Uppen Next-Level Vape Pen

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Uppen  Next-Level Vape Pen

Welcome everyone to another exciting review, this time introducing the latest, newly innovative Uppen Vape Pen by UPENDS. Today we are going to give you the breakdown and explain why this kit is the next best vape pen in today's world!

Who is UPENDS?

Founded in 2019, the UPENDS team was created, bringing together a manufacturing team with over 10 years’ production and process experience (​ALD Group Limited​), and a design team skilled in banishing the stale and bringing forth the fresh. With a philosophy which combines both elegance and utility, the UPENDS team is committed to providing users with a luxurious yet relaxed experience. 

UPENDS have recently developed the Uppen with attention to detail at every stage, focusing on solving the problems around vape hygiene through high-tech solutions, while creating an elegant vape pen to meet the needs of those in search of a more
stylish vaping solution.  

UPPEND - Antibacterial Mouthpiece
What's different about the Uppen?

The major breakthrough with Uppen is the antibacterial mouthpiece. Unlike standard vape tips, the mouthpiece is manufactured from a food-grade plastic which has nanometric silver ions incorporated. Silver has long been known to have antimicrobial properties, and it has been introduced into products for the food and medical sectors in particular for this very reason. Months of research went into developing the mouthpiece, and independent laboratory testing showed it to have an antibacterial rate of over 99.9% over 24 hours.

Uppen  Next-Level Vape Pen and Pods

Next Level!

Hygiene is enhanced further with the Uppen’s cap, which fits securely over the mouthpiece when not in use to keep everything clean when carrying around in pockets, bags and so on. When vaping, the cap fits snugly on the end of the pen, preventing it becoming easily lost. 

There is something special about the coils too!

Uppen also introduces a new coil – the Etchip​TM​. This was developed to counteract common problems of spitting, popping, burnt taste and leakage; it’s a mesh made from etched metal, giving a larger and more even heating area, allowing very precise control of the e-liquid’s penetration rate. Flax is used as the absorbent carrier, giving a fast e-liquid delivery speed but also trapping the liquid effectively, preventing spitting / popping / spillage.  The pod itself is held in place by powerful magnets; after filling the pod, users just need to drop it into the case and the magnets pull it quickly and securely into place, with a small vibration and LED indicator to show that it’s in position.  The Etchip​TM​ combines a precisely-etched metal mesh with a flax-based fabric, which performs much better than cotton when using a freebase e-liquid, nic salts or even CBD e-liquids.

UPPEN- ETCHIP Coil Technology
Something especially for you!

You can receive 15% off the Uppen vape pen by visiting the website, the code is at the very top of the page.  You also get a free 10ml UK ECIG Store nicotine salt of your choice when you purchase your new vape pen. Don't forget to add a pack of pods too.  Uppen pods can support 3-5 refills, but the approximation depends on what kind of e-liquid you use. Normally the lifespan can be up to 5 refills with menthol flavoured or some e-liquid without a high sugar level. When you find the flavour drops off obviously or a lower amount of vapour generated from your pod, it’s time to change for a new one. So Ladies and Gents, that is the Uppen vape pen, definitely worth including in your vape collection. Until next time, stay safe, stay vaping, stay hygienic!  


You could be taking off with UPENDS’ Next-Level China Tour giveaway!

This special promotion is one not to be missed! To introduce Next-Level vaping tech to the world, UPENDS are running a competition in which one lucky winner will win a trip to China, and their own personalised Uppen kit! They’ll get to meet the team and see exactly how an Uppen is made, before setting off on a fantastic sightseeing trip. 

With 100 Uppens also up for grabs, there’s a great chance to experience Next-Level vaping for yourself, too. 

UPENDS are running this giveaway through June and July, so make sure you don’t miss out. Find out all about it at the UPENDS Site

Image Giveaway


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