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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
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New E-Liquid brands are popping up almost every month, some are amazing some are not so great. If you haven't tried a particular brand, it can be a little bit intimidating to just jump in a test out the waters, so we have listed the industry's best vape juice brands - both classic and modern that will not leave you disappointed.

Older legendary e-liquid brands are iconic and have sustained for a reason,  so we will be of course celebrating those, but we are also giving a well-deserved shout out to some newer up and coming e-liquid brands that might have slipped under your radar:

Cotton & Cable Craft E-Liquids

Doozy Vape Co.

VYKO Vape Juice

Nasty Juice E-Liquid

Dolce Desserts

Suicide Bunny


Dinner Lady

Firehouse Vape

Udderly E-Liquid


Cotton & Cable Craft E-Liquids

Starting with an extremely contemporary brand, reminiscent of unique craft beer, Cotton & Cable is a high-end stylish brand, perfect for the modern-day hipster that not only wants delicious flavours to set their taste buds alight but also wants to shop from a truly responsible brand that really cares about their products, packaging and quality.  Cotton & Cable ensure to use food-grade flavouring in their vape juice. We stock 50ml 70/30 VG/PG ratio e-liquid flavours.

If you love old school nostalgic and comforting flavours and have a prominent sweet tooth you will immediately fall in love with their range. With flavours that taste almost identical to their inspiration.

The collection includes 50ml shortfill e-liquids in flavours featuring flavours like; Upside Down Cake, Hot Cross Buns, Baked Apple and many more similar flavours.

Doozy Vape Co.

If you're into vape juices you will have heard about Doozy Vape Co. Whether you've decided to try their flavours though is a question only you can answer. Doozy  Vape is a popular brand that has been around for almost 7 years, they create an abundance of varied flavours for all types of vapers. Each liquid has varying vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol percentages depending on the type and intention of the e-juice. Their flavoured e-liquids come in a wide range of flavours and collections, to suit everyone's vaping preferences and tastes.

We are proud to stock a wide range of Doozy Vape e-juices, from shortfill e-juice which are perfect for sub-ohm devices to nicotine salts that are perfect for a low powered vape device.

Their flavour selection varies from realistic tobacco flavours or more nostalgic candy or fruit flavours.

The VG/PG ratio of all liquids are varied depending on the e-juice type.

VYKO Vape Juice

VYKO is one of the newer brands on this list, however, it is certainly one you should try. VYKO has some of the best vape juice flavours for anyone that likes fruity and sweet flavours that are sure to have your taste buds tingling. It's fair to say that VYKO is a brand for the people, their products are created for vapers by vapers.

Their 50ml collection of high VG vape juice was designed for sub-ohm vaping, making it the best e-liquid for high powered devices and advanced vapers.

Their 50mls have 70/30 VG/PG ratio making them perfect for large sub-ohm coils.

Nasty Juice E-Liquid

Nasty Juice is another long term brand that has been in the e-liquid spotlight for a while now. They are a Malaysian company that specialises in premium quality fruit-based flavours to find your perfect e-liquid flavour.

Although their collection of full of sweet mouth-watering flavours, they also have released their nasty salt tobacco flavours series of vape liquids, which tastes just like naturally extracted tobacco, and is ideal for anyone wanting to quit smoking but still get the same tobacco taste.

Their nic salts collection is called Nasty Salts and is a range of vape liquids that is perfect for anyone used to smoking cigarettes and want to get a high nicotine content and satisfying throat hit.

They also have a selection of shortfill vape juice that was designed for sub-ohm vaping in a range of sweet vape juice and fruity flavours. The VG/PG ratio of all liquids is varied depending on the e-juice type.

If you haven't already added Nasty Juice to your juice list you need to get involved, they have a variety of different e-liquid flavours, and they even have a disposable vape kit, filled with their premium vape juice.

Dolce Desserts Co. Juice

Dolce Desserts Vape juice collection gives you a wide range of dessert flavours.

Although they are a relatively small e-liquid brand, they are truly unique and have gained a lot of attention for their authentic tastes.

Their nic salt collection named Dolce Salts features some of the same flavours in the shortfill collection but in a high nicotine strength offering options of 10mg or 20mg, giving you great flavour in whichever kit you want 

One of this collection most popular flavours is Lemon Tart, which comes in both nicotine salt and shortfill options. However, they have a number of other yummy dessert-inspired juices making them the best vape juice flavour for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Suicide bunny

Suicide Bunny is one of the most unique vape juice brands on the market right now. Made in the US, Suicide Bunny is known for creating authentic tasting dessert-inspired e-liquid flavours.

They specialise in shortfill e-liquids, designed for advanced sub-ohm vapers, for high powered kits.

One of their most popular flavours Mother Milk has won a number of awards from reviewers worldwide due to its incredibly unique taste.


Supergood. is a relatively new and modern vape liquid brand that create delicious buttery dessert-inspired e-liquids. Their amazing Butter collection really put them on the map, and it is clear to see why.

Their Butter collection is available in 50ml Shortfill e-liquids as well as nicotine salts, making them perfect for a wide range of vapers. They have created a super-unique yet super versatile series that is suitable for advanced vapers and complete beginners.

Their awesome butter e-liquids contain revolutionary flavour combinations while maintaining an authentic taste, that adds a breath of nostalgia with every inhale.

Dinner Lady

If you know about vaping you probably would have heard about Dinner Lady, but if you've seen it but never given it a go, I encourage you to. Dinner Lady is known for creating distant e-liquid flavours, but the thing that people tend to talk about is the excellent quality.

The originality of their name sets out the president for their entire brand, and Dinner Lady brings you a variety of yummy vape juice collections with innovative themes.

lemon tart is one of the best e-liquid flavours available in vaping history and certainly set the bar for dessert flavours, as it is not only creative in concept but it actually tastes like the real deal, much like many of their flavours.


Firehouse is a super cool UK based brand that always delivers balanced flavour and high quality.

Firehouse certainly doesn't like to box themselves in, they are truly adventurous in their flavour combinations. Varying from rich tobacco flavours to more decadent dessert and fruity flavours, you never quite know what's coming with this brand.

Their collection was designed for advanced sub-ohm vapers as the shortfill e-liquid has a high vg, giving you a thicker e-liquid and allowing for intense flavour and dense clouds.

Udderly E-Liquid

Udderly E-Liquid is one of the best vape juice brands for milky flavours.

Reaching out to your inner child these creative flavours combine cream and milkshake inspires tastes, mixed with complimentary blends.

If you love rich, creamy and indulgent flavours, Udderly is the ultimate brand to try.

Udderly E-Liquid concentrate on more advanced sub-ohm vapers, this allows you to have an intense flavour and dense milky clouds. Their collection consists of 10 100ml shortfill e-liquids, each bottle has 20ml of space, allowing you to add 2 nic shots of your choice.

These brands have given us some awesome juices and are some of the best brands in the e-liquid market. Make sure you are using the right e-liquid for your devices and vape tanks, find our vape liquid here.

What is your favourite e-liquid brand that never disappoints? Let us know below!


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