was a compact device that had a huge 1500mAh built-in battery and a power output of up to 40W. The RPM40 utilised the brand new IQ-R chipset allowing a super-fast firing time of 0.001s.

Comparing the RPM40 to the latest Pod Mod device from Smok, the RPM80 has been given a full upgrade from a new IQ-80 chipset with the new conical RGC Mesh Coils, increased double battery life to create a pod kit that is seriously impressive. The RPM80 has a maximum wattage of 80W this is the most powerful pod kit available currently and it is set to become a must for all vapers. Also revamped on the Smok RPM80 is a brand new user interface that provides concise vaping information.

Now before we go any further, we should point out that the only difference between the Smok RPM80 and its Pro version is that the RPM80 is a smaller sized, built-in battery 3000mAh device as compared to the RPM80 Pro which is slightly taller and requires an external single 18650 battery

Please note: Images below are of Non-TPD Compliant versions. Your order will include a 2ml TPD Compliant pod.


Smok RMP80 VS RPM80 Pro Comparison

Smok RPM40 Breakdown Chart

RPM40 vs RPM80 Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, the Smok RPM80 features double the battery capacity from 1500mAh on the RPM40 to a wholly impressive 3000mAh upgrade on the RPM80, a huge plus for vapers who are looking for an all in one device that will last them all day long. For those of you who would prefer an external battery, the RPM80 Pro would be for you, requiring only a single 18650 battery


RPM40 vs RPM80 Pods

A key difference between the RPM40 and the RPM80 devices would be the pods and its mouthpiece. The RPM40 pods featured a wider mouthpiece for increased airflow as compared to the RPM80 with features a more traditional 510 style drip tip of which is non-removable. A drawback we’d say for some of you. However, when comparing the two you’d be glad to know that both pods are compatible with the Smok RPM40 range of coils. The overall vaping experience on the new RPM80 pods is similar to using a traditional vape tank with intense flavour and cloud production.
Refilling the Smok RPM80 pods shouldn't be a problem, thanks to the top filling design, e-liquid gets filled from the top, something that was lacking on the side fill design on the RPM40 pods.

The RPM80 RGC pod is hailed by Smok to be their first pod with adjustable airflow. Just like a vape tank you are able to fine-tune the airflow via the bottom of the pod

Also featured with the RPM80 is the option of two vape pods designs:
Conical Mesh 0.17 Ohm RGC pod and a Mesh 0.4 Ohm RPM Pod


Smok RGC Coil Conical Mesh Poster


Smok RPM40 Coil Poster

RPM40 IQ-R vs RPM80 IQ-80 Chipsets

The Smok RPM80 now features a new and upgraded Chipset, the IQ-80 which offers a variety of intelligent features and functional protections, from telling you when your device is getting hot and even when your coil is about to get burnt beforehand so you don't damage the device and have an unpleasant vaping experience, making it a mighty changer in the pod mod category. The IQ-80 chip offers faster changing and better user functions compared to the predecessor RPM40 giving a better overall vaping experience. You can fully recharge the RPM80 with the built-in port in as quick as 1.5 hours!

Smok RPM80 Poster

Overall comparison between the Smok RPM40 and the new Smok RPM80 / RPM80 Pro

From the offset, the RPM80 is a newer double the power vape pod mod device that takes the old RPM40 and revamps it to offer better functionality, better flavour and bigger cloud production that will last you all day long. The removable battery option on the RPM80 Pro is a benefit to some vapers who use their device more often than others and allows for them to continue vaping even further. With the vast range of coil options available, from Smok RPM40 Coils and Smok Nord Coils it's great to see that these devices have interchangeable coils along with rebuildable RBA coils that most users love! If you're looking for a small pocket-friendly device that performs on par with most sub-ohm tanks, then either of the Smok RPM80 or RPM80 Pro pod mods are for you!

Smok RPM40 Versus RPM80 / Pro Comparison

Smok rpm40 Vs Rpm80
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