Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range

Thank you UK E-cig store for the chance to review these products. 

As per my normal reviews, my opinions are mine & mine alone & not encouraged by the company themselves. I shall be as in-depth as possible from the packaging to the e-liquid itself, as anything could be relevant. However, if I do miss something I REALLY encourage people to speak up. 😊

The products I am reviewing are the DOLCE SALTS dessert range made by Dolce Desserts E-Liquid

50/50 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio at 20mg Nicotine. 


Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range

Front of the box - One of the fantastic things I noticed immediately is that you are told what type of nicotine salt you are receiving in your juice (salicylate in this case). Probably irrelevant to the majority of consumers but for those with a history of making their own juices may appreciate this fact. The flavour text is bold & clear, a decent visible nicotine warning sign.

The side has a clear toxic warning sign with the raised triangle warning sign. You can clearly see a 'no vaping while pregnant' as well as '18+' sign. Company address, ingredients list, mentions on a safe usage leaflet. 

The leaflet itself tells about storage use, recommended use, possible adverse effects, toxicity, addictiveness, Information on the producer in various languages with a batch number and expiry on the base of the box. 

The bottle has much the same information as the box with couple minor differences 

So now we've covered my obsessive behaviour regarding packaging. Let's get on to the juices... 

The Flavours:

The device I have decided to use is the Xros Vaporesso Xros Mini with 1.2ohm pod for great fact the device really picks up on flavours brilliant 

To start...

Caramel Milkshake - It's literally a smooth, silky, sweet, milky, slightly salted caramel milkshake with an absolutely amazing flavour, however, I am glad it's not a real milkshake because at current, it's all the fun without the chubby gunk & calories... I don't need any more of that. 🤣

Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range 1

Vanilla Custard - When I think about how this tastes how I want to explain it I struggle because it makes me want to crack open tin or 3 of & go crazy. Really creamy, nice, not too rich but enough of the vanilla... Really is quite a delightful juice. 

Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range vanilla

Apple Candy - Sweet apple candy just like you used to get from Grandma, rosey apples sour & sweetness as if it was right off the back shelves of the local newsagent served by the 1/4 lb. Not like a toffee apple type. Pure Nostalgia in a cloud. 

Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range apple


Blueberry Jam Tart - I must say I cannot compare this to anything I have tried before, I have eaten the standard strawberry, apricot or blackcurrant therefore I know the similarities, but rather than struggle away trying to isolate notes, I'm just going to say, if you like the sound of this don't think you have gone wrong if you choose it, it tastes like tart base with ideal sweetness as you savour the taste you get wonderful blueberry jam release on your taste buds. 

Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range blueberry


Lemon Cake - So now we hit the fifth & final flavour, it is lemon drizzle cake in all its flavours right through to the lemon-sugar topping you find. 

Review: Dolce Salts - Dessert Range lemon


Ok, the resemblance to what these flavours represent are absolutely amazing, the quality is top-notch from details on the packaging to user manual detailed in multiple languages & flavour speak for themselves. When you consider these factors they are incredible value for money especially with the 3 for £10 multibuy offer. From the moment I checked these online, they are currently in stock at and some other decent bundle deals. So I would suggest at least go check them out. 😉

I hope you enjoyed the review. 

Tim Solway,
I am a father of 5, started vaping in 2015 on/off. After lot of bad luck & some rather bad addictions, I took vaping more seriously found it helped me focus my thoughts into something positive and worthwhile. 
Instagram: Tim_solway87
Tik tok: dark_humour_vapes_timbo
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